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Russian Parliament Welcomes Crimea to Leave Ukraine for Russia

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

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Russian Parliament Welcomes Crimea to Leave Ukraine for RussiaRussian Parliament Welcomes Crimea to Leave Ukraine for RussiaValentina Matviyenko
14:13 07/03/2014
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MOSCOW, March 7 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s upper house of parliament said Friday it would welcome the addition of Crimea to the country's territory if residents there choose to secede from Ukraine in a referendum scheduled next week.

Officials in the Crimean parliament – the Supreme Council – and the city council of Sevastopol voted Thursday for the majority ethnic Russian region to become part of Russia, amid increasing fears that Moscow was seeking to annex the Ukrainian territory. The votes by Crimean authorities, however, are not legally binding and have little immediate effect.

“We [the Supreme Council] have made a decision on entry into the Russian Federation. Now the ball is in your court, you must decide the fate of Crimea – I hope, forever,” said Vladimir Konstantinov, chairman of Crimea’s Supreme Council, at a meeting of the region's officials with the speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament Sergei Naryshkin.

The speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko, said Russia would support the addition of Crimea to its territory.

“If the people of Crimea make the decision in the referendum to join Russia, we, as the upper house, will of course support such a decision,” Matviyenko said Friday.

The public referendum on the issue, scheduled for March 16, has been dismissed as a “farce” and “a crime against the state” by the acting president of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, who said Thursday that the Ukrainian parliament would move to dissolve the Crimean one.

The referendum will offer voters two choices: to either approve the secession or for the primarily Russian-speaking peninsula to remain an autonomous republic within Ukraine.

Votes by Crimean authorities on secession Thursday, though legally toothless, outraged the Ukrainian government and the West, escalating an ongoing political crisis in the region after thousands of troops – apparently under Russian command, but lacking official insignia – took control of Ukrainian military bases across Crimea in the past week.

US President Barack Obama denounced the move as illegal under the Ukrainian constitution and international law, and ordered financial and visa sanctions for those responsible for the vote, which he said threatened the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

US allies in the European Union swiftly followed with a further round of visa sanctions and asset-freezing, threatening further measures if the crisis could not be defused.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a phone call with Obama on Thursday night that Ukraine’s current government, brought to power by a revolution that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych last month, was illegitimate.

He said that “Russia cannot ignore [Crimea’s] appeals for help in this regard,” but that it would act in full compliance with international law.


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RIA NovostiRussian Parliament Welcomes Crimea to Leave Ukraine for RussiaRussian Parliament Welcomes Crimea to Leave Ukraine for Russia

14:13 07/03/2014 Russia’s upper house of parliament said Friday it would welcome the addition of Crimea to the country's territory if residents there choose to secede from Ukraine in a referendum scheduled next week.>>

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  • costas1Crimea must join Russia
    15:45, 07/03/2014
    Crimea must join Russia
  • mythoslightThe illigitimate US imposed fascist regime...
    18:24, 07/03/2014
    ...in Kiev can whine and rant all they want. This was the only logical outcome of Nuland, Kagan & Pyatt´s little plan for Russia during the Olympic´s and certainly after abandoning the feb.21 agreement when their hired murderers started sniping people.

    The next logical outcome depend on when and if these desperate fascists in Kiev start to harass, intimidate and kill Russian and Russian speaking Ukrainians in the East & south. Russia is on stand by ready to intervene on any short notice...
  • bielecCongratulations!
    19:13, 07/03/2014
    Absolutely wonderful, positive, peaceful, and just outcome. Quite a different method than the criminal destabilization, the bombing, the terrorism, the killing, the destruction, and the lies used by the U.S. and its allies in targeted countries.

    THEY now react like little children because they cannot accepy the success of Russian diplomacy over their useless strategies and trigger happy cowboy tactics. Just ignore them.

    Russia has the right to say "No" to Ukrainian membership in NATO, just like President Kennedy had the right to say "No" to Russian military buildup in Cuba, during the Cuban Crisis in October 1962.

    Russia should send this link to Obama and Kerry, in response to their complaints about Russia's role in the developments in Ukraine:

  • tec123Life has a way...
    20:07, 07/03/2014
    Ukraine's interim prime minister has warned the Crimean parliament "no-one in the civilised world" will recognise its referendum on joining Russia. The news said.

    Well its ok same way the government in Kiev is not recognized no love lost.
    The old saying goes "do on to others as you would like do on to you" What goes around comes around...
    Who is the US to speak of breaking international law when they have broken so many in the pass with the rest of EU following blindly to every word the US says?

    Who is the US to speak of breaking intennational law when they have broken so many in the pass with the rest of EU following blindly to every word the US says?
  • agnesmariaListen to Crimea...
    21:04, 07/03/2014
    ...foolish Kiev -- they do not want to be part of you, they do not feel that they are part of you, and they will resist you when you attempt to force them to stay with you. Silly neo-Nazis.
  • zoran.jelinicнет капитуляция
    22:57, 07/03/2014
    Russia go, save Ukraine, not only Crimea, imperialist count on that Russia take small part they get rest, no, the question is to be or not to be, coup plotters from Kiev must be expelled and the whole Ukraine must be where it belongs, if majority of people wants be part of the West, it would already be conducted by elections, no, a pro-Western Yuschenko got 5%, in free elections, Ukraine is part of the East because people are part of East civilization that’s why West has launched the aggression, there is no other solution to the aggression and military armed attack but Russia must respond vigorously, defend the whole of Ukraine and Ukrainians all kinds of Ukrainians and not just the Crimea, neither capitulation or negotiations do not mean anything here any more, can only postpone the ultimate showdown for awhile but then from a much worse position for the East, Nobody who wish freedom, who feel as Slav can not be in peace until the west coup plotters are in Kiev, cradle of Russian and Slavic world, Russia do not surrender, generations of heroes obligate all us to fight for freedom,
    until these western puppets are in Kiev situation is catastrophic, nobody and nothing can change it, only Russian Army and the spirit of victorious Red Army
  • giddyWho can we turn to ?
    00:31, 08/03/2014
    I am Canadian and frankly I need protection from the US Deep State ( see http://billmoyers.com/2014/02/21/anatomy-of-the-deep-state/ ).

    I am Canadian and I am Putinist; although I cannot say this publicly in the police State that Canada has become under Harper. Harper who has his head so far up Netenyahu's arse that Canadian democracy is suffocating (if we can still call Canada a democracy).

    If NATO is relevant to the US and Europe, a similar Organisation should be relevant to Russia and China and other like minded countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

    For many years now I have wondered who can we turn to to stop the USA from war mongering all around the world.

    I do not wish war, but someone has to stand-up to the USA's Deep State which includes the IMF and NATO.

    I need protection from the USA's Deep State and hope Mr. Putin will be able to form the coalition that will be able to protect simple citizens from around the world who can see clearly what the USA is doing in the Ukraine.

    I wish Mr. Putin health, strength, wisdom and tenacity.

    Good luck to us all.

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