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Crimea’s Parliament Decides to Secede to Russia

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

Crimea’s Parliament Decides to Secede to Russia
16:08 06/03/2014
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MOSCOW, March 6 (RIA Novosti) – The parliament of Crimea, a majority ethnic Russian region within Ukraine, decided Thursday to secede from the country and become part of Russia, according to a statement on its website.

A popular vote to approve the decision or restore the 1992 Crimean Constitution, whereby the peninsula would remain an autonomous republic within Ukraine, is scheduled for March 16, the statement said.

The ballot, to be printed in the Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar languages, will include only those two questions. Neither question would allow voters to indicate a preference for independence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with senior officials in an emergency session of his Security Council to discuss the decision by Crimea’s parliament to secede, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Putin said Tuesday that Russia was not considering annexing Crimea, but that the residents of a region can determine their own future.

Russian lawmaker Sergei Mironov said there was ample time for his country’s parliament to pass legislation that he introduced last week to annex Crimea.

Rallies around the predominantly Russian-speaking peninsula following the formation of the new government in Kiev have openly called for secession and annexation by Russia.

Crimean officials have refused to recognize as legitimate the new central government in Kiev, which ousted President Viktor Yanukovych on February 22.

Thousands of troops apparently under Russian command but lacking official insignia have taken control over Ukrainian military bases across Crimea in the past week.

Russia’s parliament has approved military intervention in Ukraine, but President Vladimir Putin has denied that troops have been deployed and has called the masked soldiers “local militia.”

The referendum was originally scheduled to be held May 25, the same day as Ukraine’s early presidential election.

Updated to include information on Russian Security Council meeting, Mironov’s legislation, edits throughout.

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RIA NovostiCrimea’s Parliament Decides to Secede to RussiaCrimea’s Parliament Decides to Secede to Russia

16:08 06/03/2014 The parliament of Crimea, a majority ethnic Russian region within Ukraine, decided Thursday to secede from the country and become part of Russia.>>

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  • costas1(no title)
    15:45, 06/03/2014
    It was long overdue. The majority of the people in Crimea are ethnic Russians and have every right to join the Russian Federation.
    20:13, 06/03/2014

    Last week a self-proclamed Milizia was promenading on the streets of Sevastopol;talking to CNN and BBC journalists,telling them they are from Russia and VOILA...WE HAVE A NEW KID ON THE BLOCK...a NEW country of KRUIM!

    Why soooooooooooooooo fast?

    Why not STEP by STEP?

    KRUIM is already an autonom republic.The next step(if KRUIM wants to be recognised by UNO) shell be....SOVEREIGN Rebublic of KRUIM.

    Wait to be recognised by UNO and onother countries,then you could run under the skirt of MOTHER RUSSIA...HaHaHaaaaaaaaaa...
  • Mikhail1228Obama, Kerry and neocons!
    20:18, 06/03/2014
    Obama, Kerry and their warmongering neocon pals spent $5 billion of the taxpayers dollars to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and install one they wanted. Victoria Nuland's leaked phone conversation shows the involvement. Then you have John McCain, Nuland and EU ministers in the crowds inciting the people to overthrow the elected president and government. The US and EU are most responsible for this without a doubt!

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