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Putin Tells UN Chief That Crimea Referendum Legal

Topic: Crimea’s Fate

Russian President Vladimir Putin
07:53 15/03/2014
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MOSCOW, March 14 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a phone conversation on Friday that the upcoming referendum in Crimea was in line with the UN Charter.

Russia and the West have reached a standoff over the fate of Crimea, an autonomous Ukrainian region with a narrow ethnic Russian majority that has refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new central government in Kiev.

The Crimean parliament declared independence Tuesday ahead of a popular vote Sunday on seceding from Ukraine and becoming part of Russia. Authorities in Kiev and international leaders have condemned the referendum as illegitimate and accused Moscow of fomenting unrest in order to annex Crimea.

The Kremlin press service said in an English-language statement that Putin and Ban discussed “the situation in Ukraine, including the referendum to be held on March 16.”

“Putin emphasized that the decision to hold the referendum is in line with the provisions of international law and with the UN Charter,” the Kremlin statement reads.

Ban told reporters in New York later in the day that the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate and there was "a great risk of dangerous, downward spiral."

He also urged Russia and Ukraine not to take "hasty measures" that "may impact the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

The UN chief said that peaceful solution was still an option.

Russia and the West have reached a standoff over the fate of Crimea, which has refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new central government in Kiev following last month’s revolution.

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RIA NovostiRussian President Vladimir PutinPutin Tells UN Chief That Crimea Referendum Legal

07:53 15/03/2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a phone conversation on Friday that the upcoming referendum in Crimea was in line with the UN Charter.>>

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  • SkypilotLet's just wait and see.
    16:45, 15/03/2014
    It's usually best to just let cooler heads prevail here. I understand that there are profound and deeply-felt emotions on all sides. It's not a question of who's right and who's wrong, it's a question of what's best for all sides in the long run. Intra-Slavic conflicts are undesirable... brother Slavic peoples must look to find a way to mend fences because the long-term consequences of violence and hatred are so dire. We should delay the Crimea vote, bring in impartial election observers from abroad (not from the West, not from Ukraine or from Russia, but from a neutral that couldn't care less about the outcome). Negotiations are always preferable to hotheadedness and war. Let peace be our goal, not ugly conflict between Slavic brothers and sisters. Forget about the EU, the USA and the West: there is nothing more important than friendship amongst all Slavic nations.
  • BlizzardWhat now?
    17:05, 15/03/2014
    Now whole this situation is getting every bit disgusting and revolting. Reason being is that it is extremely difficult to understand what Western powers want. Every normal person understands differences in opinion, differences in strategic interests, but everything has to be subjected to the truth. Truth is not how loud and forceful we scream or how strong we bang with the fists. The truth is correlation between facts and events.

    To understand that than we have to see that if we see an object/subject (event) and claim that this object/subject (event) has that kind of properties and if these correspond with actual facts than we are speaking the truth. Anything else is “not truth” or even blatant lie. Law distinguishes direct lie from “not true”. Lie is when we deliberately omit or altogether avoid the truth with intent to gain any kind of advantage or benefits. Laying is by any law punishable and in court of justice lies are considered as perjuries if under the oath and the perpetrators are usually sentenced by imprisonment or sometimes with hefty financial fine for laying.

    On other hand not telling the truth is absolutely different as it is always result of lack of information about the true properties of the object/subject (event). If the person is speaking about object/subject (event) merely by transmitting received wrong information (lies) and is absolutely in no knowledge about real status and is emphasising that it is just transmission of given information, than this person is not laying as it truthfully transmitting wrong information not by own fault. That act is not considered as a lie and therefore is not prosecutable in a court of law.

    That was written in order that people understand what kind of implications bears lie and what is the lie. Transmitting this knowledge to our dear Western leaders I cannot believe that these people are capable os such blatant lies even though on the beginning they might be mislead by getting wrong pictures or information from people who lied by purpose. However once you discover the truth it is only very human to apologise for first judgement and to correct your actions accordingly.

    Here we have a bunch of notorious lier’s such as Obama, Kerry, Merkel, Baroso, Van Rampui and a long list of spineless worms who are blatantly lying to whole world thus making situation in Ukraine even worst. Unfortunately there is not international law enforcement police which would collect these criminals and bring them to ICC in Hague and prosecute them for al harm and damages caused by their actions.

    Now whole Western worlds eyes are fixed upon Ukrainian elections only because criminals as Obama and Kerry are screaming that they are illegal. Are they? Well no, they are absolutely legitimate and do not present any precedent in the international law. Now let us see some of more important than just Kosovo.

    1991 former Yugoslavia was collapsing as Slovenian Parliament led by Slovenian Komunist Party decided to use its rights to self determination and separation from the Yugoslavia. Croatia shortly after that followed the suit and Slovenia organised referendum of independence. Referendums was successful and country declared independence and severed links with Yugoslavia. As said Croatia followed suit and there were two new independent states. Just a day before official independence declaration in Parliament Yugoslav army attacked and started 10 days long war. Croatia was less fortunate and had very long and bloody war. Interestingly enough that Western countries immediately recognised both of them and no questions were asked, same followed with Bosnia and later with Macedonia.

    Now two of these countries Slovenia and Croatia are part of EU and in NATO alliance. Fascinates me that neither of these two countries remembers their way out from Yugoslavia when a despot Miloshevich took power and started to suppress national rights of other nationalities (absolutely same scenario in Ukraine).

    Person needs to be absolutely blind and stupid not to see that all what is happening now is made by design and not something spontaneous as Western powers try to present. The sequence of events will show us that these actions performed by Western powers are designed with single intent and it is to destroy Russian military powers and political influences.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union which was caused by the Gorbachev who should be prosecuted for high treason and its complete destruction by psychopath and drunkard Boris Yeltsin the Western powers set a goal which was explained by the Richard Holbrook former US top diplomat, where he stated that their prime goal was to break Russia to smallest possible states and make sure that they will start to heat each other and if they would wage a war amongst them even better. He said that unfortunately they went too far and too fast and did not pay too much attention to Putin as they believed he will be same crony as Yeltsins inner circle was.

    That is telling is that whatever Western world US in particular promised to Russian counterparts was worth nothing. They had set their agenda and they followed it to the point regardless of anything else.

    When NATO bombarded Serbia it was absolutely not necessary and it was clear violation of international law, but there was no one to oppose them. Russia had its own problems as drunkard Yeltsin was in permanent need for alcohol and drugs and according to R. Holbrook US supplied him with all he needed just to keep him out (high and drunk) all the time. Attack on Serbia as Russian only ally in Europe was act of humiliation for Russia as it was unable to defend its only ally. That was absolute humiliation for the Russian former USSR might. Russia was reduced to dump and quite successfully, and all by Russians themselves.

    When US lead NATO forces into attack on Iraq under the false pretext Russia opposed but very weekly as this were times when Putin just started to rebuild Russia in all aspects and in that point in time it would be too silly to confront Western powers. Western allays understood that as additional Russian worthlessness in face of direct provocation. US grow more and more confident. However they noticed that Russia is very fast gathering pace in rearmaments and modernisation of its forces. That coincided with Russian increased and more direct confrontation to US whims.

    One of really hard blows was when Russia contrary to US demands offered asylum to Mr Edward Snowden, and they knew bloody well what he has in hands and how much that might hurt US interests and influence around the world especially amongst trusted allays.

    Ukraine is nothing new for US, they were digging long before that and trying to undermine Russian influence and to bring Ukraine under their control and eventually in NATO alliance. Despite agreement between US and Russia when traitor Gorbachev where US undertake promise not to expand their influence in the whole area of former Warsaw pact. As soon as that idiot Gorbachev did his part of trade USA broke their part and started with immediate, fast and deep penetration into all new states with single purpose to alienate them from Russian influence.

    The process will stop only when Russia will be just name from the past and there will be no trace of anyone capable to resist their tyrannical will. Let us hope that Putin will not budge and that he will offer total resistance to these layers and cheaters. No matter how much they rattle there will be no war as they are not capable to go in total war. Their masters have too much to lose and that is what they cannot sustain. At the end Russia will win only they need to be strong and determined. Russia should start to infiltrate into the rest of East Ukraine and use US methods to move the masses against Nazi rulers in Kiev.
    19:20, 15/03/2014
    Putin mentions the UN Charter.
    Could he,please,cite the TITLE?
    As a lawyer HE ought to bring EVIDENCE,that a GENOCIDE was commited in KRUIM on the ethnic Russians.

    Why he does NOT allow,that RUSSIAN military observers are send together with the other from OCDE for FACTFINDING on the Peninsula?

    Meanwile as long as there is NO evidence,Mr.Putin would do us a FAVOR to remain silent.

    He should have said to Ban-Ki Moon:"KRUIM is still Ukraina's teritory and WE,RUSSIANS can not make a decision on this matter"!
    • Wolfgang9Maybe?
      19:49, 15/03/2014
      Maybe, your should just have some English lessons at your local VOLKSHOCHSCHULE or maybe stay away from too much Wodka?
      • Blizzard(no title)
        02:48, 16/03/2014
        Firstly, UN Charter is the basic document which has been accepted by all nations around the globe and it states basic political and civil rights of all people. These do not contravene with domestic laws as they are more general. One of the basic rights is right to self determination and it is not negotiable nor explanatory. It is as it is. That means no invention of different situations or exclusions.

        As far as evidence of committed crimes on the Crimean peninsula is known and evidenced by local TV as well as people on their mobile phone and it was shown on TV. It is absolutely understandable that after such violence with over 80 killed in Kiev, and actions undertaken by new government in Kiev it is absolute duty of the International community to prevent repetition of such events in Crimea. As the International community named NATO and EU in general orchestrated events in Kiev it is very unlikely that they will act to protect Russian majority in Crimea. Therefore that is up to local self-defense groups of organized ordinary civilians and as last resort Russian armed forces as ultimate guarantor of Crimean piece and safety.

        Putin and Lavrov proved to be excellent diplomats and is very difficult to find any blemishes in their diplomatic efforts. In some cases for the Western powers it is also down to unpleasantly improved military capabilities of Russian Armed forces. These become too powerful for the NATO taste and it is very unlikely that they would resort to force in imposing their will. It would be extremely expensive in lost life.

        Therefore my friend you have some very wrong ideas. This time around Russia is the just side and the Western is wrong. Sorry but I have no wish to educate you or anyone else for that matter. Times of my studies and teachings are gone for good.
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • Mikhail1228Legal?
        21:43, 15/03/2014
        The violent overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government with the help of neo-Nazi thugs was clearly in breach of the Ukrainian constitution but the US administration seemed to think that was OK.
        20:28, 17/03/2014
        I just read the UN Charte in GERMAN then I read Art.I in English.

        Art.I speaks of"selfdetermination of the nations".

        The legal question is:"WHO IS A NATION?"

        So...I opened BLACK's Legal Dictionary and read the definition of a "nation".

        The populace of a nation is bounded by a COMMON Ancestry;COMMON language;COMMON CUSTOMS;HERITAGE;Common CULTURE a.s.o.

        DO all KRUIMLYANI have a COMMON ANCESTRY;common language;common CULTURE,Common ethic customs?

        YES,it is true,that more than 50% of the KRUIMLYANIM speak the same language and love Russian Folkloric,but WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE POPULATION?

        There are TATATS(remnats of the Turks during the OTOMAN Empire);there are Ukrainians,who also have a different ancestry;language(even simmilar to Russian) and different ethnic customs.

        Therefore the KRUIMLYANI are NOT a nation...they are ONLY the populace of a PENINSULA,which is a region (OBLAST) of Ukraina.


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