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Russia, EU Clash as World Condemns Violence in Ukraine

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

Violent protests in Kiev
16:37 19/02/2014
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KIEV, February 19 (RIA Novosti) – Countries across the world issued condemnations Wednesday of fatal violence in Ukraine as Russia and the European Union clashed over who was to blame.

The EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced that EU foreign ministers would hold an extraordinary meeting in Brussels on Thursday to discuss a response, with options on the table including sanctions against individuals considered responsible for the bloodshed.

At least 25 people died in a day of fighting between anti-government protesters and riot police in the center of the capital Kiev as the authorities continued their attempts to dismantle a protest camp in the city. 

"It was with shock and utter dismay that we have been watching developments over the last 24 hours in Ukraine,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in a statement.

“It is the political leadership of the country that has a responsibility to ensure the necessary protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt tweeted Wednesday that responsibility for deaths lay with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, saying: “He has blood on his hands.”

Russia joined condemnations of the violence, but accused European leaders of failing to hold Ukrainian opposition leaders responsible.

“As a result of the criminal activity of radical elements from the opposition, last night saw bloodshed in Kiev and a series of other Ukrainian cities,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“We do not see any clear response from European politicians and structures, who refuse to admit that all the responsibility for the actions of radical elements inside Ukraine lies with the opposition.”

The Kremlin views the actions of the Ukrainian opposition as an attempt to seize power by force, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said Wednesday after confirming that Putin spoke by telephone to Yanukovych on Tuesday evening.

The United States called on both sides to de-escalate the crisis. Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Ukraine, warned on his Twitter feed that those fuelling violence could be targeted with sanctions.

US Vice President Joseph Biden telephoned Yanukovych overnight to express his “grave concern regarding the crisis” on the streets of Kiev, the White House said in a statement.

Pope Francis also raised the subject of Ukraine at an audience Wednesday in the Vatican, during which he said that he would be praying for the victims.

“I call on all sides to cease violence and start the search for peace,” the Pontiff said.

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RIA NovostiViolent protests in KievRussia, EU Clash as World Condemns Violence in Ukraine

16:37 19/02/2014 Countries across the world issued condemnations Wednesday of fatal violence in Ukraine as Russia and the European Union clashed over who was to blame.>>

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  • Mikhail1228Put the blame where it belongs....
    18:29, 19/02/2014
    It would have been fascinating to see how America would have reacted if one of Russian State Duma deputies or Alexei Pushkov, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, visited the US during the Occupy Movement protests a couple of years ago and encouraged the protestors to overthrow the American government. It is likely that the so-called international community would have criticized Russia and Putin for meddling in other nation's problems. And yet when McCain and Nuland call for the protestors to keep fighting against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the world stays silent and then later blames Russia for their actions!
    • R.Deus-von HomeyerRE:WHY McCain HATES PUTIN?
      19:45, 19/02/2014
      Last night I heard McCain on CNN saying:"And watch what Vladimir Putin does...NOT so much what he says! Putin dreams of the GREAT Russian Empire and he considers UKraine as a PART of Russia and he want Ukraine to belong to Russia again!"

      "We,Americans speak for the people!" said McCain.

      Yeeeeeeeeeeeees,HE was speaking FOR the Vietnamese people,when he went to Vietnam to KILL THEM!

      Did this man NOT hear,when PUTIN said in Brussels on the 28th of Januaty:"UKRAINE is an INDEPENDANT state and Russia DOES NOT want to intervine in the Ukrainians INTERNAL affairs"

      The German State TV was broadcasting his conversation with Barosso and other EU bosses.

      McCain LOVES wars! Even the US veterans call him:"A war-wh...I heard it as I was counceling US Army veterans in USA.
    • agnesmariaTypical Attempt At Blind-Siding
      05:06, 20/02/2014
      Hypocrites will always attempt to blind-side their audience in this manner. Calling on others to act while either doing nothing or outright encouraging and even enabling those responsible for the problem is a typical sign of both ineptitude and deep-seated guilt. These hateful, self-righteous people in positions of political authority, in the EU and in the US, will never own their own mistakes or misdeeds. Their victories rely mostly on history censored and rewritten, and little on fact. Russia has the courage and honour to maintain the presence of mind to go even further than to just own up to their own past discordant actions and bad political deciscions, with the capacity to both learn from and improve on any past errors. This means that Russia is a force with which to be reckoned, and those who actively declare themselves the enemies of Russia are afraid of anything or anyone more capable or powerful than they are, even (and perhaps especially) if and when that power is presently still on the rise. In the foully reeking arrogance of the Western officials' statements and accusations lies the inherent weakness within their position. Any nation that would pretend that their own hands are pristine clean is pathetically afraid to face themselves in the mirror and see themselves for what they truly have become. There is no nation without guilt - not in all of human history - and no State without blood on its hands. Anything said to the contrary is illogical, desperate non-argument, and these days comes from those spineless cowards who would hide behind the screen of ignorance, erected by their junk-filled media before the sabotaged eyes and minds of their ill-informed citizens. Why would anyone want to rule over a ruined nation, a scorched Earth? Only because their vision is short-sighted and intent only on short-term gains for themselves, with no long-term vision, with no regard for the fact that they themselves too will end up with nothing if they continue their nonsense. They want what they want and they want it now, and that will be their downfall. What happens to Ukraine will be of their own doing, so long as the West butts out at once or else cooperates in actively assisting them in the building of a civilised future.

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