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Ukrainian President Meets With Opposition Leaders

Topic: Pro-EU Protests Erupt in Ukraine

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Viktor YanukovychVitali KlitschkoArseny Yatsenyuk
20:22 25/01/2014
Tags: Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyagnibok, Vitali Klitschko, Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 25 (RIA Novosti) – Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with opposition leaders on Saturday in an effort to resolve an escalating political crisis that has seen violent riots in the capital.

Yanukovych met with UDAR party head Vitali Klitschko, the head of the Batkivshchyna party’s parliamentary faction Arseny Yatsenyuk and the leader of the nationalist Svoboda party Oleg Tyagnibok, the president’s press service said in an online statement.

Dozens of demonstrators and riot police have been injured in a surge of violence that enveloped the capital Kiev last week after Ukraine’s government enacted laws severely restricting protests.

Anti-government protesters have brought the heart of Kiev to a standstill for almost two months by occupying the central Independence Square in response to a government decision to pull back from a deal to forge closer relations with the European Union in favor of enhanced ties with Russia.

While initially focused on the EU decision, discontent in Ukraine has steadily taken on a more general anti-government character.


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RIA NovostiViktor YanukovychUkrainian President Meets With Opposition Leaders

20:22 25/01/2014 Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with opposition leaders on Saturday in an effort to resolve an escalating political crisis that has seen violent riots in the capital.>>

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  • BlizzardTrouble
    00:05, 26/01/2014
    Watching events in Ukraine unfolding on BBC News, CNN, N24, 2DF and other I can see explicit sidings of western reporters. Seeing all this devastation and brutality of demonstrators I cannot not to wander how all this media would react if that would happen anywhere in Western world. Demonstrators would be absolutely rightfully called hooligans and thugs and journalists and politicians alike would call on unfortunate Government to step up fight against thugs in order to protect property and establish peace.

    By seeing on our TV screens how demonstrators are violently attacking police hidden behind anti-riot shields, by physically assaulting them and threatening their lives I am recalling similar riots in UK where police used full scale brutality to bring peace and order on the streets of London, Bristol, and elsewhere across the UK. All is justifiable even if killing of innocent tube passenger by Special Branch British police

    Sadly enough our media in general as politicians alike wants to see Ukraine in civil unrest only to be able to blame Russia for it. Ukrainian opposition leaders especially Klitscko know better. They know that EU will not accept Ukraine at least next 25 - 30 years, nor will give them free money to help them get out of trouble. How someone could be so blind not to see what Germany did to Greece, Cyprus and other who are in financial trouble.

    If EU was prepared to bring population in these countries to near starvation and despair, how someone believes that they will be willing to offer serious help to country such as Ukraine. I feel sorry for the stupidity of these Ukrainian protestors as they deserve to see what would really happen. Klitscko is very unfair and dishonest person who strives to get even richer by exploiting peoples weaknesses. That is unfair, as he knows very well that Ukraine will be left alone and helpless.

    Do not forget that accession can be made only by mutual consent of all member states. Except Angela Merkel there is no politician who would like to see Ukraine in EU. We cannot get rid of Bulgaria and Romania as no one wants them, now even politicians think to kick them out. All that EU get by integrating them is poverty and crime. Do we need even poorer country? Well answer is very clear NO THANKS.
  • zoran.jelinic(no title)
    03:29, 26/01/2014
    Ukraine and Russia are the two closest countries and the same people ( similar like a Anglo-Saxon part of America and England ) , and the West now wants to hijack the Ukraine and install its colonial system on a large piece of Slavic land, and when is not possible through elections and democracy than it is done by riots and violence , they are all allowed, after all they know and rougher perform, remember Hitler , and accurately as 70 years ago again the traitors helping the West in the enslavement of their country ,
    But then in the East it was strong leadership and today we witness indecisiveness and fickleness especially in the Ukrainian leadership , but it is question of the future of the entire Slavic world and not all of the responsibility is on the Ukrainian leadership , Russia must prevent this disaster, not matter how, if necesseary hit fist on the table , no calculations are no longer relevant either economic or political , with breakdown and occupation of Ukraine, target is the breakdown of morale of the entire Slavic world , the possible bases for an attack on Russia is secondary in this case , and what should be done is clear , whoever violates the law must be in jail, not that he was offered a place in the government , and I think that given the hostile activities of Western governments towards Ukraine , subversive activities , special war , encouraging terrorism , the law should prohibit any pro EU advocacy or Western lifestyle in Ukraine, and not only Ukraine

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