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US Missile Shield No Threat to Russia - Deputy PM

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin
06:18 16/04/2013
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LONDON, April 16 (RIA Novosti) - Russia’s strategic forces are capable of penetrating the US missile shield and it poses no military threat to the country, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Tuesday.

“We have solved the issue of penetrating the missile shield. We regret that the United States waste their money on missile defense and compel us to do the same. The missile shield is nothing for us, it’s a bluff. It poses no military threat, but remains a political and economic problem,” Rogozin said during his speech at the Russian embassy in London.

He said that most of Russia’s criticism is caused by the fact that the planned missile shield is “provocative” and “excessive by nature” and thus forces other countries to boost their strategic defenses.

The deputy prime minister, who oversees Russia’s defense industry, said that Russia was “compelled to search for a wise and asymmetric response.”

“We are carrying out a rearmament program until 2020, it would enable us to renew the hundred percent of our strategic forces. It will be done within the framework of international commitments,” the vice premier said.

Rogozin added that because of missile defense issues, countries have to divert attention and funding from other important needs, such as the asteroid threat.

“We have recently witnessed the [meteorite] event in Chelyabinsk. No one can say whether more such incidents will follow, whether we are guaranteed against meteorite strikes. Scientists are baffled by how billions that are being spent on missile shield… while a space threat to the whole humanity is being ignored,” he said.

He sais that Russia seeks international cooperation in creating a global system to monitor and exchange information on potentially dangerous space objects.


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RIA NovostiRussian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry RogozinUS Missile Shield No Threat to Russia - Deputy PM

06:18 16/04/2013 Russia’s strategic forces are capable of penetrating the US missile shield and it poses no military threat to the country, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Tuesday.>>

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  • moistHe´s right....
    09:10, 16/04/2013
    ...Russian missile technology has always been 30 years ahead of anything the western regimes can come up with,at least since the late 50´s. The question is, however, should such an non-constructive, aggressive move be tolerated? No of course not.

    If Russia and BRICS where to build a missile defence shield around the US against, say, a potential threat from outer space, the "americans" would go "ballistic". The way they are going, there is no need to, even if we wanted. A naval base in Venezuela and Cuba will suffice...
    • arsanlupinAnother example that “moist” means mouldy …
      11:57, 16/04/2013
      Anyone who thinks that Russian missile technology is more advanced than the West is suffering from a rotting brain soaked in hallucinogens. Not at all uncommon in ‘moist’ people … but sadly detached from anything resembling reality. This is of course a common occurrence in anyone stupid enough to fall for the soviet pritvoryat'sya that is the Russian military. The Soviet Union lied to themselves about their “mighty” military so much that some of the mouth-breathers around them actually started believing it! I guess this pathetic soul is one of them …

      The Russian space program still depends on antiquated technology. Everything they want to send into space they have to replace within weeks or months – none of it lasts any longer than that. Western satellites, probes, and explorers last for years or decades. Russian launch failure rate has always been over ten times the failure rate of Western launches – that hasn’t changed. Manned missions still depend on the same Soyuz space capsule used in the 1970’s. They were shown to be junk by the US space shuttle 30 years ago, and now they are shown to be junk by the new Dragon capsules mounted on Falcon rockets. Even the Russian cosmonauts freely admit this, and who knows better than they do?

      When Western inspectors examined former Soviet missile silos for the START treaties’ verification, they found them all with several meters of water in them. The weather seals had failed on them, letting in rain water that ruined the missiles. Russia didn’t care about giving up most of their strategic missiles because they never DID work!

      The only reason Russia’s strategic forces can “penetrate” the US missile shield is because the US missile shield is making no attempt to stop them. Incompetent Russian maintenance and Mother Nature did it for us years ago. Why else do you think the West is more worried about those lunatics in Pyongyang and Tehran, than they are about anything Russia has?

      Making pompous, grandiose claims made the Soviet Union the laughingstock it was in the 20th century. Making them now only makes you look just as stupid.
    • LocoIvanHere we go again
      19:44, 16/04/2013
      Dear Xenophobe 'moist', you really would not be seen as such a 'JOKE' if you could make coherent statements and back them up:
      '...Russian missile technology has always been 30 years ahead of anything the western regimes can come up with, at least since the late 50´s.'
      So with your warped since of logic, 30 years on top of the 1950 number would put you at the 1980's, yes? Whether you realize it or not, that is a benchmark admission that you are full of excrement.

      It just keeps getting better and better.

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