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HRW Pressures France to Exclude Russia From Paris Arms Show

Topic: Protests in Syria

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Rosoboronexport is planning to showcase the fully upgraded T-90S main battle tankHRW has already urged governments and companies around the world to stop signing new contracts with arms exporters such as Rosoboronexport
07:26 10/06/2012
PARIS, June 10 (RIA Novosti)
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International human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on France to reconsider allowing Russia’s state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport to take part in the upcoming EUROSATORY 2012 arms exhibition in Paris over arms supplies to Syria.

The EUROSATORY 2012 defense expo will take place at the Parc d’Expositions north of Paris on June 11-15. It will host over 400 defense companies from 47 countries, including 14 Russian companies.

“France shouldn’t have it both ways – it can’t be a leading voice calling for an end to grave violations in Syria and imposing an arms embargo, while allowing Syria’s main arms dealer to come to Paris to promote its weapons and land new deals,” Jean-Marie Fardeau, France director at Human Rights Watch, said on Saturday.

HRW has already urged governments and companies around the world to stop signing new contracts with arms exporters such as Rosoboronexport, which supply weapons to Syria.

Rosoboronexport is planning to showcase a record number of models of armored vehicles, including the fully upgraded T-90S main battle tank, BMPT tank support fighting vehicle, Kornet-EM anti-tank missile system mounted on a Tigr armored vehicle and a new Ural armored truck at the Paris show.

“Our hope is that if there is a Rosoboronexport booth at EUROSATORY, it is a very lonely place,” Fardeau said. “Rosoboronexport’s potential clients should shun any new business with the company until it stops selling arms to Syria while such grave crimes are being committed.”

Syria, the largest importer of Russian weapons in the Middle East, has recently signed contracts with Rosoboronexport for the supply of 24 MiG-29M/M2 fighter jets and eight Buk-M2E air-defense systems.

A contract for the supply of Bastion anti-ship missile systems armed with SS-N-26 Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles is currently being implemented.

Up to 12,000 people have been killed in clashes between the government and opposition forces in Syria since the start of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad last year, according to latest UN estimates.

Moscow has repeatedly said that Russian-made weaponry supplied to Syria could not be used against protesters and Russia will continue selling weapons to Damascus under existing contracts observing both international law and bilateral obligations.


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RIA NovostiRosoboronexport is planning to showcase the fully upgraded T-90S main battle tankHRW Pressures France to Exclude Russia From Paris Arms Show

07:26 10/06/2012 International human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on France to reconsider allowing Russia’s state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport to take part in the upcoming EUROSATORY 2012 arms exhibition in Paris over arms supplies to Syria.>>

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  • SirkoHipocrites and Ass Whipes!!!!
    09:26, 10/06/2012
    "Human Rights Watch"...Yet another American and western proxy bullshit organization.

    Who made those American hypocritical assholes God? Where were they when the U.S. and its lap dog Israel destroyed Lebanon not once but twice? Where were they when the Israelis committed war crimes for the Nth time against the Palestinians? Where were they when Bushwacker I the father of Bushwacker II committed unspeakable war crimes hidden in mass graves against the people of Panama using Manuel Noriega whom they put in power as an excuse to attack a sovereign nation? Where are they when NATO bombs and mutilates hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, everything from attacking wedding parties to poor villagers innocently going about their business, and there are a myriad of other examples.

    Tell the Hypocritical Propagandists, Assholes and Stooges to go straight where they belong....Hell.
  • lmThe media war...
    10:32, 10/06/2012
    Anyone out there could see the hypocrisy of this organizing who turns a blind eyes or offer half baked concerns on other human rights abuse committed by other countries, more so it is quite evident that these Human right people are under political pressure to say things that support there paymasters.
    NATO just killed men, women and children in a wedding last week, and have been killing civilians before and all is offered is the word sorry. Question why are some of these NATO members allowed to showcase their arms?
    Who sold arms to the Libyan rebels it was France the very same country that is keeping the arms show?
    How are the Syrian rebels getting their supply of weapons is it dropping out of tin air or been supported by these same NATO countries?
    The mordacity of Human rights obnoxiously minded.
    They continue to blame the Syrian government for crimes even over reporting that the government is responsible hoping to convince people around the world that the regime is responsible. International media blames the government outright, whiles the supply of weapons to the rebel’s boom and goes unreported by the International media all in the name of intervention under the humanitarian banner.
    These big name human rights organizations are worst than the rebels because they are part and passel, deeply entwined of supporting intervention of countries who do not toe the West line.
    Russia must, must, must not give in at all and take the lead of engaging with the Government making it clear that Russia would not tolerate any unnecessary killing of civilians by the government or its supporters because it would only make Russia position harder. Speaking of this we can see a clear pattern here in Syria commit more massacres show it to the world over and over, play on Russia’s conscience forcing Russia to change its stance.
  • PETEPETEPETEThe usual charlatans.
    14:05, 10/06/2012
    The radio-controlled "Human Rights" charlatans at it again...
  • free_mind50(no title)
    14:11, 10/06/2012
    Did they ask for the same thing as a result of the middle east wars in the past decade, which Russia had nothing to do with. The Russian federation did not arm terrorist and told them to unleash hell upon their countrymen, it is obvious by now what HRW is,
  • gunshipdemocracyFardeau is lying as always
    14:39, 10/06/2012
    this frog-eater is lying, he did note any see French atrocities in Libya nor in Serbian Kosovo and sees no evil for France sponsoring all massacres on civilians in Syria as well. But Russia is bad?
    • SirkoFrog Eater...!!! Hahahahaha...!!!
      20:35, 10/06/2012
      Touche...!!! ....and then some.

      Glad to see that there are others here who know and tell the truth and I am not alone here fighting off the American Propagandists such as..."Arslupin" with hsi lies.
    • xama226HRW a tool of psyops
      23:07, 10/06/2012
      HRW is a US operation funded by the Gouv. They had no problem with the killing of 800 thousand Iraqis caused by the US army.
      • SirkoMore...
        01:01, 11/06/2012
        It was more than eight-hundred thousand, closer to one and half million, and close to four million refugees who fled the country. In short fascist rats destroyed the entire country with a lie and not one word from the frog eaters..
      • savo@oblo.comHRW
        00:33, 11/06/2012
        HRW are worse than prostitutes which give service to those who pay.

        It is easy to answer such pressure - cancel few contracts with French companies, so let them play politics with other countries.
      • arthurborgesAMRW?
        02:35, 11/06/2012
        So now it's Arms Makers' Rights Watch, is it?

        Ah, now all the oppressed arms makers of the Great Democracies would finally breathe free without all that cheaper better hardware punching holes in our sales pitches and delivering crippling body blows to GDP and shareholder dividends.
        • SirkoVery Impressive Point Arthur
          08:02, 11/06/2012
          You are dead on and then some. America and its clowns in NATO have a vested interest in death, the suffering of other nations and their blood sucking banksters have even turned against their own people...
        • lmMassacres too weaken Russia position.
          13:34, 11/06/2012
          We should stick to points and reframe from using demeaning words to describe people I think we will get a voice if we show a total understanding of the situation here, so let’s keep it clean but to the point keeping our emotions under check.
          Sirko what do you think? Russia will loose its place as a serious political force in international arena if they allowed Syria to fall. Now it is not if the Russia base or Assad means little to Russia but Russia’s ability to protect its interest is what is under the microscope.
          I do believe Russia in under a lot of pressure to turn its back on Assad but cannot do so because it will be unwise politically.
          I am telling you and mark my words this is coming right back to Russia one day, by brining the world oil prices down, creating disturbance on the domestic scene, investors pulling there money out, buying off top military personnel and politician, and it Russia’s turn.
          Now if we all look at the Russia middle class they are easily brought I rest my case here.
          Russia can be what to the West in the eyes of the enemy the notion may be that Russia is too big and rich to be called one country it is the silent thinking.
          Russia should not take investment by its foes as stability or trust it may be only a distraction but let’s hope not, and its all for the best.
          • SirkoNATO, is a Cold War Dinosaur Dedicated to the Destruction of Russia...
            00:19, 12/06/2012
            My apologies to Novosti for the length of this post. This is a complicated issue and requires a complicated answer....

            lm...These issues are far more complicated than what one can suppose by current events.

            One cannot understand what is going on today unless one understands the fundamental causes which go deeper in history. The present is fleeting for as soon as one acts that act has become the past and hence the future is ordained by the acts of the past. One must recall here that all western countries are the creation of germanic kingdoms. The Franks were germanic. The Spanish kingdom was founded Alaric's Visigoths. The English kingdom was founded by Angels, Saxons, Jutes and Normans. The overwhelming part of European history is the result of one fact. Romanized German versus non Romanized Slav, the Roman church versus old faith Orthodoxy. When Christianity spread into Europe it came from Judea into Antioch, and Anatolia (today's Syria, and Turkey, many Syrians are Orthodox) into Greece, Macedonia and the Byzantine Empire, then eventually into Rome.

            The emperor Constantine, the father of Christianity was known as "His Most Holy Orthodox Majesty" as were all the emperors of that era. One can check this in the original writings of that era in Latin. The west Roman Empire debauched, decayed and fragmented into germanic, kingdoms. Unable to hold these germanic kingdoms by the sword, Rome concocted its own version of Christianity, Roman Catholicism. 'Catholic' comes from the Greek word "Katholiki" meaning' universal'. Hence, one can see from the beginning in that word a heresy, bound on enslaving all Europeans to that Roman faith, and to a Western European Hegemony, to the Pope who is merely an extension, of the greed for power of the old decaying Roman Empire. The East however, under Orthodoxy was much more tolerant and did not decay into barbarism and the Byzantine Empire became an intellectual Greek or Orthodox Empire which evangelized the Eastern Slavs through Saints such as Cyril and Methody. The first giving the Eastern Slavs their Cyrillic alphabet..

            Thus the stage was set which evolved into the modern world in Europe. East versus West. The west is still at it to this day in propaganda terms such as 'the west'. Compass directions follow a three hundred and sixty degree curve. Hence, if one is in China then America and NATO are the east. All things are relative. All western Europe was at one time Roman Catholic and paid homage to Anti-Christ in Rome till Martin Luther. God bless him!!! The policy of the Vatican from antiquity has been to eradicate and weaken Orthodoxy. A Pollack pope was not an accident! Orthodoxy is the predominant faith of all Eastern Slavs except for the dupes in Poland and Croatia who are still lackeys to this day. The Czechs, Slovenians, Slovaks were at one time Orthodox ministered to by St. Methody, St. Cyril's brother who was kidnapped in Prague and locked up in Rome where he died. The Papist tried to do the same thing centuries later with Martin Luther. Those western Slavs were under great duress and converted to Catholicism at that time in similar fashion as the Spanish Inquisition in the 1500s and the Pollack Inquisition against Ukrainians and Byelorussians in the 1600s, forcing many western Ukrainians into the Papal sphere by burning at the stake. The ramifications of these attrocities can still be felt today with the anti Russian Ukrainian maniacs in the western Ukraine. God! One can even see it in sport, such as the present Euro cup being shared by Poland and the Ukraine. This is an endless onslaught at every turn towards the prime objective of fragmenting the Russian peoples.

            The Muslims attempted many times to capture Constantinople from the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him for they are far less evil than the NATO fascists. They finally succeeded with Ottomans and aid from the Vatican which gave its blessing to the Austrians to make five enormous cannons which each took a day to load with enormous, granite cannonballs, gun powder having made its advent into Europe long before the Muslim world. With this weapon the Ottomans breached the Theodosian wall near the eastern gate, Constantinople's only access by land. The city was impregnable except by this means. At the fall of Constantinople which was the gem and pre-eminent city of the world at the time and the Holy Seat of Orthodoxy all the scholars and intelligentsia fled to the west sparking what is now known as the Renaissance.

            So if one appreciates the stage set by the ancient world then one can better understand the issues and conspiracies of today. For example as I mentioned at ever turn the fix is on. Even in sport, the Poles and Ukrainians co-hosting the Euro Cup hence pushing the Ukraine closer to the Pole and separating her from fellow Russians and other Orthodox Slavs. Pray tell why not just in the Ukraine or just in Poland, or Poland and Russian or Russia and the Ukraine, or Russia and Byelorus, or Byelorus and the Ukraine????

            As William Shakespeare would say, " Ah! There lies the rub..."

            It is apparent throughout history how often the so-called bogus west has tried to dismember the Eastern Slavs. How often have they invaded Russia? Dozens of times! When has Russia invaded them? Not once! Except in retaliation and defense of the motherland. For the most part they have succeeded with the destruction of Serbia and the fragmentation of the Balkan Slavs. They have succeeded with the absorption of the Warsaw Pact countries into NATO. They have succeeded with the placing of quislings and fascist in former Soviet Republics. They have even succeeded in fragmenting the three Russias, Byelorus, the Ukraine and the Russian Federation who are historically, culturally, ethnically, linguistically identical people.

            The pre-eminent driving force of all American regimes since WW II and its Clowns in NATO is the emasculation and destruction of Russian geopolitical influence and this can only be accomplished by weakening Russia from within with turmoil and from without by isolating her from her allies and sphere of influence. Surrounding her with missile systems to negate her military power and starving her economically if possible. This would have been accomplished by now if it was not for Russia's vast energy resources which the western Euros need badly. Even here Russia does not use this wealth as an economic weapon. Send nothing to Poland and Czech. Let them as freeze in the dark...

            "We supported the wrong side during the war...!!!" Harry Truman, American president post the great humanitarian FDR.

            "No! The Japanese are finished. We are preparing this for the Russians."......the reply of General Groves the head of the Manhattan Project creating the first nuclear weapon in response to the physicist Openheimer's question..." We are not going to use this on the Japanese people?"

            There are untold other examples throughout the Cold War of the Mad Hatter American propaganda re the threat of the Great Red Herring from the east.

            "We should join forces with the Germans and attack the Russian Mongols."......General George Patton commander of the eighth American Army in Europe.

            Speaking of the Mongols, Russians have never learned one valuable lesson from their neighbours and allies. The founder of the great Mongolian Empire, Temujin, the Great Khan had from his youth one burning desire and that was the consolidation of the Mongol peoples and to this end he dedicated his life. Russia through history has never managed to consilidate its brother Orthodox Slavs to the contrary it even allow the NATO Nazis to bomb Serbia almost back to the stone age. The Serb Parliament in desperation even passed a bill to join the Russian federation and yet Russia as it has through history did not capitalize on that opportunity, for her shame and her loss. The Bulgars are now being coerced to place an American military base in Bulgaria and more missiles systems no doubt. Historically all the Orthodox Balkan Slavs have been pro Russian, Bulgaria being the staunchest. All the Balkan Slav people have always been pro Russian. It is natural for basically they are the same people, but the regimes can be bought off.

            So, in conclusion if Russia does not launch a program of revamping it military and rely on the ingenuity of the Russian peoples which history has proven over and over again that winning is in their blood and can cope with unlimited attrition and suffering to that end, then she will eventually be surrounded and fragmented. The writing is on the wall for even a fool to see..

            For as Thomas Hobbs the great British philosopher once said, "War is the natural state of man..." A nation which is not prepared to the ultimate for that possible scenario will eventually be doomed. As the Athenian general put it during the invasion of Delos.."Democracy my friend is a matter between equals. Those who have the power do what they please and those who do not suffer what they must..."
            Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
          • lmIs Russia selling out?
            08:29, 12/06/2012
            Is Russia making uninformal hints to the US too attack Syria?
            Post was taken from Russia Today news.

            Debka’s reports also come days after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that, in terms of US involvement in Syria,"military action is always an option,” although he added, "We do not believe that … further militarization of the situation in Syria at this point is the right course of action.” Less than two weeks later, however, the White House may have already changed their stance.

            According to Debka, Washington’s rumored change of heart may have something to do with reports out of Russia. Sources speaking with the news agency say that US President Obama asked for an accelerated attack on Syria’s leaders after hearing Russian officials allegedly say, “Moscow would support the departure of President Bashar al-Assad if Syrians agreed to it.”

            Debka adds that, to carry out the plan, the US will equip Syrian rebels with military supplies so that they could out attack Assad’s regime on the ground after an American-led airstrikes. It is believed that Assad’s government is currently using unmanned surveillance air drones to patrol the countryside for rebel forces only to then order strikes targeted them.

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