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Russia Does Not Rule Out Preemptive Missile Defense Strike

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

The projected European missile defense system could by 2020 have the ability to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles
14:28 03/05/2012
MOSCOW, May 3 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia does not exclude preemptive use of  weapons against [NATO] missile defense systems in Europe but only as a last resort, the Russian General Staff said on Thursday at a missile defense conference in Moscow.

“The placement of new strike weapons in the south and northwest of Russia against [NATO] missile defense components, including the deployment of Iskander missile systems in Kaliningrad region is one possible way of incapacitating the European missile defense infrastructure,” Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said.

Taking into account the “destabilizing nature of the missile defense system... the decision on the pre-emptive use of available weapons will be made during an aggravation of the situation,” he said.

The projected European missile defense system could by 2020 have the ability to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said on Thursday.

The United States and NATO agreed to develop the system at a summit in Lisbon in 2010, but talks between Russia and the alliance have floundered over NATO’s refusal to grant Russia legal guarantees that the system would not be aimed against Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

“By 2018-2020 - that is the third and fourth phases of the deployment of the Euro-missile defense in Europe – the continent should have enough anti-missile defense to be able to intercept part of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missiles, and submarine launched ballistic missiles,” Patrushev said at an international conference on Euro-missile defense in Moscow.

“The geographical regions and technical characteristics of these missile defense systems create the foundations for additional dangers, especially considering the current and future levels of high-precision armament of the United States,” he said.

“Our experts say other targets, which could require serious missile defense against it, do not really exist,” he said.

Patrushev said the creation of the Euro-missile defense, which is taking place without Russia’s agreement and will lead to a degradation of Russia’s nuclear deterrent, could lead to a disbalance in strategic stability at the regional and global levels.

“The refusal to discuss the conditions for providing legal binding guarantees for the deployment system to be not aimed at Russia strengthens our convictions that the real goal of this missile defense system could differ from what is stated,” he said.

Russia’s military and political leadership has already warned its western partners several times that if talks fail, Russia may take a series of measures including deployment of Iskander short-range nuclear-capable tactical ballistic missiles in the Kaliningrad exclave.

NATO denies its missile defense proposals are aimed at Russia.

"In fact, we have no desire at all to disturb global strategic stability," NATO's Deputy General Secretary Alexander Vershbow told the conference. "Quite the contrary: NATO missile defense will be capable of intercepting only a small number of relatively unsophisticated ballistic missiles. It does not have the capability to neutralize Russian deterrence."

The “Missile Defense Factor in Forming a New Security Space” conference has been organized by the Russian Defense Ministry. More than 200 military specialists and experts are taking part from over 50 nations inclduding the 28 NATO nations. As well as NATO and Russia, representatives of China, South Korea, Japan, the CIS nations and the OSCE are taking part in the conference.

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RIA NovostiThe projected European missile defense system could by 2020 have the ability to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missilesRussia Does Not Rule Out Preemptive Missile Defense Strike

14:28 03/05/2012 Russia does not exclude preemptive use of weapons against [NATO] missile defense systems in Europe but only as a last resort, the Russian General Staff said on Thursday at a missile defense conference in Moscow.>>

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  • lmMoscow wake up stop sleeping..
    12:27, 03/05/2012
    Keep talking Russia you will be heard by the West.
    But remember one thing Empty vessels make the most noise.
    Russia knows that the system is been built to take Russia down, it is all planed Lybia, Syria, and Iran next big target that would requied the sheild against Russian missiles is Russia the writting is on the wall.
  • moistHold on...
    13:43, 03/05/2012
    Currently, Russian diplomats are too busy fraternizing with their western "colleagues" at cock-tail parties but in due course and long before the western aggression becomes operational, im sure NATO will be in for a nasty surprise. They weren´t ready for it, much less expected it in Georgia. Next time will be devastating
  • free_mind50(no title)
    13:49, 03/05/2012
    The Russian Federation will defend it self against any and all threats. If the goal of the European missile defense was to push the Russian Federation into deploying more tactical nukes, so that the west can have an excuse to keep those currently in Europe and abroad (as is publicly known) as a response and produce more, then it will fail.
    The Russian Federations is more than capable of the following:
    Creating stop gap with tactical nukes , until the Russian Federation re-balances permanently the strategic parity by complementing those systems with a very accurate and advanced missile defense system and ICBMs capable of penetrating any perceived missile defense for the foreseeable future. All this without falling into the financial quagmire and trap the Soviet Union did.
  • arsanlupinI find it inexplicable ...
    07:32, 07/05/2012
    ... that no one in Russia is hearing such simple words: " NATO missile defense will be capable of intercepting only a small number of relatively unsophisticated ballistic missiles. It does not have the capability to neutralize Russian deterrence." Is the actual capability of a Standard SM-3 surface to air missile so difficult to understand?
    • arthurborges@arsanlupin
      12:41, 08/05/2012
      What about the two equally simple words: "legal guarantees"?

      (P.S. I guess your screen name refers to _Arsène_ Lupin?)
      Reply | Comments: 3Expand branch
    • SirkoI Wonder Why You Find It Inexplicable???
      09:02, 10/05/2012
      Perhaps because you are not well informed and or educated.

      "...only if NATO and Russia built a JOINT missile defense shield..."

      You do not read very well. Russia proposed a joint system some time back but the NATO Nazis refused it and from my research they refused to even countenance the system not being aimed at Russia. Then what else is new in America? Also, not all of us who disagree with your silly nonsense about NATO the GOOD are from the other side as you put it. Some of us live next door to you. There is not a shadow of doubt to any sentient, intelligent and well informed creature on this planet as to the purpose of those missiles. That missile shield will be aimed at Russia. The sole purpose for its construction is to neutralize Russia as a global player.

      Fascism by the way is not the private domain of the Hitlerites. It can infect any civilization. It's prime residency today is the United States of America. A simple definition of fascism in political science is, "rule by the corporate state" Successive U.S. administrations pay much lip service to the word, "democracy" but in reality they practice "Plutocracy" and hence, 'Predatory, Hyper Capitalism'. Contrary to what most Americans believe thanks to a putrid educational system, capitalism has absolutely nothing to do with 'Free Enterprise'. Capitalism is as the Latin word suggests, a state where 'capital' rules.

      Your old pals the Hitlerites also thought that the Red Army and Russia were nothing to worry about. As Hitler said, 'The whole thing is rotten. Just kick in the door and it will come crashing down." Big surprise...!!! However, today your so-called paper tiger has some pretty awesome nuclear teeth and the Red Army does not march on chocolate bars and coca-cola. History has proven over and over again that Russia knows how to roll with the punches and crush its enemies. I am three generations removed from the Motherland and still speak the language, descended from Zaporozhyean Cossacks. Great gramps came from the Kuban. Also, it was sixty-seven years ago yesterday that the fascists were crushed and not sixty.

      One cannot trust a country which was built on extirpating the native Americans and has invaded hundreds of countries during its brief existence. Simply Google 'American Intervention' and hold your breath. Can you name one word of one treaty which the U.S. has kept with the natives or the Spanish and Mexican lands it stole?

      By the way there are no 'trolls' in Russia. Trolls only exist in the west. It is like many other aberrations a western affliction and mutation. Bolsheviks cannot be trolls and they will be back when the world needs them.

      Below is a post from another thread which is very apropos here.

      Here is an historical fact and quotation from general Groves the head of the Manhattan Project. When the first bomb was detonated in New Mexico, Oppenheimer standing beside Groves in the bunker stunned by the power of that weapon quoted the ancient Hindu texts when the god Vishnu said, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." Then he turned to Groves and stated, "We are not going to use this on the Japanese?" Groves replied, "Japan is finished whether we use this on them or not, but we are preparing this for Russia." That said against an ally at the time and the statement can be corroborated if you have the time to search in the archives.

      Of course the main reason the U.S. dropped two nuclear devices on two civilian targets was to stop the most probable involvement of the Soviet Union in the Pacific war against Japan which Stalin had promised FDR he would attack as soon as the European theatre was over. Guess Truman did not want to share Japan with the Russians. Hence the involvement by the U.S. in Korea and the fragmentation of the Korean people in '49 - '53 and Vietnam in the mid '50s...

      Also, shortly after that exchange with Groves, Oppenheimer lost his most privileged status in Los Alamos...

      American regimes are not to be trusted....!!! They speak with forked tongues...Ask Sadaam Hussein...:-) Ask the native Americans...:-)
      • arsanlupinNevezhestvennye I nekulʹturnye !
        16:16, 19/05/2012
        i bredovye ...
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
        • arthurborgesNice Post, Sirko
          20:25, 19/05/2012
          But just a few ideas:
          Fascism comes from the Italian term "facismo", from the verb "to do". You could actually render it in English as "Just do it" and Mussolini adopted that name to hand over government powers to private enterprise which could "get things done" better than "lazy stuffy bureaucrats". To that I will happily add that the founders of the American Republic meant "business" when they used the term "people" such that Lincoln's "government of the people, by the people, for the people" needs an English/English translation that has never been fully explained to Americans.
          • arthurborgesCol. Khruschev
            13:27, 23/05/2012
            Col. Evgeny Khruschev has a short piece at RT com that argues very much in your direction, Sirko.
            Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
            • WellingtonI agree with you Sirko ..
              15:21, 28/05/2012
              The so-called missile defense system in Europe is strategically aiming Russia at the end. It’s clearly visible. Although, the Russia has the power of Veto in UN Security Council for the world's security issues but actually NATO and western allies do not like this position of Russia. They do not want another powerful country to stand before of them and be independent in decisions and doings. Nowadays, NATO is even going further and attacking weak countries under name of 'Search for Terrorism'. They want to rule the world to get their interests. Even now, they are likely to compete with Russia because it’s the only real country which will stand strongly against them. Therefore, Russia should step up and get in to the issues boldly with its strong position. I need a kind of Russia to say for once and do for several times as they did against Georgia. US and NATO using Russia's neighbor countries to not directly indulge but Russia should once again teach new lessons for these rough neighbor countries. The only last way to solve a problem in this world is to come by force, it works most of the times, and we look Russia to do it as soon as possible...
            • SirkoP.S.
              09:08, 10/05/2012
              The Iron Curtain and hence the Cold War were created some sixty-eight odd years ago by exactly the same tactics which we see today being used by the American fascists regimes.

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