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Britain Spends $2 mln to Promote Human Rights in Russia

Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Human Rights
22:36 30/04/2012
LONDON, April 30 (RIA Novosti)
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Britain spent 1.25 million pounds (almost $2 million) in 2011 to promote human rights and democracy in Russia, according to the Human Rights and Democracy Report, published on Monday.

“The human rights situation in Russia continued to be of concern in 2011. Although President Medvedev emphasized the importance of the rule of law, the Russian government’s support for human rights often appeared ambivalent,” the report reads.

The document, prepared by the British Foreign Office, states that human rights issues remains a top priority in Russian-U.K. bilateral relations.

“Our work with Russian human rights organizations complemented this bilateral engagement, including through funding for projects supporting human rights and democracy, on which we spent 1.25 million pounds in the 2011–12 financial year,” the report said.

Among the major fields of concern in Russia, British human rights advocates name human rights abuses in the North Caucasus, journalists’ security, women’s and minority rights.

According to the report, Britain spent 900,000 pounds in 2011 to fight violations in the North Caucasus via the UK government-backed Conflict Prevention Pool.

Britain also funded several Russian non-government organizations, working to ensure journalists’ rights, freedom of expression and assembly as well as women and gays’ rights.

Reporters Without Borders ranked Russia 142 out of 179 countries in their 2011Press Freedom Index.


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RIA NovostiDmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Human RightsBritain Spends $2 mln to Promote Human Rights in Russia

22:36 30/04/2012 Britain spent 1.25 million pounds (almost $2 million) in 2011 to promote human rights and democracy in Russia, according to the Human Rights and Democracy Report, published on Monday.>>

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  • gunshipdemocracyagain founding spies and infiltrators
    23:41, 30/04/2012
    to destabilize Russia. Russia definitely shall consider to support sharia courts and various ethnic groups in UK that feel unhappy and if they not to explain them they can demand more ;-)
    • lmPutin has to clear up this foreign policy mess.
      09:35, 01/05/2012
      This is yet another attempt to play on Russian’s conscience more so the Kremlin. The Kremlin seems to be listening but again lost in its foreign policy counter attack, if one looks at Syria they can see the Kremlin huffing and puffing without a deceives plan only a clear part which is been undermined by the rebels backers and sponsors.
      This is a piece from Pravda .ru “About Syrian-Turkish relations, the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Kathleen Hicks, told the Congress that Washington is working on an alternative initiative to the UN plan, which, she says, is doomed to failure.

      Derek Chollet, chief strategist of the National Security Council, took the same position.

      Hicks, in turn, proposed in a Senate hearing that the Pentagon consider the possibility of mobilizing troops on the Turkish border with Syria in order to "create a security zone."

      "We are planning different strategies for a wide range of possible venues, including the ability to help our allies on the border zones," Hicks argued end quote.
      Now it is very clear to the Kremlin that they have to show leadership and not hope that if they sell Assad out to the highest bidder, their base will stay on Syrian solid. As was posted recently my one Russian official that Libya and Iraq are willing to still buy Russian arms, and a top Russian military had this to say below.

      “Russia's military leadership has for the first time acknowledged a nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea.
      “The threat is always there, so we closely monitor the nuclear program developments of many countries," Army General Nikolai Makarov, the chief of the General Staff, told RT television.
      "The analysis that we conducted together with the Americans confirms that, yes, there is a probability that the threat exists. And we agreed that it is necessary to create a missile defense system,” Makarov said.
      The Russian Defense Ministry has previously held that there is no nuclear threat to Europe and Russia from Iran and North Korea, because they do not have the capacity to build nuclear weapons or deliver them.
      “Many countries that claim not to possess nuclear weapons do in fact have them,” Makarov said.
      “Certainly, if it gets into the hands of extremists, it represents a threat to international security,” Makarov said.
      He added that in order to counter these threats, Russia is ready to work together with other countries.
      “Let's solve this problem. Let us work together to get rid of the threats that may arise, not only for Europe but for Russia because we too are part of Europe,” the general said.
      North Korea has conducted two underground nuclear weapon tests, in 2006 and 2009.
      Earlier in April South Korean media reported that intelligence indicated North Korea was preparing a third in a row underground nuclear test. The information was based on satellite photographs of North Korean test site, where underground nuclear test had been previously conducted.
      U.S. and other Western countries suspect Iran of developing nuclear weapons under the guise of peaceful nuclear energy program. Tehran denies the charges, saying its nuclear program is aimed at meeting the country's electricity needs end quote”

      The two above shows the Kremlin contradictory foreign policy where officials open there mouths without thinking.
      Russia should know they can have no effective foreign policy with their military in its barracks.
      Too much talking about we will do this, or may do this, is considering this finally the outcome is procrastination.
    • SirkoDemocratia Quo Vadis...???
      06:51, 01/05/2012
      Unbelievable...!!! This from a country which has an upper house, 'The House of Lords' either appointed by birth or by buying an peerage. Like the Canadian criminal Conrad Black...
    • SirkoTreason Has a Price...
      15:53, 01/05/2012
      Difficult to have a cohesive and firm foreign policy when the Mole Gorbachev and the Drunk Yeltsin's policies have ground Russia into the dirt. She is now basically where she was after the Revolution play catch up with the fascists.
    • arthurborgesGee
      18:21, 01/05/2012
      There are so many Brits who would love Britain so much more if it spent half as much money promoting human rights in the United Kingdom.
    • SirkoWell Said....
      21:49, 01/05/2012
      "...There are so many Brits who would love Britain so much more if it spent half as much money promoting human rights in the United Kingdom." Here! Here! Touche!! Oustanding post.

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