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April Talks Last Chance for Iran to Avoid U.S. Attack - Hillary Clinton

Topic: Iran's nuclear program

Hillary Clinton and Sergei Lavrov
13:27 14/03/2012
MOSCOW, March 14 (RIA Novosti)
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The United States has warned that the six-nation negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program in April would be the last chance for Tehran to prevent a U.S. attack, the Kommersant daily said on Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of a UN Security Council meeting in New York on Monday to relate this point to the Iranian authorities, the paper said.

Western nations have been putting pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, accusing the Islamic republic of developing atomic weapons. Tehran has always strongly denied this, saying the program is for energy purposes only.

A Russian diplomat told Kommersant that the U.S. and Israel might attack Iran before the end of the year.

“Israelis are basically blackmailing Obama,” he said. “He will either have to support the war, or lose the support [of the influential Jewish lobby].”

Although, the official diplomatic position in Moscow is that the April meeting will not be the last chance as Washington sees it, Russian authorities have nevertheless prepared for the possibility of war, the paper said.

“We have counted our actions in case of war with Iran. We have mobilized our forces,” a Defense Ministry official told Kommersant, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He expressed concern that if a war breaks out, crowds of refugees would flow from Iran into neighboring Azerbaijan, which would aggravate the volatile situation in the Caucasus.

A meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday summoned by Britain to focus on the Middle East, while condemning violence in Syria, showed that Damascus should not worry about international intervention as long as there is a threat of war with Iran.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is facing unprecedented international pressure to end his crackdown on protesters that has claimed thousands of lives.

“It is important for the U.S. to save face now in the situation with Syria,” a Russian Foreign Ministry official said. “The Americans understand that Israel will attack Iran and having two wars in the region is too much,” diplomats in Moscow explained


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RIA NovostiHillary Clinton and Sergei LavrovApril Talks Last Chance for Iran to Avoid U.S. Attack - Hillary Clinton

13:27 14/03/2012 The United States has warned that the six-nation negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program in April would be the last chance for Tehran to prevent a U.S. attack, the Kommersant daily newspaper said on Wednesday.>>

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  • bielecMrs. Clinton,
    16:40, 14/03/2012
    You are openly issuing illegal threats of using military intervention in order to force Iran to stop developing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Iran has a right to develop such technology and you have no right to prohibit it.

    There is no evidence to support your claim that Iran is developing nuclear weaponry or that it became a threat to international peace. In fact, your own intelligence agencies have publicly stated that Iran has not diverted its nuclear projects to enable military applications.

    Given the fact that other oil-rich countries in the region have been in recent years attacked by the USA and its allies, and given the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) document, which clearly identifies Iran as the next target, Iran would be fully justified, if it were seeking nuclear military technology as means of deterrence. The government of Iran has both the right and the duty to ensure security of its territory, infrastructure, and population. However, no evidence of such intentions has been presented by your government of by the government of Israel.

    Facts and history show that Iran is not a threat to international peace. On the other hand, Israel develops and possesses nuclear weapons outside of any international supervision. Israel is in violation of international law and over 60 UN resolutions pertaining to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories. Israel is a threat to international peace, as it seeks illegal annexation of the occupied territories and attempts to push other countries to attack sovereign states it perceives as a threat to its illegal expansion. Israel has, in recent years, resorted to military aggression in order to advance its criminal policy goals. Yet, you are not threatening Israel to attack its nuclear facilities.

    Therefore, your threats against Iran constitute a crime against peace and may result in war crimes committed by your government and military in the future. You are conspiring to prepare and commit these crimes. As such, you will be held responsible and accountable for your actions and for the resulting atrocities.
  • wulfranoIran
    08:44, 15/03/2012
    Mr. Hillary Clinton better mind his menacing words. Iran is no patsy. Iran has ICBMs aimed directly at US soil.
  • wulfranoEnd
    08:56, 15/03/2012
    If the US attacks Iran it is the end of the line for the USA. What an ignominous way to end its worldwide imperial rule! A single iranian ICBM over the US will fry its electrical and communications grid (let alone what radioactivity will do to its citizens). Iran will not be intimidated (plus the fact that it is suicidal). Think it over Mr. Burrak Aboma! Think it over, Mr. Hillary Clinton!

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