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Transdnestr worried over Moldova, Romania military ties

Topic: Transdnestr conflict settlement

00:43 03/04/2010

Transdnestr is concerned about the strengthening of military cooperation between NATO member Romania and neutral Moldova, the foreign minister of Moldova's breakaway region said.

Moldova and Romania signed on March 29 an agreement on cooperation between their respective air forces and discussed the future development of bilateral military contacts.

"The violation of the existing balance of forces could lead to unpredictable consequences because someone would certainly want to explore the results of this military cooperation," Vladimir Yastrebchak said on Friday.

He added that military ties between Chisinau and Bucharest undermine regional stability and security.

Transdnestr has been considered a "frozen conflict" zone since a brief war in 1992, which was the culmination of tensions between Chisinau and Tiraspol following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Tensions in the region flared up shortly after four pro-Western parties ended eight years of communist rule in Moldova by forming in September last year a coalition government, which has openly supported unification with Romania and closer ties with the West.

The talks on the future of Transdnestr in the "five-plus-two" format, involving Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, Moldova, Transdnestr, with the United States and the EU as observers, have been frozen since February 2006.

Tiraspol insists on independence, and even integration with Russia, while Chisinau says it is willing only to give Transdnestr autonomy within Moldova.

TIRASPOL, April 3 (RIA Novosti)


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RIA NovostiTiraspolTransdnestr worried over Moldova, Romania military ties

00:43 03/04/2010 Transdnestr is concerned about the strengthening of military cooperation between NATO member Romania and neutral Moldova.>>

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