1/8/2014 5:46
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Western Sanctions Signal ‘New Cold War’ Against Russia, Disregard WTO - Lawmaker

Topic:Sanctions Against Russia

Announcing sanctions against Russia, the West has in fact declared a new Cold War on Moscow, while the US has ignored the WTO rules by protecting its economy and dealing a blow to Russian and European companies, a deputy speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament said Thursday.


Kiev Spending Almost $6 Mln Daily on Military Operation in Ukraine’s Southeast

Topic:Situation in the South-East of Ukraine

Ukraine Contact Group Agrees to Keep 'Safe Corridor' to MH17 Crash Site

Topic:Malaysia Airlines Boeing Crashes in Ukraine

UN's Amos Cites Lack of Electricity, Water & Sewage, Calls for Gaza Violence to Stop

Topic:Israeli-Palestinian conflict: standoff continues

Yatsenyuk Promises Financial Aid to Eastern Ukraine if Controlled by Kiev

Topic:Situation in the South-East of Ukraine

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