23/10/2014 1:42

"BrahMos" supersonic missile hits target at range of 290 km

Topic:Russia-India partnership
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The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile developed jointly by Russia and India can become invisible and evade missile defense systems of modern military ships. It attacks a target diving in an inclined position. The missile’s name is an abbreviation of two rivers, India’s Brahmaputra and Russia’s Moskva.
The joint project was completed in under three years: the first intergovernmental agreements were signed in 1998 and the first test launch of the BrahMos missile from a firing range in India took place in 2001.
The BrahMos anti-ship missile was based on the P-800 Oniks, a Russian mid-range cruise missile, alternatively named Yakhont. It has been significantly upgraded to become a supersonic modification. Indian engineers developed a new control system. The resulting missile can develop a speed three times higher than the speed of sound and has an invisibility range of up to 300 km from a target’s missile defense system.
The developers are currently testing a hypersonic version of the missile, BrahMos-II, which would be capable of achieving a speed twice as fast as the existing version.

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