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UN Security Council Approves Cross-Border Aid Delivery to Rebel-Held Areas in Syria

The situation in Syria
22:27   14/07/2014  
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  • akbarAshton is a mouthpiece for NATO
    14:34, 18/11/2011
    opposition consists of merceneries of different nations and they are organised by CIA,MI6 and Mossad.Therefore they can not even vote when the reform is taken place in Syria.Mr Lavarov,please wise up.
  • Tornado(no title)
    15:04, 26/07/2013
    The Syrian regime is illegitimate; the son Assad was brought in to replace dead father & constitution was changed to allow son leas than 40 years old at the time to become president. Early peaceful protests 2 years ago were met with brutal lethal force. Country now is almost completely destroyed.
    • living069@tornado
      12:20, 05/12/2013
      your huffing has left you puffed, you know nothing, Assad was voted in by 97 percent of the parliament, therefore he is not a dicator.


    Protests in Syria

    Syrian mass protests started in Daraa on the border with Jordan on March 18. They were prompted by the arrest of a group of school students who wrote anti-government mottos on walls. The unrest later spread to other Syrian regions.

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