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Moscow Gay Pride Banned For 100 Years

Gay pride flag
17:27 07/06/2012
MOSCOW, June 7 (RIA Novosti)
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The Moscow City Court upheld on Thursday a district court’s decision to ban gay parades in Moscow for the next 100 years, Gayrussia.ru reported.

The ban came after Moscow gay activists submitted requests on August 23, 2011, to the City Hall to hold gay rallies up until 2112. The LGBT-activists used a loophole in the law that only determines the deadline for submitting rally applications (no later than 30-45 days before the event), but does not state how far in advance events can be submitted.

Moscow City Court dismissed the requests, with the district court issuing a 100-year ban on public homosexual rallies, according to Gayrussia.ru.

After the city’s main court upheld the district court’s decision, Moscow gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev told Gayrussia.ru that he would appeal to the European Court on Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Alexeyev, the leader of GayRussia, also said on Thursday in his Twitter that he had paid the first fine for propagating homosexual "propaganda."

The activist is the first to be fined 5,000 rubles ($170) under a new local anti-gay law in St. Petersburg after he was detained for picketing outside St. Petersburg's legislature building in April in protest at what he described as the "homophobic" new law.

The legislation, which makes it illegal to "disseminate homosexual propaganda" among minors, was signed by St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko in March, making it the fourth Russian city to adopt such a ban.

Several politicians and church figures have called for the law, which sets fines of up to to 500,000 rubles ($17,000) for violations, to be passed at the federal level.

Homosexuality was only decriminalized in Russia in 1993, and anti-gay sentiments remain strong in society, including Russia's political establishment. In 2007, Former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov described attempts to hold a Gay Parade in the capital as "satanic." No Gay Parade has ever been officially permitted in Russia.


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RIA NovostiGay pride flagMoscow Gay Pride Banned For 100 Years

17:27 07/06/2012 The Moscow City Court upheld on Thursday a district court’s decision to ban gay parades in Moscow for the next 100 years, Gayrussia.ru reported.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comThe result of this ruling according to Karmic Law
    17:42, 07/06/2012
    "The Moscow City Court upheld on Thursday a district court’s decision to ban gay parades in Moscow for the next 100 years, Gayrussia.ru reported."

    The result of this ruling accordingly to karmic Spiritual Law is that ALL MEMBERS of the Moscow City Court associated with this law will be required to reincarnate as gay individuals for the 100 years while this ban is in effect.

    This also applies to all senior government officials President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medevedev who will tolerate this ban being put into effect.

    There is NO negotiation with karmic law. Prejuidice in any form is NOT tolerated and a balance must be made.

    To more about how this all works.

    Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

    Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

    Application of Impossible Things by Natalie Sudman.

    To all members of the "Moscow City Court", President Vladimir Putin, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, welcome to the Russian Gay Community in your next two life times in Russia. :))

    In this way you can all experience first hand the prejudice that you are imposing on the gay population of Moscow.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada
    • PETEPETEPETETake your baloney somewhere else...
      00:52, 08/06/2012
      Go take your "gayocrat" propaganda and your "progressive" (aka regressive) trojan-horse somewhere else. The fact that the West is spreading this dangerous mental-sexual malfunction at the same rate as they spread war, death, pain, misery, cultural/moral decadence, etc...speaks for itself.

      Take your Wall Street trojan-horses/propaganda somewhere else.

      No F*gs in the Free World because the Free World would stop being Free. F*gs are for the Enslaved World.
      • tonykeywestarnold vinette
        14:37, 11/06/2012
        karma my ass. for the rest of eternity your ass will be in flames in the lake of fire for defending this abominable sin. GOD HATES FAGS
      • drussianWell Done
        18:00, 07/06/2012
        Russia is a nation of religion, unlike the west. Russia doesn't have to tolerate gay culture from those homosexual nations in the west as its a nation far older than those with much richer culture which must be retained. This is excellent legislation by our orthodox brothers. I hope countries follow suit
      • PETEPETEPETE100?
        00:49, 08/06/2012
        It should be 10000 years at least.
      • SirkoExcellent
        09:48, 08/06/2012
        Gay Pride! My butt. Firstly the word 'gay' means happy. They have even subverted the English language. Call a spade a spade and a queer a queer. It is an aberrant sickness. They march down Yonge St. in Toronto without pants handcuffed together and other sick shit.

        The fact that the West is spreading this dangerous mental-sexual malfunction at the same rate as they spread war, death, pain, misery, cultural/moral decadence, etc...speaks for itself.

        Excellent point..!!!

        One cannot but agree with the above assessment for it has happened before in history. The decadence and fall of the Roman world was a direct result of the moral decay explained in that statement.

        It is not an accident that western governments permit and support proselytizing by homosexuals for the more debauched society becomes the easier it is to exploit people and have them vote contrary to their own interests and the interests of their children and children's children.
        • PETEPETEPETEThere is a much better and recent example...
          11:38, 08/06/2012
          Sirko...there is a much better and recent example about how homosexuality is extremely dangerous: The Nazis. Yep you read that correctly the Nazis. The core of the Nazi movement was all macho-homosexual (this type of homosexuals are called "butch"). In Nazi Germany, the only institutions who weren't dominated by homosexuals were the "regular" armed forces, army, navy and airforce (despite that fact that the psychotic homosexual Goering was the airforce leader). It's not a coincidence that the Christian-conservative dominated German "regular" armed forces were very humane and hated the SS and the Gestapo, while the homosexual-dominated SS, Gestapo and others were notorious for their brutality (all the nasty atrocities in the Russian front were committed by the SS and not the "regular" armed forces). Nazi Germany was just an attempt to recreate super-macho, anti-feminine, pederastic, homo-erotic, super-militarist ancient-Greece-and-Rome-in-their-last-decadent centuries.

          Search the excellent and unchallengeable book "The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party" (it's excellent you wont regret it) but start by going to the website "gaynazis(dot)com" (no it's not a joke).

          Those who associate homosexuality with femininity and passiveness are clearly mistaken, they have swallowed the homosexual propaganda that cleverly only shows us the slighty-feminine to very-feminine side of homosexuality.

          When i stated that it's an extremely dangerous mental-sexual illness this is based on historical facts, scientific/medical facts and a simple observation of the present.

          Everyone should read "The Pink Swastika" and encourage others to read it.
          Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
        • alexk2(no title)
          23:54, 08/06/2012
          Russian homophobia is pathetic.
          • PETEPETEPETEPride in being mentally-sexually ill?
            03:32, 09/06/2012
            Western "gayocracy" is pathetic.

            By the way, how come people with Down Syndrome are not allowed to hold such events? How come only one group of mentally ill people are allowed to hold such events?
            Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
            • SirkoHomophobia Ha...!!!!
              06:22, 09/06/2012
              "Russian homophobia is pathetic." A simplistic, nonsensical statement which panders to 'Queer' propaganda.

              Russian homophobia is pathetic.
              • Sirko"Homophobia".....A Bullshit Word.
                06:25, 09/06/2012
                "Homophobia yet another word invented by the homosexual proselytizers to subvert criticism...."homo" is Latin for 'man' and "phobia" is Greek for 'fear'. Once again as the misuse of the word 'gay' the word 'homophobia is engineered for homosexual propaganda purposes to cover up their sickness?

                No, unlike the debauched western countries there are countries in the world such as Russia which still value the nuclear family, decency and their holy faith.

                Amen to that and good for Russia...

                Make it for eternity rather than a hundred years...Also make the punishment stiff and there is no pun intended here. Their poop chutes would be happy with that, the sick idiots. Most people do not care if the queers marry a duck but keep you propaganda and your proselytizing within their wacko community do not flaunt it in our faces every damned day..
                Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
                • tonykeywestGOD HATES FAGS
                  14:38, 11/06/2012
                  PATHETIC FAG

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