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St. Petersburg Approves Fines for 'Gay Promotion'

Topic: Gay Propaganda Ban in Russia

17:18 08/02/2012
MOSCOW, February 8 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: gay rights, Russia, Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg’s city legislature approved on Wednesday a bill imposing fines up to $16,700 for the promotion of homosexuality.


It follows similar bans in the southern Astrakhan and central Ryazan and Kostroma regions in Russia.


St. Petersburg lawmakers postponed a debate on the bill in November last year after a disagreement over “legal definitions” and the amount of the fines.


Several gay rights activists were detained as they attempted to stage a protest outside the parliament building, the news website lenta.ru said.


The legislation effectively outlaws any gay pride events.


It also allows authorities to impose fines of up to 500,000 rubles ($16,700) for “public activities promoting homosexuality (sodomy and lesbianism), bisexualism and transgender identity” as well as pedophilia among minors.


The fines are 10 times higher than when the bill was first brought before the city’s legislature in November.


The authorities insist the ban is necessary to safeguard “minor’s moral and spiritual development,” but rights groups earlier warned of the slide towards legitimizing fascism.


The St. Petersburg LGBT group Coming Out said the bill was “homophobic” and aimed at diverting public attention from Russia’s “real political and social problems.”


Homosexuality was illegal in the Soviet Union and was only decriminalized by President Boris Yeltsin in 1993, but anti-gay sentiment is still widespread.


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RIA NovostiSt. Petersburg Approves Fines for 'Gay Promotion'

17:18 08/02/2012 St. Petersburg’s city legislature approved on Wednesday a bill imposing fines up to $16,700 for the promotion of homosexuality.>>

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  • free_mind50(no title)
    02:40, 10/02/2012
    what the western world achieved in decades cannot be done in Russia in days.

    United Russia must not fall into the human rights violation trap ( a condition where Russia is identified as the antithesis of so called western democratic values)-Once they do they open themselves to external attacks and it disrupts the unity of the state-even in the former soviet union there was civility, although the soviet union fell into that trap of privileged vs unprivileged by virtue of arbitrary standards.

    Russia is still dealing with a concerted onslaught against its existence as the successor to the soviet union.

    Civil discontent instigated whether it be liberal or conservative in nature is a psycho-social weapon.
    United Russia would do well to not get caught in the trap of left (liberal) vs right (conservative) ideological politics, because every Russian regardless of beliefs or political persuasion has something great to contribute to the future success of the Russia federation.

    The key is to harness the collective conscience of all Russians towards that common goal and unite the body politic. In order to do this a universal definition of what it means to be a Russian citizen in the 21st century and beyond needs to be established and the only way to do that is surveying the Russian public and agreeing on a definition of a common identity.

    Once that is a achieved, half the battle will be won and it would be near impossible to divide the country along sectarian lines and would be a slap in the face to those who would seek to carve up Russia.

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