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Sotnikova: My Free Skate Was Better Than Kim's

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03:32 22/02/2014
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SOCHI, February 21 (R-Sport) – Russia's Adelina Sotnikova said Friday that she was a worthy gold medalist in the Olympic women's figure skating after her win over Kim Yuna sparked a judging controversy.

Sotnikova, 17, a four-time Russian national champion, trailed Kim, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic gold medalist, after the short program in Sochi. She finished first after being awarded 149.95 points in the free skate despite stumbling after one jump.

Kim, from South Korea, finished five points behind after a skate without obvious mistakes. Her defeat prompted angry criticism of the international judging panel online from her fans, particularly in Korea.

Many commentators have noted, however, that Sotnikova's program involved more complex moves that earned her higher technical marks from the judges.

"I skated very well and my technical score is higher than Yuna's,” Sotnikova said. “My jumps were more complicated, especially in the second part of the cascade, rotations for the fourth level. That means I was better in technique. I skated very well.”

Sotnikova became the first Russian to win the women's competition and brought Russia its third figure skating gold of the Sochi Olympics, following the host nation's triumph in the inaugural team event and a pairs win for Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov.

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RIA NovostiSotnikova: My Free Skate Was Better Than Kim's

03:32 22/02/2014 Russia's Adelina Sotnikova said Friday that she was a worthy gold medalist in the Olympic women's figure skating after her win over Kim Yuna sparked a judging controversy.>>

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  • joancjames@gmail.comGold Medal Skating
    09:39, 22/02/2014
    No Adelina, you are a good skater with excellent technique, but skating is more than jumps. Yuna Kim can make me cry with the beauty of her performances and her jumps too are excellent. To me, the gold medal goes to the complete performance. You have much to learn yet before you reach Yuna Kim's level. The first thing you need to learn is how to be a humble winner. I hope you mature to the point where you at least learn that much.
    • gauag10(no title)
      13:54, 22/02/2014
      And probably you should learn how to accept loss rather than crying over it.
      Just to raise your knowledge.
      Kim was doing triple toe at 0.6 meters while Adelina was doing at 0.7 and 0.8 Meters.
      Wagner of US was barely doing at 0.3meters.
      One can play safe or jump high and score more.
      Making cry doesnt help. Jealousy of exceptional people!!!!!
      Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
    • gauag10No Medal in Skating
      14:14, 22/02/2014
      Before teaching a 17 year old girl.
      probably you should learn the basics of skating and how the points are given.
      Second, should also learn how to take a loss with respect and dignity instead of complaining.

      To elevate your level of education:
      The height at which triple toe is done is one of the most important factor. Kim was doing it at 0.6 meters while Adelina at 0.7 and 0.8.
      Wagner of US was doing it 0.3 meters.
      one can jump low and play safe or jump higher for better points.
      Hope this helps.
      • joancjames@gmail.com(no title)
        21:46, 22/02/2014
        @gauag10: Doesn't change my mind in the least. Adelina has a long way to go before she reaches the level of Yuna Kim...period...all the meters in the world won't change that fact.
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • chccch77Only in your head, Adelina
        06:09, 14/03/2014
        You know that a lot of mistakes were not reflected by judges.
        1. Wrong edge
        2. Full blade
        3. under-rotation
        4. two-footed landing
        Those should be at least -10 deductions.
        You are a good skater. But not as good as Yuna. That's simply the truth!

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