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Russian astronomers predict Apophis-Earth collision in 2036

Russian astronomers predict Apophis-Earth collision in 2036
19:22 26/01/2011

Russian astronomers have predicted that asteroid Apophis may strike Earth on April 13, 2036.

"Apophis will approach Earth at a distance of 37,000-38,000 kilometers on April 13, 2029. Its likely collision with Earth may occur on April 13, 2036," Professor Leonid Sokolov of the St. Petersburg State University said.

The scientist said, however, the chance of a collision in 2036 was extremely slim saying that the asteroid would likely disintegrate into smaller parts and smaller collisions with Earth could occur in the following years.

"Our task is to consider various alternatives and develop scenarios and plans of action depending on the results of further observations of Apophis," Sokolov said.

The asteroid, discovered in 2004, is considered the largest threat to our planet, although NASA scientists reduced the likelihood of a hazardous strike with Earth in 2036.

Russia's space agency announced its plans earlier to consider a project to prevent the large asteroid from colliding with Earth.

MOSCOW, January 26 (RIA Novosti)


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RIA NovostiRussian astronomers predict Apophis-Earth collision in 2036Russian astronomers predict Apophis-Earth collision in 2036

19:22 26/01/2011 Russian astronomers have predicted that asteroid Apophis may strike Earth on April 13, 2036.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comNASA thinks strike in 2036 very unlikely
    05:14, 10/02/2011
    Thursday February 9, 2011

    I have been following closely the Russian reports of a possible collision of Apophis which may strike the Earth on April 13, 2036.

    Today on February 9, 2011 NASA astronomers indicate that this is unlikely.

    Yahoo article link

    Http: // ca.news.yahoo.com / apophis-hit-earth-2036-nasa-rejects-russian-report-20110208-094604-917 . html

    Simply take out the spaces to activate this hyper link.

    Russian astronomers have predicted that asteroid Apophis may strike Earth on April 13, 2036.

    It has been known for some time that Apophis will have an opportunity to hit the Earth in either 2029 or 2036 with 2036 being the more likely date of the two.

    Asteroids hit the Earth approximately every 2,000 years or there about with major strikes every 5,000 years or so.

    The last major asteroid strike in North America was 12,000 years ago in 10,000BC. There is no crater for this particular impact as it struck and disintegrated the 2km thick ice sheet that covered what is now the area of Ontario, Canada and New York state.

    At this time the Clovis people who were inhabiting North America were wiped out along with the large mammals which included the Wholly Mammoth, horses, camels, saber tooth cats etc. No large North American mammals survived this impact event.

    The effect of this particular asteroid impact was to last for about 2,000 years or so.

    The beginning of the Mayan calendar back in 3,000BC has its origins in another asteroid multiple impact event that happened across the world at this time. This impact event also brought about the end of the Egyptian pyramid building civilization.

    Other large asteroid impacts have occurred in 2,200 BC and 2,000 BC. A Google search will reveal these events.

    So it is about time for the Earth to experience another asteroid impact event as it has been about 4,000 years that the Earth has experienced a significant impact.

    My concern however is not in either 2029 or 2036 however.

    Back on June 12, 2009, I experienced a very strong premonition of an asteroid impact occurring on August 17, 2028.

    This inbound asteroid is not Apophis but is an as yet unseen asteroid that will become visible to astronomers in 2024 around the world.

    In 2026 the trajectory of this asteroid will be determined.

    The impact site is to be in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park

    The force of the asteroid impact is going to destabilize the Yellowstone Super Caldera causing it to erupt.

    This will be the largest volcanic eruptions that mankind has ever experienced.

    Yellowstone is currently 200,000 years over due for an eruption so it is primed and ready to go.

    The combination of the asteroid strike and the Yellowstone volcanic eruption will instantly wipe out life on North America continent. The initial blast wave will be the major cause of loss of life followed by both the asteroid fallout, the volcanic fallout, and the sudden decrease in sunlight causing crops to fail both in North America and around the world. The entire food chain in the United States and Canada is to be wiped out along with reducing other crops worldwide. This is a global catastrophic event.

    The effects of this asteroid strike and super volcanic eruption will be global reducing human life from 9 billion to 1 billion on August 17, 2028.

    The effects of the double combination natural disaster will cause crops to fail for a period of 50 years due to the lack of available sunlight.

    The safest place on the Earth at the time of this disaster is Russia in an area located between Yoshkar-Ola and Kirov. This is where the asteroid fallout shelters are to be built. I have no idea why other than this is the premonition.

    A month after the premonition was received the American, Russian and Canadian governments were notified of this future impending disaster. Whether they believed it or not was up to them. It is pretty far fetched to announce the premonition of a potentially devastating asteroid strike. I certainly would not have believed it unless I had experienced it.

    In December 2009 Russia announced an asteroid intercept program. In February 2010 President Barack Obama held an asteroid impact conference with experts.

    Their primary concern was the asteroid 2029, however my own warning gave the cause added importance just in case my premonition was accurate. After all if I had had the premonition it was only natural for others to have also received the premonition.

    The disaster would not happen without warning though.

    The incoming 2028 asteroid would be spotted in the year 2024.

    In the year 2026 the impact site would be confirmed based on orbital evidence and calculations.

    This inbound asteroid is not associated with asteroid 2029 that has recently been plotted for an Earth impact in 2036 by Russian astronomers.

    The asteroid of 2028 comes from outside the solar system and is not yet known to astronomers to my knowledge.

    Since I have had this premonition I have been doing research into asteroid impacts, specifically the asteroid impact of 12,000 years ago in 10,000BC that also struck the North American continent, wiped out the Clovis people, mastodons and other large mammals living at that time.

    The effect of this asteroid impact in 10,000BC on the North American continent was felt for a good 2,000 years after the event and so based on this evidence it is unrealistic that my premonition of an asteroid impact will only have a 50 year influence on crops.

    So what else could I have foreseen in the premonition?

    My premonition occurred on Friday June 12, 2009 while on CalTrains traveling from Sunnyvale to San Francisco California. I was going biking from the train station at 4th Street to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. It was a regular event I did every Friday for fun, photography and exercise. On the train, I experienced a very extreme and serious premonition.

    The premonition came right out of the blue while I was looking out the window at the scenery passing by. What I experienced can only be described as an emotional wave that something extremely terrible had just happened. It was as if in an instant hundreds of millions of lives had instantly ceased to exist and the terror and surprise of the moment was so great that the emotional wave was sent through time.

    That is what I felt on June 12, 2009 for a brief moment in the afternoon on the train.

    I had a pen, paper and clipboard handy and wrote everything down.

    As a general rule I do not get doomsday premonitions. In fact until June 12, 2009 I had never gotten one. Nor have I gotten one since.

    And what was even more unusual about this premonition was that I had a specific date and time, plus information on two other date events. The spotting of the asteroid in 2024 and its impact confirmation in 2026.

    In my 47 years I have experienced about 7 premonitions that have come true. Neither of these premonitions came with a specific date or a place. Rather there was a feeling that something was going to happen that would affect my life in a very specific way in the near future. Of these premonitions each one has come true.

    Based on my previous experience, I took this disaster premonition very seriously and wrote it down while I was still on the train. The experience has not repeated itself.

    So what did I feel on CalTrains on June 12, 2009? Was it a real future event or something else?

    On November 12, 2009, the disaster movie 2012 was released which included the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Caldera. When I saw the movie 2012 on November 12, 2009, I simply could not believe that I was seeing the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Caldera. It was too close to my own premonition experience with the same disaster sweeping over the United States.

    In my own premonition however the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Caldera is much worse as it is induced by a nearby asteroid impact. 50 to 100 times worse is my recollection after seeing the film. The on screen eruption of the Yellowstone Super Caldera is just too small.

    So who knows if the premonition I saw was the disaster movie 2012 or the real future event on August 17, 2028.

    What I do know is that premonition events are real and people all over the world experience them on a daily basis.

    It is unknown how premonitions work but it could be that the nature of neural brain activity is trans-dimensional, meaning that if the electrical neural signals are strong and intense enough they can travel both forwards and backwards in time. Electrical neural signals sent forward in time are perceived as flash back memory events. Electrical neural signals sent backwards in time are perceived as premonition events. Flash back memories and premonitions are the same phenomenon at work.

    There is a very interesting Hollywood movie called “Premonition” that documents in its extras section several true and documented premonition events that people have had. I recently saw this movie in late 2010 and it sent chills down my spine.

    Knowing that other people have the same capability that I have, means that the ability to experience both premonitions and flashback memories is a natural condition of the human brain.

    Meaning that we all have the ability to time travel both forwards and backwards in time, in some of the thoughts we experience.

    So Apophis may strike Earth on April 13, 2036 as predicted by Russian astronomers.

    However I firmly believe that there is a much more serious threat looming on August 17, 2028.

    This premonition will have two dates that are required for it to come true. Spotting the new inbound asteroid in 2024. And then confirming its impact site in 2026.

    A premonition is nothing more than a feeling that a future event will take place by an individual and nothing more. It does not mean the event will happen, but that there is a strong likely hood.

    This premonition has been published and is verifiable.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

    Recently released information on the asteroid Apophis of 2029 and 2036.


    http: // ca.news.yahoo.com / apophis-hit-earth-2036-nasa-rejects-russian-report-20110208-094604-917 . html

    In 2004, NASA scientists announced that there was a chance that Apophis, an asteroid larger than two football fields, could smash into Earth in 2029. A few additional observations and some number-crunching later, astronomers noted that the chance of the planet-killer hitting Earth in 2029 was nearly zilch.

    Now, reports out of Russia say that scientists there estimate Apophis will collide with Earth on April 13, 2036. These reports conflict on the probability of such a doomsday event, but the question remains: How scared should we be?

    “Technically, they’re correct, there is a chance in 2036 [that Apophis will hit Earth]," said Donald Yeomans, head of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office. However, that chance is just 1-in-250,000, Yeomans said.

    The Russian scientists are basing their predictions of a collision on the chance that the 900-foot-long (270 meters) Apophis will travel through what’s called a gravitational keyhole as it passes by Earth in 2029. The gravitational keyhole they mention is a precise region in space, only slightly larger than the asteroid itself, in which the effect of Earth's gravity is such that it could tweak Apophis' path.

    “The situation is that in 2029, April 13, [Apophis] flies very close to the Earth, within five Earth radii, so that will be quite an event, but we’ve already ruled out the possibility of it hitting at that time,” Yeomans told Life’s Little Mysteries. “On the other hand, if it goes through what we call a keyhole during that close Earth approach … then it will indeed be perturbed just right so that it will come back and smack Earth on April 13, 2036,” Yeomans said.

    The chances of the asteroid going through the keyhole, which is tiny compared to the asteroid, are “minuscule,” Yeomans added.

    The more likely scenario is this: Apophis will make a fairly close approach to Earth in late 2012 and early 2013, and will be extensively observed with ground-based optical telescopes and radar systems. If it seems to be heading on a destructive path, NASA will devise the scheme and machinery necessary to change the asteroid’s orbit, decreasing the probability of a collision in 2036 to zero, Yeomans said.

    There are several ways to change an asteroid’s orbit, the simplest of which is to run a spacecraft into the hurtling rock. This technology was used on July 4, 2005, when Deep Impact smashed into the comet Tempel 1.

    This story was provided by Life's Little Mysteries, a sister site of SPACE.com.

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