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Putin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – Poll

Putin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – Poll
17:21 26/03/2014
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MOSCOW, March 26 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval rating has reached 80 percent, with a majority of Russians saying the country is heading in the right direction, an independent pollster said Wednesday.

A poll by the Levada Center said public support for the Russian leader rose by 8 percent since Putin delivered an address to parliament on Crimea before the predominantly Russian-speaking region rejoined Russia last week.

Levada said Putin's approval rating peaked at 85 percent in spring 2008, when Dmitry Medvedev, now prime minister, succeeded him as president.

Another poll by Levada last week said a majority of Russians believe their country is a great power and an important player in the international arena.

Some 63 percent of respondents said modern Russia has regained the status of a superpower, the highest level in the history of the poll, conducted by the Levada Center since the 2000s.

Putin was named International Person of the Year by Britain's The Times newspaper in December, for succeeding in his ambition of reestablishing Moscow as a critical player in solving international problems.

According to the poll released Wednesday, only 18 percent of respondents did not approve of Putin's performance as president.

The survey was conducted March 21-24 among 1,600 respondents across 130 cities in Russia. The statistical margin of error was 3.4 percent.

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RIA NovostiPutin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – PollPutin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – Poll

17:21 26/03/2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval rating has reached 80 percent, with a majority of Russians saying the country is heading in the right direction, an independent pollster said Wednesday.>>

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  • sasha74I'm no Russian...
    17:31, 26/03/2014
    ...so I guess it doesn't count much... but I support the Man 100% aswell... Way to go!!!
  • PR101Putin has provided
    19:55, 26/03/2014
    a "feel good" moment for most Russians with the Crimea anschluss, something Russians' haven't had for decades. So, the poll outcome is not surprising. Conduct the poll a year from now and let us know the result.
    • sasha74say PR... we meet again...
      07:33, 27/03/2014
      So... gotta ask you one thing... you're not of slavic origins, right? I ask because all around nowadays we see terms like nationalism, cheap thrill patriotism like the one they condition the americans to from their earliest days in kindergarten... but there aren't many mentions of something somewhat typical to orthodox slavs... it's called national pride... 100% true and true national pride... if you're not one of us you can't possibly understand what that is... and that, my friend, is Putin's gift for millions of us these days... and in the current situation it's worth more then gold to us...
    • agnesmariaIntegrity and consistency...
      20:29, 26/03/2014
      ...are recognised by people. Among the logical and reasonable of the entire world, approval for Putin is very high right now for that very reason. Then there are many silly and fanatical supporters (fans) as well. Their appreciation may at times be nothing but pride, patriotism and prejudiced adulation. I sugget appealing to the logical, reasonable part of the population through genuine sound governance, and not to the whimsy of the fans, who will support anything You do. Ratings are unreliable for the fact that any number of individuals may be for or against You for any number of solid or unscrupulous reasons. Examine what is liked, exactly, why and by whom, and build a strong support base on the highest standards. Never settle for less, and the best will support You for the best reasons. All success and good fortune to You and Yours. With respect.
    • bielecFollow up is needed
      02:34, 27/03/2014
      Russia should now undertake decisive steps to promote and introduce new types of international crimes. We often hear that some of the rights are outdated and need to be modified. It is also obvious that some of the crimes need to be updated a.s.a.p.

      We already have crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and many other UN resolutions establishing various "political" and "military" crimes. It is now time to introduce the following:

      1. Crime against sovereignty - will include all forms of foreign intervention into internal matters of sovereign states, for example, financial, military, ideological, economical, and political pressure.

      2. Crime against self-determination - will include all forms of pressure exerted by the media, governments, and other power houses aimed at denying people the right to self-determination, as defined by International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

      3. Crime against democracy - will include all kinds of propaganda, lies, partial truths, and hypocrisy aimed at brainwashing and manipulating public opinion. Meaningful democracy requires that people make informed choices - and this is only possible when media and politicians share objective information and cover all angles and all points of view on every topic. One-sided propaganda kills democracy.

      Also, the concepts of crime against peace, crime against humanity, and war crime should be updated to include the use of non-state actors such as terrorists, private mercenaries, and prolonged occupation measures. Related rights (for example rights of the refugees) should be reaffirmed.
    • zerstorenPresident Putin's the man!
      03:35, 27/03/2014
      Greg Hodges

      San Diego, California
    • klsar1Russia Won the Cold War
      12:26, 27/03/2014
      Ever since the cold war ended, USA has become the most hated nation on earth. It has far more enemies than other nations, it is now the biggest debtor in the world, and it is the target of all terrorists.

      You lost the cold war, America. Nobody likes you.
    • daruka1947@hotmail.comObomber
      15:36, 27/03/2014
      3 airplanes, 45 cars, 900 people but the USA is crumbling bridges and roads and lots of homeless people.
    • Mikhail1228The Loyal Col. Orthodox Tsar
      22:32, 27/03/2014
      I am an American of Kuban Cossack ancestry. Putin is the best leader the world has. He is strong, confident, intelligent. A real man of integrity that cannot and will not be bullied. He stands firm for traditional marriage, family and for the Orthodox Christian Faith. He should be consecrated by the Holy Church as Tsar!
    • TheRussianHere's Why? The Russian Media Needs To Communicate - American News!
      03:01, 28/03/2014

      Here's why ...

      Help educate the American people instead of the bias of mainstream talk show hosts!

      Mr. President Vladimir Putin? please helping prove the reason of support your cause proving the position in Crimea!

      Fighting the radicals and strong hold Ukrainian militia groups that threatened the safety of the Russian speaking people!

      They forget about Bosnia and the Bolshevik Republic - that put Saladin milsoviec in power during the Clinton administration back in the 1990's.

      Most people?

      The American mainstream media [refuses to talk about past history of former political figures] they are quick to forget!!

      The truth in history is very distorted about their facts and have little or none when it comes to knowledge about Russia as a country and Russian culture!

      Fascist agenda! Who backs these people?

      who created AL Qaeda?

      CIA - M15 ; of the British intelligence started in Langley!

      Yet Russia troops still helped America fight the war in Afghanistan!

      Then what thanks??


      The Euro Dollar - UK - and Herman Van Rompuy all tied to the Bilderberg groups!

      FIGHT OPRESSION - and defend the truth in history!
    • TheRussianTHE RIFT - between Vladimir Putin and Hilary Rodham Clinton .... what you need to know!
      05:35, 28/03/2014
      What the Mainstream Media won't talk about today?

      THE CLINTON ERA Politics!

      His trying to force the EU and NAFTA Down their throats!

      f600,000 died as people in direct result of his meddling foreign policy!

      Personal ties and mutual trade investments. By Herman Van Rompuy. , and the Bilderberg Financial Groups - and GE - ironically is the very the owner of American CNN - NBC News networks!


      Then you decide?

      Today, 2 people - deaths reported - Crimea. , but what about Benghazi?

      Christopher Stevens, is among four Americans killed in an attack on the US consulate, and testimonies given about them prior to their deaths.

      Similar, Charles Meissner, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy., was murdered after trip on the way back from Bosnia.

      Bosnia - and Kosovo!

      I truly feel sorry for those people in Bosnia - now - today - they still hate Americans!


      Who put these people in power the united states and we are responsible for the wars in the middle east?

      Yugo Auto Corporation- penny stock exchange., being built in several countries in a NAFTA - trade compact after the end of operation desert storm.

      Saddam Hussein - and Saladin Milsoviec?

      Al Qaeda?

      Langley - trained by the CIA and M15 British Intelligence!

      We have only ourselves to blame and we need to fix our own problems before trying to start another war in yet another country!

      FACT: Russia - stepped up to the plate and resolved matters in Syria and Afghanistan wars!


      I am wondering why we paint our leaders like [Slick Willy] a well known fact known he was a habitual liar, and always kept America people in the dark!!

      FACT: several psychologists AT his trial involving Monica Lewinsky - declared that he was mentally ill and possibly trained to believe the lies he told.


      The Clinton's on trial., perjury, and their testimony.

      Bill Clinton? IF - he wasn't the president at the time? he was a normal everyday guy? He would had been sentenced to prison as a sexual deviant!

      Linda Tripp - she also claimed to sexual harassment and attempted rape!?

      Paula jones ... amongst the many others!


      Ask Ronald Brown - or Ed Willy - they were murdered?

      He had several important documents [Janet Reno] linked to the white water investigation - don't forget about death James MacDougal, Clinton's personal long term friend.

      Barbra Wise?

      She was found half naked; and she had been sexually assaulted, dead at the US Pentagon.

      Paul Wilcher, Washington attorney investigating gun running out of Mena, Arkansas.

      That right they were killed amongst "several other people," that [could had testified] knew of their president's political exploits!

      Why is the MAINSTREAM trying to cover up his past history always wound up dead!

      Isn't that suspicious?

      Why, THEY ALWAYS DIED IN PLANE CRASHES and the CIA - cover ups in Presidential Scandals - not to mention fast n furious!!

      The explosion's aboard the aircraft?

      Bill and Hilary Clinton as hero's in the mainstream media - as Hero's?


      Adding to that list:

      Border patrol agent: December of 2011, for example, the administration was forced to release more than 1,300 pages of documents related to the gun-trafficking program. The subpoenaed records revealed frantic e-mail communications between senior officials about how vigorously to defend the operation, as well as concerns about the veracity of some of the proposed defenses.


      The documents showed that DOJ officials were worried that if the administration were to cooperate with the congressional investigation, Congress would press for even more information

      White Water Investigations -

      The Gun and Drug Running out of Arkansas??

      How it is all possibly tied to [FAST N FURIOUS] trying to cover up the political past of people [including, perjury, by Eric Holder, stating if he were to testify ; where as it could be very incriminating to other State and head officials with the pentagon!

      Whom were in already in office and their Presidential Bid 2016!


      How can Hilary Clinton defend herself; and these scandal's, after everything, their history, how could anyone want her as a president and her truth telling style throughout her career.
    • RabbitnexusIdiot count standard
      10:00, 28/03/2014
      Interesting that the number of Russians who dissaprove of Putin's leadership equals the sort of numbers of complete idiots who are found when a lowest common denominator is identifiable.
    • aldebaran68Horosho!
      17:31, 30/03/2014
      I should jolly well think so!

      He wouldn't get a bad rating in the West, if you asked people to compatre him to Obama?Cameron etc.
      At least he's a Warrior, not a wimp like our lot...

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