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Putin Condemns Ukraine Protests as 'Pogroms'

Topic: Pro-EU Protests Erupt in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin
20:42 02/12/2013
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YEREVAN, December 2 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that events unfolding in Ukraine should not be described as a revolution, but were rather more reminiscent of a “pogrom.”

The Russian leader said ongoing mass demonstrations were unrelated to Ukraine’s recent decision to pull back from signing a series of landmark deals for closer economic integration with the EU.

“This internal political process is an attempt by the opposition to destabilize the existing legitimate rule in the country,” Putin said during a visit to the former Soviet nation of Armenia.

The remarks come amid growing public irritation among Kremlin officials over suggestions that Ukraine reversed course on its plans with the EU under pressure from Russia.

On Monday evening, crowds at Kiev’s central Independence Square continued to swell as demonstrators reinforced barricades around the space that served as the focal point of the Orange Revolution of 2004-2005. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the center of the city Sunday in a mainly peaceful rally, although there were ugly scenes of violence when police clashed with mobs seeking to storm the presidential administration building.

The protests that began on November 21, ostensibly over cancellation of the EU pacts that had been due for signing last week, have increasingly been focused on demands for the government to be dissolved and the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Putin said what was happening in Kiev betrayed signs of a long-prepared strategy.

“These actions are, in my opinion, prepared not in view of current events, but for the 2015 election campaign,” Putin said.

Yanukovych was narrowly elected to the a five-year presidential term in February 2010.

The Ukrainian government’s decision to suspend preparations for the EU association agreements has been widely read as a victorious outcome for the Kremlin and its efforts to keep its former Soviet neighbor within its economic orbit.

Russia has been openly lobbying for other economically struggling former Soviet nations, such as Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, to join the Customs Union trade bloc, which some view as an exercise by Moscow at reasserting regional influence.

But Ukraine has generally played it cool over such initiatives, viewing them as an attempt to undermine its sovereignty.

While Putin has insisted that no pressure was being applied to Ukraine, Kremlin officials have openly threatened Ukraine in the past that an EU trade deal would preface trade embargoes.

Earlier this year, Russia cited hygiene concerns when it slapped an import ban on the products of a major Ukrainian major candy maker that provides work for thousands of people.

In October, Russia’s state-run energy giant Gazprom complained that Ukraine had not settled an $882 million unpaid natural gas bill for August and warned that it could in future begin demanding advance payment for the fuel.

That prompted Ukraine to announce it would stop buying Russian gas until the end of the year, which raised the specter of a possible halt of deliveries to Western Europe, only for Kiev to back down a few days later.


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RIA NovostiRussian President Vladimir PutinPutin Condemns Ukraine Protests as 'Pogroms'

20:42 02/12/2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that events unfolding in Ukraine should not be described as a revolution, but were rather more reminiscent of a “pogrom.”>>

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  • frank0756@mail.ruWestern shame.
    22:26, 02/12/2013
    Once I had been keen to believe Western Countries were able to provide the world with great values and ideals like freedom, democracy and free market but in these last years I noticed how much USA and EU are just carrying out with plenty of hypocrisy a geopolitical project to hurt Russia and press its neighbours to distance themselves from the former. As far as I know Ukraine has more to lose to join the agreement proposal of EU than to join the Custom Union and certainly there are more historical, cultural, linguistic and religious ties between the two ex Soviet Nations that with Western Europe but Western press is just deeply involved to deal with a fake propaganda again Russian and Yanukovych. Yes I agree what is happening in Kiev is not a revolution against an undemocratic regime but something like pogroms and I myself as a Westerner am deeply ashamed our Western leaders have chosen lies as a main mains of their foreign policies.
    Franco Minetto - Italy
  • Mikhail1228Pogrom
    00:33, 03/12/2013
    Young Ukrainian protesters have no clue what they are protesting about. Most believe that Ukraine was entering the EU as a full member and the government stopped it. The EU was NOT offering full membership to Ukraine. The EU wanted to open markets with Ukraine and to be able to use their land as a precursor to full EU membership. The EU needs to send garbage (refuse) and to bury dangerous industrial materials in landfills built on Ukraine’s soil. These protesting young Ukrainians are under the false impression that had this deal gone through they would have had their educations paid for by the EU and that the EU countries of Western Europe would welcome them with open arms. A big NOT to both!! As anyone whom reads knows, the EU countries are angry with migrants. It doesn’t matter where the migrants come from they don’t want them anymore. People in France, Italy and Spain don’t want migrant Ukrainians roaming their streets looking for jobs and benefits. The streets of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece are flooded with young people protesting austerity and being in the EU.

    What these young protesters don’t know is that opening up the Ukrainian market to the EU will have a devastating effect on Ukrainian business and producers. Ukrainian products cannot compete with Western commodities. Ukrainian consumers will immediately start purchasing better quality EU products. The Ukrainian consumers will be overjoyed with their purchases. The Ukrainian consumers will leave many Ukrainian businesses with financial insecurity and, eventually in shutdown, economic collapse and total ruin. Then these Ukrainian consumers buying EU goods will lose their jobs and won’t be able to afford anything. Ukraine will be in the same economic condition as Greece. Last Tuesday’s Drudge Report had a story about Greeks inflicting themselves with HIV/AIDS to get more benefits due to the economy.

    These young protesters are being fed lies. President Putin said, “This internal political process is an attempt by the opposition to destabilize the existing legitimate rule in the country.”

    When Ukraine is in the same condition as Greece will the US help them economically? Of course not.
    The Greek lobby in the US is powerful. How much aid is the US giving to Greece? Right now Western European industry needs Ukraine as their new garbage dump. They also need Ukrainian resources. The EU countries will not pay to put young Ukrainians through school and doesn’t want any more jobless foreign migrants roaming their streets. Seventy percent of people in the EU are fed up with austerity and want out of the EU.

    And these young protesting boneheads want in!!
  • rjz0220@gmail.com(no title)
    01:03, 03/12/2013
    It seems to me that Western Powers will resort to utilizing its resources to incite this kind of unproductive response from a limited minority in order to make the point that you play with us or we will disrupt the peace in your country. This is BULLYING on a global level.
    • rationalamericanA limited minority?
      04:42, 03/12/2013
      One hundred thousand, that's 100,000 people protested in Kiev, the largest protest since the Orange Revolution and there are talks of a nation wide strike. I hardly call it a minority.

      The west had nothing to do with these protests, the president waited until the last possible minute to cancel the deal so that the parliament couldn't protest the decision. Whether or not it would have been detrimental to Ukraine it was heavily supported by the populous and canceled in a very dishonest manner. That is what they are angry about, the only person that incited this was Viktor Yanukovych.

      Blaming everything on a perceived boogeyman called rather abstractly as "The West" is not only closed minded but ridiculous.

      As an American I do not dream of Russia's destruction and the same can be said for most of my countrymen. The only ill will I feel for another nation is China for its part in helping to weaken America's general industrial capabilities.
      Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
    • Wolfgang9To that "RationalAmerican"
      18:22, 03/12/2013
      Somewhere I read that self praising stinks to others. The simple fact is that Germany on the behalf of NATO, especially the USA, and its European runners in Brussels, is now involved into another color revolution near the borders of Russia. And you are either not knowing it right (since I know that people in the US are seldom told the truth in the media, I have been living there more than 20 years and know how dumb and uniformed most Americans are) or you just try to spread your misty ideology at the behalf of your Bosses. Just red here:


      We in Germany know very well who is infiltrating the Ukraine and to whose behalf. We see Klitschk(l)o who is living in hamburg. The entire uprising is directed from European powers and not to the good of the Ukraine but to the bad of Russia. This is ALL just another attack of Russia and W. Putin! The interests of the Ukraine are in all of this pretty unimportant to EU Politicians!
      • Wolfgang9To that "RationalAmerican"
        20:46, 03/12/2013
        To clarify some of my sentences:
        My first sentence was directed toward your name "RationalAmerican". Are you the only one?


        the Swiss media reports how the German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) has paid for Klitschk(l)os party and so for the Demonstrations. The KAS is what the think of themselves, the Think tank of the German CDU. I know the KAS has bailed out TWICE one of their pedophile speakers, once in Hannover and once in Brasilia! And I have published about that.
        In my opinion, this KAS is just some corrupt human trash!
        • rationalamericanSome clarification
          22:02, 03/12/2013
          Worldwide there is an issue of bias in the media, not just in the US. Just look at that trash heap Russia Today, it is as much a disgrace to journalism as FOX News is. I review the news from several reputable sites including this one and look for discrepancies between them to determine factual reporting of events.

          I am highly insulted that you would insinuate that I am some agent of corruption working on behalf of the US government. I am here to promote rational thinking and logical conversation, and to denounce the evils of radicalism and irrational hatred toward religions, nations and races here on RIA Novosti.

          I am also not opposed to considering ideas that might I find opposing at the time. For example Russia has all the right to enact a foreign agents law as the US has had the FARA (Foreign Agents Registry Act) enacted since 1938.

          And indeed after reviewing multiple stories I have come to the conclusion that President Yanukovych was right to cancel the deal as it would have hurt the Ukrainian economy.

          However that does not excuse the fact that that President Yanukovych executed the cancellation VERY VERY poorly.
          Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
        • Panthera Pardusif you want to see what EU is just check out
          21:35, 03/12/2013
          Italy, Legge di Stabilita' and Olli Rehn, the heuschrecke who comes to yank the chains: "more austerity" the master command to the slaves (in this case Italians) - the local sub-master (Letta) set up a defense of the lines that the slaves have been floogged enough.

          Bulding the Pyramids for the Pharaons and Living to Pay Taxes in the EU will be soon very similar.

          And someone in Kiev is really protesting to enter this mess?? they must have been paid to protest

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