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Russian Police Open Case Against Scrotum-Nailing Artist

Pyotr Pavlensky
09:55 15/11/2013
Tags: Pussy Riot, Red Square, police, Hooliganism, Pyotr Pavlensky, Kirill Serebrennikov, Moscow

MOSCOW, November 15 (RIA Novosti) – Police have opened a criminal case against a Russian performance artist who awed and horrified people around the world last week when he nailed his scrotum to the cobblestones in Moscow’s Red Square.

Pyotr Pavlensky is being investigated for hooliganism, Moscow’s Interior Ministry said Friday, and is currently under orders not to leave the area.

Police are investigating the St. Petersburg-based artist under the article in Russia's Criminal Code that penalizes disorderly conduct on the grounds of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or hostility toward a particular social group, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Pavlensky spent a reported 90 minutes on November 10 sitting naked on the ground near Lenin’s mausoleum, gazing steadily down at his crucified genitals in a performance he titled “Nail.”

This is the police’s second attempt to press charges against the artist over the stunt. After detaining and briefly hospitalizing him Sunday, police asked a Moscow judge the next day to charge him with petty hooliganism. The judge ruled that the police documents didn’t show Pavlensky had committed a crime.

Pavlensky was largely lauded by the international artistic community for his performance, which he said was a protest against apathy and political indifference in Russian society. Eminent Russian theater director Kirill Serebrennikov called the scrotum-nailing “a powerful gesture of absolute despair.”

In the past, Pavlensky has repeatedly used self-mutilation as an artistic medium for politically-themed expression. Last year, he sewed his mouth shut to express solidarity with jailed members of the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot, and in May he wrapped his naked body in barbed wire outside the parliament building in St. Petersburg to protest what he called Russia’s repressive regime.


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RIA NovostiPyotr PavlenskyRussian Police Open Case Against Scrotum-Nailing Artist

09:55 15/11/2013 Police have opened a criminal case against a Russian performance artist who awed and horrified people around the world last week when he nailed his scrotum to the cobblestones in Moscow’s Red Square.>>

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  • mythoslightYawn. And there you have it...
    12:53, 15/11/2013
    ...yet another ridiculous looser on Soros & McFaul´s payroll added to the list, together with the alleged "artists" "punkrockers" or whatever, Pussy Riot, Femen and Greenpeace (the Dutch Arctic hippie squad). An alleged and all-of-a-sudden "artist" unknown to the Russians but about to have his 5 minutes of fame in the west, expect Madonna, Sir Pothead (McCartney) and the rest to rush out on their regimes order in support.

    If you don´t have the b*lls, at least nail the sack to the ground or just anything more depraved and degenerated than the previous act, and Soros will pay. The west and their "philanthropists" do have a record of similar failed attempts of regime change, the short colour revolution, the new rich brat-marches in Moscow and these short-lived "artist" (for a fistful of dollars).
  • R.Deus-von HomeyerRE: Mental ilness
    19:35, 16/11/2013
    My dearest Myphoslight,
    it seams this man is mentally sick.

    Nobody here,in the West talked about him...NOT on TV or on radia or on Yahoo news. In my opinion it is a "Träumerei" of the journalists on this web page.

    And do not believe everything what newspapers or other sources are writing...NOT everything is gold what shines.

    Also here,in the West ot in USA somebody will be charged with disorderly behaviour or DISTURBANCE of the piblic order,if s/he sits in a public place completelly naked.

    Believe me...I studied Law(pravo) in Germany and in USA...Rosie Deus von Homeyer on Facebook.

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