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‘Starving’ Vegan, 2 More Greenpeace Activists Denied Bail in Russia

19:52 21/10/2013
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MOSCOW, October 21 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian court denied bail Monday to three more Greenpeace activists detained on piracy charges, including a vegan who, her lawyer claims, is “starving” in custody.

Sini Saarela from Finland, Swiss native Marco Weber and Polish citizen Tomasz Dziemianczuk are to remain in pretrial detention until November 24, Greenpeace said on Twitter.

The ruling of the Murmansk Region Court in northern Russia came despite a claim by Saarela’s lawyer, cited by Ekho Moskvy radio, that prison authorities are failing to cater to the vegan activist’s dietary needs.

Saarela has no thyroid gland, but no mention was made of whether that condition also necessitated any special dietary requirements.

Neither Greenpeace nor the Federal Prison Service had any immediate comment Monday on Saarela’s alleged dietary problems.

Russian authorities detained a Greenpeace icebreaker in mid-September and charged all 30 people on board with piracy after activists tried to scale an oil rig in the Russian Arctic in protest against offshore drilling in the region.

The alleged pirates, who represent 18 different countries, are currently in pretrial detention. All have appealed, asking to be released on bail, but no appeals have been granted so far. If found guilty, they face up to 15 years in prison.

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RIA NovostiSini Saarela‘Starving’ Vegan, 2 More Greenpeace Activists Denied Bail in Russia

19:52 21/10/2013 A Russian court denied bail Monday to three more Greenpeace activists detained on piracy charges, including a vegan who, her lawyer claims, is “starving” in custody.>>

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  • LoluGreenpeace
    00:46, 22/10/2013
    As soon as Greenpeace guys appeared in prison they all pretend to be sick. They were not sick when going to Arctic and when committed their crimes, though.
    This vegan lady tomorrow would say she eats lobsters only and demand lobsters in prison.
    In jail all people are equal and thus all are given the same food.
    Greenpeace violated the Russian and international laws and should be liable for what they have done.
  • sandra bell(no title)
    03:52, 23/10/2013
    Lolu, what a silly post. Do you really think these activists are criminals? They care more about Mother Earth than most everyone else who is living off the fat of the land and exploiting our home for profit. They have risked their freedom to stand up against the real criminals. These prisoners need to be fed something they can eat. And NO they don't eat lobsters or anything else that has eyes and feels pain. Horrid laws, made by money-grubbing neanderthals are meant to be broken. Slavery was lawful at one time. It took enlightened, courageous individuals to stand up against that atrocity too. I say, let these environmental protectors go. At the very least, give them some potatoes and greens.
    • LoluFor sandra
      16:33, 23/10/2013
      looking at the photo of this starving lady I cannot say she is really starving. Looks like she is smiling. So, it is more about publicity rather than actual facts.
      yes, these so called activists are crimianls because they breached the law. Tomorrow they may start killing people in a protest against oil drilling or anything else because these guys cannot see a stop line, i.e. what is allowed and what is not. Soeone has to stop them.
      Spending some time in prison is a good thing for any criminal, including them.
      Finally, all people are EQUAL in prisons and eat same food, sit in same cells and sleep same times. Therefore, no lobsters, they ahve to eat what the others eat.
      Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
    • LoluGreenpeace evolve from protests to criminals
      08:50, 25/10/2013
      sandra, the best evidence of Greenpeace going more and more violent is this discussion in the Internet
      where a Greenpeace activist Paul Richards threatens his opponent during a discussion. The activist says the words
      “Can only recommend stepping off this line of thought. Because if this series of public digital records of your comments is ever tied to a real person it could have serious consequences”
      This is a real threat.
      This clearly proves that Greenpeace has evolved from peaceful demonstrations in the past to current violent protests and they are gonna move forward and threaten people who do not share their views.
      I am just wondering what the next steps in Greenpeace’s behaviour would be? I am sure they would be ready to kill someone in a protest and then say it was done to protect the environment.
      Greenpeace cannot draw the line and understand what is allowed and what is not. They are gradually evolving from peaceful protesters to criminals and murderers in future.
      This sort of publicity really proves that Greenpeace are lying when declaring protests and intentions as peaceful. They are ready to reach their goal by whatever means, including via threatening people at open web-forums and I am sure their methods would evolve further and become more and more violent.

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