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Russia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at Olympics

Topic: Gay Propaganda Ban in Russia

Russia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at Olympics
19:41 12/08/2013
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MOSCOW, August 12 (R-Sport) – Russia's Interior Ministry, which controls the police force, confirmed Monday that the country's controversial anti-gay law will be enforced during the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Confusion has reigned over how the country intends to act during the February 7-23 Winter Games after President Vladimir Putin signed legislation in June that bans the promotion of homosexuality to minors.

The International Olympic Committee first claimed it had received assurances from top government officials that Sochi 2014 athletes and guests will not be affected, prompting Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko to insist no one is exempt from the law.

"The law enforcement agencies can have no qualms with people who harbor a nontraditional sexual orientation and do not commit such acts [to promote homosexuality to minors], do not conduct any kind of provocation and take part in the Olympics peacefully," said an Interior Ministry statement issued on Monday.

It warned against this approach being mixed up with discrimination against gay people.

"Any discussion on violating the rights of representatives of nontraditional sexual orientations, stopping them from taking part in the Olympic Games or discrimination of athletes and guests of the Olympics according to their sexual orientation is totally unfounded and contrived," the statement added.

The head of Russia's National Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov stated it plainly.

"If a person does not put across his views in the presence of children, no measures against him can be taken," Zhukov said. "People of nontraditional sexual orientations can take part in the competitions and all other events at the Games unhindered, without any fear for their safety whatsoever."

Many have raised concerns about the vague definition of promoting homosexuality to minors.

IOC president Jacques Rogge said last week he would ask for clarification on the issue before his organization takes a stance.

Some gay advocacy groups backed by public figures such as British writer and TV star Stephen Fry have called for a boycott of the Games, though world leaders including US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have insisted it's the wrong way to tackle the issue.

Updated with Zhukov quote.

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RIA NovostiRussia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at OlympicsRussia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at Olympics

19:41 12/08/2013 Russia's Interior Ministry, which controls the police force, confirmed Monday that the country's controversial anti-gay law will be enforced during the Sochi 2014 Olympics.>>

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  • Mikhail1228Our leaders
    19:13, 12/08/2013
    All of this criticism is ludicrous. Who in their right minds wants their little children exposed to this gay crap? Why do they have to hear about it and why does it need to be promoted to them? I have to laud President Putin for having the balls to stand up against this gay shit and for standing up for traditional families, children and Christianity! Too bad our leaders in the US are too spineless to do the same!!
    • ValSGood Law
      20:12, 12/08/2013
      ..I agree, the laws made to protect children from perversion are good, GREAT laws. Children are too young and innocent and do not need to learn about homosexuality or any of the sexuality from those who promote such lifestyle choices. The laws are made to keep the children's minds pure and safe from such influences.
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    • rocknroll@austin.rr.comTo be expected
      00:20, 13/08/2013
      Unfortunately, violations of human rights will happen with uneducated people. I think Russia will be disappointed in the results of this immature bullying. Gays and lesbians are far too sophisticated and educated to fall for this shaming tactic.
    • moistWhy so afraid?...
      10:40, 13/08/2013
      ...If you are a Sexual/"gay"/sodomite athlete in Sochi, no problem. If your intention however, is to flash your genitals and simulate depraved perversities in public and spread this to Russian children, stay home. Simple as that.

      An overwhelming majority of Russians expects you to respect Russian laws, culture and traditions. Try to keep your pants on during the events(in public at least)and do whatever you want later on in your hotel.
      • dwmusicYou can make anything a "crime"
        13:02, 13/08/2013
        For a law to be justified, it should be necessary and in the public interest to begin with. Therefore, for this new Russian law banning "promotion of homosexuality to children", to be necessary it must be to stop something that was happening that needed to be stopped, and the thing that needed to be stopped must be shown not only to have been occurring in the first place, but to be harmful, in this case to children, if it continued.

        So I have to ask, where in Russia was homosexuality ever being promoted to children, and by whom? And what were the results of doing so? No cases were ever adduced to the Duma to show that this was going on and needed to be stopped, and why it was just "homosexual propaganda" and not "heterosexual propaganda" that was going on and needed a new law to stop it.

        I don't support any kind of propaganda being foisted upon children. I want them to develop as fully rounded human beings naturally, no matter whether they are homosexual or heterosexual.

        So given that there was no "homosexual propaganda" being foisted upon children in the first place, what was the Duma's motivation for singling out homosexuals as uniquely a source of propaganda, and not heterosexuals? What evidence was there anyway, that you could even persuade a heterosexual child to become homosexual through the means of propaganda, or vice versa for that matter?

        The answer is, there was none, and there is none, and there never will be any. This egregiously manipulative law was unanimously passed with popular support at the behest of the Russian Orthodox Church as a stamp of moral disapproval and animus against gay people, to make them appear a danger to children, to make it appear that we are trying to engineer children into "becoming" homosexuals for nefarious, but never stated motives. This was one of the ways that Nazis fomented hatred against Jews, by representing them as "a danger to children".

        The effect of this law is that it is now in practice, illegal to be openly gay or to discuss homosexuality in public. It is a criminal offence to provide support services to gay teenagers when they are at their most vulnerable through familial and peer rejection. It could rationally be argued that an openly gay athlete winning a medal in front of children would be committing this diffuse crime of "homosexual propaganda", and it could in time be construed to be the same for a gay couple holding hands publicly in the street.

        This law should be anathema to all Russians, but they have been lied to through and through. They are clearly not seeing the half of its consequences for LGBT Russians, which we are seeing daily here in the West, because their government censors the media, such that homosexuals can be held up as pariahs, an endlessly renewable resource to blame everything on, from earthquakes to the economy.

        Once the Russian people have gotten used to being able to discriminate without legal censure, against gay and lesbian people, the government will pass more severe laws. Putin will find a legal means to give himself a fourth term. Already the arrests have begun with a Dutch film company arrested, jailed, fined and then deported for making a documentary about the "homosexual propaganda" law.

        There's not a question in my mind but that the IOC must forthwith remove the Winter Olympics from Russia and relocate to a friendly country that recently hosted the Olympics, such as Greece (who need the money anyway) or the United Kingdom or Canada, and that does not have laws criminalising homosexuality.

        Homosexuals are an easy target because Putin knows we are too small in number ever to be able to defend ourselves against the Tyranny of the Majority. Once you allow one disliked minority to be stripped of some and then one by one eventually all of their civil rights, you can be next. Whatever civil rights you believe you now have, prepare to lose them as Putin becomes more and more like an amalgam of Hitler and Stalin.

        People of Russia, you have been warned.
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      • CHuckFeneyNo Gay Flames In Sorchi
        23:11, 14/08/2013
        No Gay Flames In Sorchi

        President Putin keeps sodomites at bay
        With new laws that forbid all things gay
        At the 2014 games
        There won't be gay flames
        So Men's figure skating has been blown away!
        ©H@®£€$ µ£¥§€$ F€N€¥
      • nukemifugotemI used to be neutral with Gay rights...
        23:49, 14/08/2013
        Compared to other people I know I used to be liberal with Gay rights and allowing them to marry. But after being "hit on" by gay men at the bars and the gym. I now think they should not be given any special rights as they have in the USA. If I punched one of those gay men in the nose after they propositioned me, I would be prosecuted for a hate crime. A gay man at the gym would not leave me alone after I told him I am not gay and want to be left alone. So I cancelled my gym membership. By giving a group of people special rights you may be taking rights away from others.
        • dwmusicEqual Rights are not "Special Rights"
          00:14, 18/08/2013
          You never explained what gays are asking for that straights don't already have. What "special rights" are you referring to that we have been given that you do not have?

          BTW, since you wanted to punch the importunate gay man at your gym in the nose, is it fair to assume that you would want to punch a woman in the nose if you were not interested in her, but she still persisted in trying to crack on to you?

          You are talking about being hit on a lot, but if this is happening, I agree it is not acceptable. If you're that good looking that gay men are trying to get on to you, then you should have no trouble picking up females. If a gay man sees you with a beautiful woman then I guarantee he will get the message.
        • jessika52my reply on anti gay law and Russia
          23:57, 01/02/2014
          The people of the United States have lost all moral values and now want to persecute you for making the right decision because they are jealous of your country
          and the commitment it has of it's laws Keep it up
          this legislation made my day and they aren't allowed to pollute it. And don't listen to England either about their
          qwams with it because they are ugly pack of people with no common sense.
          • dwmusicHuman rights are yours too
            22:30, 03/02/2014
            Russia is signatory to the Olympic Charter and to the International Declaration on Human Rights. By denying civil rights to LGBT minorities and authorising persecutions, violence, disenfranchisements, disinheriting, evictions, disowning, sackings, excommunications, Russia is in clear breach of its treaty obligations.

            When you use your majority status to tyrannise minorities like me, then you are saying it is ok for others to tyrannise YOU for your minority status. Every human being on this planet is a minority of just one person.
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