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2 Mln Wild Cannabis Plants Destroyed in Southern Russia

2 Million Wild Cannabis Plants Destroyed in Southern Russia
19:02 15/07/2013
Tags: Rostov Region, cannabis, Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN), Viktor Ivanov, Russia

MOSCOW, July 15 (RIA Novosti) – Some would call it a mega buzz kill.

Eighteen tons of wild cannabis, or about two million plants, have been mowed down and destroyed in southern Russia as part of an ongoing campaign to uproot cannabis in the country, the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) said Monday.

The plants were growing on three hectares (7.4 acres) of land belonging to an agriculture college in the Konstantinovsky district of the Rostov Region, the regional FSKN branch said in a statement.

Wild cannabis grows in abundance in southern and central Russia, the heartland of a once-thriving hemp industry. Unlike marijuana from Central Asia or India, Russian cannabis contains very little THC, the main psychoactive compound. However, it is technically possible to get high from the plants by extracting and processing parts of them.

Viktor Ivanov, head of the FSKN, urged Russian scientists in 2011 to breed a strain of cannabis that contains no THC and could be planted instead of wild cannabis. He said the new strain would help revive Russia’s hemp industry and create new jobs, while adhering to drug legislation.

Tsarist Russia was a major exporter of hemp to Western Europe, where it was used for making ropes, textiles and paper.


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RIA Novosti2 Million Wild Cannabis Plants Destroyed in Southern Russia2 Mln Wild Cannabis Plants Destroyed in Southern Russia

19:02 15/07/2013 Some would call it a mega buzz kill.>>

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  • mikaelforsbergWhy destroy nature?
    21:22, 15/07/2013
    We should all be glad as long as plants grow, killing anything that grows what we live on is not sustainable.

    Cannabis was outlawed during the British/Zionist colonization of India and especially China where the families of Sassoons and of course as always the Rothschilds wanted full control over the people.

    Opium was shown to be addictive and therefore used by the zionists to take over China smuggling Opium in and getting the population addicted and easy to control. That also meant they outlawed Cannabis in India (then a British colony) so that they would grow more Opium for export to China so that the Sassoons could build up Hong Kong as their primary drug trafficking port.

    Later on the zionists created the UN and in order to get full control of the drug trafficking they implemented the UN drug monopoly. Which is actually the whole reason for the international drug war, to keep the zionist banksters drug companies in full control of their drug monopoly.

    Cannabis is good and useful in many ways and definitely not something that should be eradicated.

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