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Russia to Conduct Open Skies Surveillance Flight over US

22:04 24/11/2012
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MOSCOW, November 24 (RIA Novosti) – Russian military inspectors will begin a survey flight this week above the United States under the international Open Skies Treaty, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said.

Russian experts will conduct the survey flight over the US territory in a Tupolev Tu-154 M/LK-1 aircraft during the period from November 25 and December 3, a spokesman said.

The flight will start from the Travis Air Force Base, California. Its maximum range will be 4,250 kilometers (2,600 miles).

During the flight, Russian and US specialists will operate surveillance equipment on board of the aircraft as set out in the international Open Skies Treaty.

This will be the 36th survey flight this year made by Russian specialists over the territories of the Open Skies Treaty member states. Russia ratified the treaty in May 2001.

The Open Skies Treaty, which entered into force on January 1, 2002, establishes a regime of unarmed aerial observation flights over the territories of its 34 member states to promote openness and the transparency of military forces and activities.


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RIA NovostiTu-154Russia to Conduct Open Skies Surveillance Flight over US

22:04 24/11/2012 Russian military inspectors will begin a survey flight this week above the United States under the international Open Skies Treaty, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said.>>

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  • mrgenieThey should fly over real enemies
    08:53, 25/11/2012
    NATO and Russia can't wedge war against each other. As the citizens in NATO have no interests for a war against Russia and the people in Russia are not interested in a war against NATO.
    The real enemy is a large country where people are even more nationalistic as in Germany in the 30's : China. Also, China's industrial capacity is large enough to destroy NATO and Russia combined!
    So, instead of flying over Russia and NATO, I agree to Mr. Putin that NATO and Russia should build up defense systems together. China has made several publications where it claims large parts of Russia as Chinese territories, also large parts of Japan, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and other nations are claimed by China. No one in NATO or Russia claims territories from the other. I really agree with mr. Putin there's a beast growing in the east, and it doesn't look friendly.
    • arsanlupinThat's not exactly what it's all about ...
      03:13, 26/11/2012
      The Open Skies Treaty is an agreement between 34 countries in Europe and North America that provides openness and transparency of military forces and activities. Unfortunately for the world, China isn't a signatory. Fortunately, but Russia and the USA have extremely capable photo reconnaissance satellites that provide both countries with most of what's needed. Unfortunately, China is getting better at hiding or otherwise deceiving the outside world about their true capabilities and intentions.

      Would it be a good idea for China to be a signatory? Hell yes! Is it ever going to happen? Not a prayer ... because that would require China to be honest.
      • Jeff.sun1992@gmail.com(no title)
        19:21, 17/02/2013
        As a half-Russian, half-Chinese bloke born in Australia (which is pretty much a NATO nation), please consider my response unbiased. I find it quite offensive to label china as the "real enemy". Although china has publicly stated claims to parts of the south CHINA sea, are not the Philippines, Vietnam etc.. Doing the same? Traditionally this area as well as Japan had been tributaries or protectorate nations that china was responsible for centuries. Yet after japan's defeat during ww2, where they conceded parts of their former territories to china and the us as a means for compensation regarding their unspeakable and horrific actions committed, they still have the nerve to argue for their right to
        Traditionally Chinese teritories.   As for claiming large parts of Russia, was Mongolia not a Chinese province for centuries until the Sino-Russian border war of the 60's, where the militarily and economically superior soviet Russia of the time bullied china into establishing the buffering area of a supposedly independent Mongolia nation as well as wresting control of large parts of xinjiang from the weaker china at the time? It is not wrong for one to want to reclaim what is rightfully their's no? As for diplomatic aggression, Russia and the us have shown their true colors from the south-Ossetian conflict to the Afghanistan and Iraq dramas. China however, have been in no recent engagements apart from UN commitments to the Congo. So please @mrgenie, before you accuse china of hostile ulterior motives (which you have fair reason to believe), please consider history and their global capabilities as well as the mentality of the Chinese from thousands of years ago to now. I hope this helps understand china's actions. Apologies for the spelling and vocab!!!

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