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Halloween Banned in South Russia Schools

Halloween Banned in South Russia Schools
21:27 25/10/2012
MOSCOW, October 25 (RIA Novosti)
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Education officials in South Russia’s Krasnodar Territory banned Halloween celebrations at local schools, Kommersant-Online reported on Thursday.

The Krasnodar education ministry quoted in its official letter unnamed psychiatrists and psychologists who said the holiday “poses a great danger to children” and destroys their mental health.

“Children who participate in such celebrations often feel fear, emotional suppression and aggression and are susceptible to suicide,” the ministry said adding that schools should organize parties based on traditional Russian values.

Moreover, Halloween’s religious aspects contradict Russia’s secular education principles, the ministry said.

Local Orthodox Church representatives also blasted Halloween for celebrating “the cult of death and the devil”.

Earlier on Thursday, Cossacks, education officials, and church leaders in the neighboring Stavropol Territory demanded the cancellation of a Halloween party organized in the resort city of Pyatigorsk.

Halloween, which once marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of winter, gained popularity in Russia after the Soviet collapse, with the first Halloween parties held in Russian schools in the late 1990s.

But in 2003, the Education Department of the city of Moscow recommended that primary and secondary school teachers ban Halloween at schools.

Halloween is not the only holiday considered “improper” by Russian conservatives. The increasing popularity of St. Valentine's Day among Russian youths has also alarmed some high-ranking officials and religious authorities, who have warned of the holiday’s “negative influence” on the youngsters’ “spiritual security” and their “moral values.”


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RIA NovostiHalloween Banned in South Russia SchoolsHalloween Banned in South Russia Schools

21:27 25/10/2012 Education officials in South Russia’s Krasnodar Territory banned Halloween celebrations at local schools, Kommersant-Online reported on Thursday.>>

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  • pushkinlovcommercial holidays
    07:20, 26/10/2012
    Halloween and Saint Valentin days are just pure commercial holidays and an US export commodity. Different countries celebrate these holidays according to their culture and social and religious values. The orders to cancel these events are in order and promotion of Russian traditional festivities must be enhanced. For that, it is important that legislation be done to make the changes effective. There is still time to save the new generations of children in the Russian Federation.
  • cheruskHalloween is sacrilege
    10:32, 26/10/2012
    In the ''same'' next few days Christians are going to celebrate the souls of our dead ancestors.

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