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Putin Warns Against Bypassing Security Council Syria Veto

Russian President Vladimir Putin
20:44 20/07/2012
MOSCOW, July 20 (RIA Novosti)
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Russian President Vladimir Putin opposes any action related to Syria not authorized by the United Nations Security Council, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.

“In the Russian president’s opinion, any attempt to act without the [UN] Security Council’s approval will be inefficient and will undermine the authority of this international organization,” the spokesman said.

After Russia and China vetoed the Western-backed UN Security Council resolution, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said that the United States and its partners “have no choice but to look to partnerships and actions outside of this council to protect the Syrian people.”

Putin met with members of Russia’s Security Council on Friday to discuss the latest developments on Syria, including the veto.

“Members of Russia’s Security Council stressed that attempts to link the aggravating situation in Syria to Russia’s stance were inappropriate and inadmissible,” Peskov said.


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RIA NovostiRussian President Vladimir PutinPutin Warns Against Bypassing Security Council Syria Veto

20:44 20/07/2012 Russian President Vladimir Putin opposes any action related to Syria not authorized by the United Nations Security Council, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.>>

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  • bielecTo Rice,
    07:27, 21/07/2012
    If you want to help the Syrian people, stop lying and stop supporting the "unlawful enemy combatants" and foreign "mercenaries" trying to destabilize Syria in order to manufacture a pretext you need to invade Syria and to have a regime change in that country.


    1. Syria is a sovereign state;

    2. It's none of your business;

    3. Why don't you support your own "unlawful combatants" in Guanmtanamo and elsewhere?
  • Veselko3Don't flex the muscles you don't have.
    10:26, 21/07/2012
    Iran is still expecting the S300 you don't dare to sell to them.
    Gaddafi still waiting (!) for your help
    Syria still waiting for her repaired helicopters you don't dare to return to them.
    • SirkoVeselkoz...???
      09:30, 22/07/2012
      By your name, you must be a Pollack or another such beast?

      Russia has great resources and is rebuilding after the traitors destroyed the Soviet Union. Her nuclear forces are second to none and hence a shield against the insane American Zionist Fascists. If I read my Putin accurately you will see what kind of muscles will be flexed in the Mid East if the Syrian conflagration increases and spreads. All the misery around the world is caused by American Fascism and NATO its WART upon the face of humanity. I have always maintained that what is needed in the Mid East is a major dance to engulf the entire region or as Shakespeare put it, "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!" That is the only way to break the strangle hold of the American Zionist blood suckers. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world and the largest cogregation is in the MId East. You will see that the overwhelming majority hate as they put it "...the Great Satan, America..." So keep it up in Syria. You will find that Iran is not Saddam Husein and his bullshit, '...mother of all battles...' :-)
    • ArmenianDefeat them in Syria not at the borders of Russia
      02:18, 22/07/2012
      We all realize that Moscow is worried about being on the losing side of this bloody conflict... Or worst, being drawn into it...

      Having said that, Moscow must realize that once Syria falls it will be Iran's turn. Once Iran falls the gates to the Caucasus and Central Asia will become wide open. Once Syria and Iran fall, the position of Wahhabists, pan-Turkists, Zionists and Western imperialists will be strengthened in the region.

      In other words, the noose around Russia's neck is tightening very fast. Sooner or later Anglo-American-Zionist interests with their Islamist and Turkic allies will plunge the world into a third world war. It would be prudent for Moscow to do everything in its power to defeat this evil in Syria before it gets closer to its borders.

      The following blog has a lot of good analysis related to this topic of discussion - Heralding the Rise of Russia: http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/
    • PlutardsAmerican army morale low in the Mideast.
      04:50, 22/07/2012
      The United States does not have economic, social or political policies for the FUTURE of America in the MIDEAST. The USA principal policy in the Middle-East is military without an army, just giving guns to mercenaries, which are the opposition rebels. As there are no guarantees for the future, the United States may then leave its unsuccessful Mideast campaign with no benefits to America until a decade from now when the reputation of the US is and will be tarnished when comes into question USA military. The American MORALE is very low in the Mideast.
    • living069IF RUSSIA FAILS
      05:01, 23/07/2012
      to protect it, then i will not join Russia in the next world war, why would i join a country that will not support a long time ally?.

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