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Russian Military Concedes Iran, N. Korea Nuclear Threat

19:18 24/04/2012
MOSCOW, April 24 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia's military leadership has for the first time acknowledged a nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea.

“The threat is always there, so we closely monitor the nuclear program developments of many countries," Army General Nikolai Makarov, the chief of the General Staff, told RT television.

"The analysis that we conducted together with the Americans confirms that, yes, there is a probability that the threat exists. And we agreed that it is necessary to create a missile defense system,” Makarov said.

The Russian Defense Ministry has previously held that there is no nuclear threat to Europe and Russia from Iran and North Korea, because they do not have the capacity to build nuclear weapons or deliver them.

“Many countries that claim not to possess nuclear weapons do in fact have them,” Makarov said.

“Certainly, if it gets into the hands of extremists, it represents a threat to international security,” Makarov said.

He added that in order to counter these threats, Russia is ready to work together with other countries.

“Let's solve this problem. Let us work together to get rid of the threats that may arise, not only for Europe but for Russia because we too are part of Europe,” the general said.

North Korea has conducted two underground nuclear weapon tests, in 2006 and 2009.

Earlier in April South Korean media reported that intelligence indicated North Korea was preparing a third in a row underground nuclear test. The information was based on satellite photographs of North Korean test site, where underground nuclear test had been previously conducted.

U.S. and other Western countries suspect Iran of developing nuclear weapons under the guise of peaceful nuclear energy program. Tehran denies the charges, saying its nuclear program is aimed at meeting the country's electricity needs.


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RIA NovostiNikolai MakarovRussian Military Concedes Iran, N. Korea Nuclear Threat

19:18 24/04/2012 Russia's military leadership has for the first time acknowledged a nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea.>>

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    21:35, 24/04/2012
    Capitulation by Russia is inevitable because there is no sound foreign policy in the Kremlin so it sells it conscience to the highest bidder.
  • SirkoEarth Calling Andromeda...!!!
    23:43, 24/04/2012
    "The analysis that we conducted together with the Americans confirms that,..." "...TOGETHER WITH THE AMERICANS..."

    Now there is a scary thought.

    "Earth calling Andromeda! Come in Andromed....!

    Nice 'crock' to divert the attention and desensitize the Russian people from the real threat NATO and make more placations about yet more NATO missile systems. The world can really see that North Korea and Iran have all sorts of missile system pointing at Russia.
  • ratnikattention Gen Makarov
    23:58, 24/04/2012
    Why do we never hear of the UK or France advancing proposals to establish a middle east nuclear free zone to which Israel must adhere and coincident with the abolishment of their own WMD's? or ways and means that the security of Iran or North Korea might be guaranteed?
  • drussianCutting deals much russia?
    05:31, 25/04/2012
    If russia is acting in its own interest this probably have something to do with the missle defence plans. But russia should know by now they can't trust nato . Time and again it was proven Russia backstabbs nato
    • Sirko(no title)
      01:46, 26/04/2012
      "...Russia backstabbs nato..."

      Nyet! Nyet! NATO Fashisti they are the back stabbers..

      So NATO back stabs Russia..
      Reply | Comments: 4Expand branch
    • arsanlupinpara·noia: noun \ˌpa-rə-ˈnȯi-ə\
      16:17, 29/04/2012
      Definition of PARANOIA

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      3: Psychiatry . a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission.

      4:baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

      "divert the attention" "NATO Fascisti" "the Mole Gorbachev and Yeltsin 'the drunk'" "the NATO threat" " missile system pointing at Russia"...
    • SirkoCIA Spook....Duh...!!!
      16:13, 30/04/2012
      "divert the attention" "NATO Fascisti" "the Mole Gorbachev and Yeltsin 'the drunk'" "the NATO threat" " missile system pointing at Russia"..

      We do the persecuting you fool...!!! Simply Google the name above which is my ancestral name not some concoction and see whom my ancestors were. Nobody persecutes Zaporozhyeans....Where we walk grass never grows again and where our horses hooves trod nothing ever grows again....Duh...!!! Who were your ancestors? Grubbers of filth lucre!? Also, Google the 'COSSACK LETTER' and see one of my ancestors...We are men no one on earth can tame, as every enemy of the motherland discovered the hard way. As my great grandfather used to say, "The only thing wrong with Russia is a Cossack never sat on the throne." So go peddle your attempt to brainwash us somewhere else...Like CNN or Fox-Fascist News. Preach to us something about American Bullshit Democracy...

      Psychiatry you DIM WIT FASCIST is the is the branch of medicine which deals with the problem plaguing CIA brainwashed propagandist, and not the moronic definition you posted Mr. Uneducated.

      The Truth is never ones enemy unless you are a fascist like yourself then of course it is in your interest to disseminate falsehoods....Gorbachev was and is a mole who should be tried for treason. His ancestry originally was not Russian. His ancestral name is Gapkalos. What do you call one who presides over the destruction of ones country...In you bizarre mind he no doubt is a Russian patriot??? He is still add it to this day interfering with the elections in Russian by pushing western propaganda. Also, Yeltsin was a naive self-seeking drunk. All one has to do is recall him staggering, and slurring during his speeches...AND of course in your bullshit propaganda, NATO missiles are just conveniently some fifty kilometres from the Russian border a whole five flying minutes from Moscow because they are aimed at Iran.....GET LOST YOU Bullshit Artist. You are an archetypal fascist who believes that others, indeed the rest of the world are nincompoops and will swallow anything you feed them. One would have to be a total frontal lobotomized moron such as yourself to believe that CRAP from bonded liars and hypocrites as Rasmussen and Hitlery Clinton the wife of the Ozark Caligula....

      Your stupidity and lack of education rebounds over and over again 'ad infinitum' (Latin 'to infinity') from the vaulted canopy of Heaven. By the way I know my Old Greek, Latin and Russian and hence all the Slavic languages not to mention French and some German..I am educated in the Physical Sciences, Political Science and History and a fourth generation Kuban Cossack removed from the motherland and still retain the culture and language as do my children and grandchildren. Speaking of languages Mr. Uneducated Propagandist...Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychosis yada, yada, come from the Old Greek 'psyxe' meaning the 'soul' the 'mind' the 'breath of life' the 'intellect' of which you are lacking. Do you know whom your ancestors were for they must be rolling in their graves in shame to know that you are part of their line....

      Finally, take your dribble somewhere else...like an American forum with the likes of Sarah Palinites who think Africa is a country and that the wailing wall in Jerusalem is where they keep the whales...!!!
      • arsanlupinA textbook case:
        17:28, 30/04/2012
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        • arsanlupinRRAAWWWRHHH!!!
          03:49, 01/05/2012
          ... bellowed the brontosaurus in frustration and rage as it sank into the tar pits and became just another fossil from a bygone era ...
        • SirkoHahahahaha...!!!
          06:40, 01/05/2012
          Ah, you are not worth the effort of typing an response. It impossible to deal with an irrational person who cannot respond to the facts.

          When you have no intellect, education and hence iron clad facts one must resort to discrediting others by attacking by attacking them personally with a grocery list of nonsensical crap from a dictionary.

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