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Russia to Consider Sanctions Against U.S.

Russia to Consider Sanctions Against U.S.
15:03 04/04/2012
MOSCOW, April 4 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: Jackson-Vanik amendment, World Trade Organization (WTO), Barack Obama, Sergei Magnitsky, Washington, United States, Russia

The Russian government should begin planning economic sanctions against the United States if Washington does not cancel the Jackson-Vanik amendment, legislators and experts said on Wednesday.

The amendment, which denies Russia the formal status of permanent normal trade relations over outdated Soviet-era immigration issues, was discussed at a high-profile roundtable at the Federation Council, the Russian parliament’s upper chamber.

A powerful lobby in the U.S. Congress demands replacement of Jackson-Vanik with other legislation targeting Russia over human rights issues, such as the Magnitsky list, which proposes to blacklist for U.S. entry and freeze assets of some 60 Russian officials implicated in the death of Hermitage lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in pretrial detention.

Russia should retaliate by banning U.S. officials for entry and limit operations of U.S. organizations funding Russia-based NGOs, participants of the roundtable said. A list of recommendations for the Russian government was drafted at the event.

Russia should also stick to its pledge to not apply WTO rules to U.S. companies until the amendment is canceled, participants said. WTO rules ban countries from introducing against each other formal sanctions such as the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which is currently suspended, but not canceled.

U.S. Congress plans to consider cancellation of the Jackson-Vanik amendment by summer, earlier than previously expected, Russian senator Mikhail Margelov said at the event.

“According to information we’re receiving from our colleagues in the working group of the U.S. Senate and the Federation Council, the matter will be discussed before this summer,” said Margelov, who heads the international affairs committee at the Federation Council.

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, which lobbies to have the amendment canceled, is currently considering ways to have enough Congressmen support its proposal, Margelov said.

Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, Max Baucus, said last month that the Congress will not consider the matter before Russia ratifies the WTO treaty, which is expected to happen this summer.


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RIA NovostiRussia to Consider Sanctions Against U.S.   Russia to Consider Sanctions Against U.S.

15:03 04/04/2012 The Russian government should begin planning economic sanctions against the United States if Washington does not cancel the Jackson-Vanik amendment, legislators and experts said on Wednesday.>>

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  • nicoleJust DO IT Already.
    15:41, 04/04/2012
    What are you waiting for RUSSIA?

    USA is slapping you from here and there and you are NOT doing anything?

    What is your problem PUTIN?
    • lmDisappointed of the Kremlin and I am not alone.
      16:10, 04/04/2012
      Nicole, everyone realise Russia is living in a dream world still waiting on respect they lack a foreign policy effective enough to gain such respect, even the issue of placing sanction on the US seems to be only talk just talk.
    • LatinLettersOnlyWhew!!!
      16:58, 04/04/2012
      Well, at least they didn't say "Oil Embargo". That would be horrible.

      Economic sanctions is a laughable joke, however. So I guess we're okay with this one?
      • SirkoWhew...and Then Some...!!!
        01:36, 06/04/2012
        Thousands of hyper missiles facing NATO, the American Wart upon the face of humanity, oil and natural gas embargoes and all other Russian resources are what is necessary. The Euro Zone is only a gimmick to make Angela Merkel and Fourth Riech rich...
      • SirkoWhat...!!!
        20:29, 05/04/2012
        What Jackson-Vanik!!!

        Simply take a look at the last name 'Vanik' and that will explain who and what was behind the bill. Furthemore the west has had sanctions against Russia since their failed intervention on behalf of the Karensky stooge during the revolution...
      • arsanlupinA dinosaur law against an extinct country ....
        22:31, 05/04/2012
        The Jackson-Vanik amendment was passed to send a message to the Soviet Union, regarding their restrictive emigration issues. Neither the restrictive emigration issues nor the country that practiced it exist any more; both have been relegated to the dustbin of history where they belong. The Jackson-Vanik amendment should join them there - now. It's been suspended every year since the demise of the USSR so it's not really doing anything anyway, and it's an insult to the Russian people that they don't deserve. It should be repealed once and for all - now.

        This Cold-War-era bickering continues to drag both countries towards a path that nearly led to MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. We must all pull back from that brink, leave the past in the past where it belongs, and move forward into an era of partnership and mutual respect. (MUTUAL respect means BOTH sides treating each other as equals!) That will be very difficult so long as Cold-War era attitudes remain. This includes any bigotry or prejudice against any religious or ethnic group. They too must be tossed into the dustbin of history - now.

        On BOTH sides.

        (Why Congressman Vanik's Czech ancestry would be an issue to anyone evades me - Czechs are Slavs also, after all ...)
        • arsanlupinI almost forgot ...
          22:45, 05/04/2012
          Before anyone starts screaming "ZIONIST!!!" about the late congressman Charles, the following is a quote taken from his obituary: "Services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at St. Paul of the Cross CATHOLIC Church, 10970 Hwy A1A, North Palm Beach, Florida."

          Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
          • SirkoCzechs are Slavs...Hahahahahahahahaha...!!!
            01:45, 06/04/2012
            Vanik, another closet Zionist nut unlike Albright whose family was saved by the Serbs from the Nazis only for her to come back and bomb Serbia almost back to the Stone Age.
            Don't make this Cossack pass out with laughter. Twenty-seven million Russians perished in the Great Patriotic War. If those pansy Hapsburg slaves had the balls to fire one shot, then WWII would have never happened. Instead they ran to Champerlain for help and refused Papa Joes offer of help.

            Czechs are Slavs...!!! I guess that iw why they are putting in American missiles the traitorous RATS...

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