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Russia to enhance strike potential if missile cooperation with NATO fails

15:27 18/05/2011

Russia will boost its strike nuclear capabilities if NATO refuses to cooperate with Moscow in the European missile defense project, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.

The United States refused to comply with a Russian request that it provide legally binding guarantees that its European missile defense system will not be directed at Russia.

"I hope we will be able to forge a missile defense cooperation model," Medvedev told around 800 journalists at a news conference at the Skolkovo School of Management near Moscow. "If we don't, we will have to take retaliatory measures, which we do not want to have to do. This will mean forcing the development of our strike nuclear potential."

"This would be a very bad scenario, which would take us back to the Cold War era," the president added.

Medvedev reiterated a warning issued by the Foreign Ministry that Moscow may pull out of the New START disarmament agreement, which entered into force this year, in response to the United State's position on the shield.

"It is clear that the missile defense shield is directed at blocking the strategic capabilities of certain states," Medvedev said. "I understand that other states mentioned do not have Russia's [nuclear] potential and are unlikely to receive them in the coming years...So, it is directed against us."

Russia and NATO agreed to cooperate on the so-called European missile shield during the NATO-Russia Council summit in Lisbon in November 2010. NATO insists there should be two independent systems that exchange information, while Russia favors a joint system.

MOSCOW, May 18 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiDmitry MedvedevRussia to enhance strike potential if missile cooperation with NATO fails

15:27 18/05/2011 Russia will boost its strike nuclear capabilities if NATO refuses to cooperate with Moscow in the European missile defense project, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.>>

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  • suhailRussia has come out of the cold war era mindset but NATO.........
    17:17, 18/05/2011
    Russia has definitely come out of the cold war era mindset and left it very far behind.But NATO is still carrying it.NATO is carrying the cold war era mindset and the imperial,arrogant and lustful attitude of the colonial powers and is using it to cause chaos around the world.
  • kristallon100The mistake of Russia
    20:22, 18/05/2011
    The 200 century plan of British empire (now american) is to destroy Russia or to brake it in few country. It succeded with Gorbatchev / pputin (lost of Belarus and Ukraine) and will continue. The mistake of Russia is to think that nuclear weapons can by themselves avoid the destruction of Russia. Foreign banks and interests are much more dangerous and the new bombs make nuclear ones unecessary. The british who have take control of USA will never stop trying to destroy Russian until their financial empire is destroyed. Russians have to understand no compromise is possible. An Empire such British / American one (americans are stupids and understand nothing) can't survive without destroying other nations (Russian Today is a good example). The III rd world war or the complete submission of Russia to the interests of Empire are the only 2 possibilities. The Germany beetween 198 and 1923 and Russia beetween 1991 and 1996 know that they will have no mercy. It's fight or complete submission. It's the choice of Russian people. People of EU are a protectorate of British/american Empire and can't do anything. The only hope for freedom is paradoxaly from Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and few other coutries resisting to this 1984 nightmare. God bless Russia !
    • kristallon100Not Putin but Yeltsin !!!
      21:07, 18/05/2011
      Poutin is a patriot and want the russian people to be independant ! I have no idea about Yeltsin. Medvedev seems to be too a patriot (to create a kind of hyperborea) but in my opinion no accomodment is possible with an Empire like English / American one. I hope I am wrong. 99 % of the people
      on this planet want PEACE, security, better life.
    • severnayazemlyaU.S. F-16s being sent to Poland
      21:51, 18/05/2011
      What about the U.S. F-16s being sent from Aviano AFB, Italy to Poland? Maybe they're worn out, with too many hours on them, from bombing Libya.
      • kristallon100¨Polish are patheticaly in great mistake !
        03:25, 19/05/2011
        I understand polish who think that their security is in NATO. They are wrong but let's forget and forgive. 99,9% of people want peace. 60 000 people want war to increase power or profits. 80 % are zombies watching TV. So 20 % have to fight for the others to avoid apocalypse. If many people pray in the same time for peace, peace will be be. If IIIrd ww begins, it will end will then end of all kind of life on Earth. So despite silly polish, despite the British/American Empire all people of good will have yto raise, stand up and say : we do not want wars. We are in 1914 augusr. It's still time to stop the war but when t's begins it will be too late. Nobody has nothing against Russia, China, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan. All these wars are not real. There is no hate. Just the will to live in peace. Shall the leaders of the word understand this ! People just want better life for their familly in peace. Peoples want less military spendings and more social ones. Just 0.001 % of humman kind want wars.
      • shanksinhaRussia will have to stand up for herself
        00:42, 24/05/2011
        The Russian political/military leadership needs to understand the fundamentally dangerous strategy adopted by NATO alliance. NATO is a military bloc with a 50 years history of aggressive posturing and brinkmanship. Now heady with a misplaced belief of a so called "cold-war victory", they have set themselves to systematically undermine and negate the Russian nuclear umbrella. And all this is being done under the guise of defending against Iran and North Korea, both of which have neither the infrastructure nor will to lob nuclear tipped missiles at Europe.

        This Missile Defence System is being built to target Russia with a direct agenda to ensure the hegemony of the western bloc in Europe. Russia is mistaken if it feels that it can let its conventional capabilities degrade and rely only on nuclear weapons to ensure safety. A good response would be to deploy assets like the Iskander Missile system to target these land based missile defence bases. For the sea borne interceptor force deployed upon US Navy destroyers, the only option is to rebuild credible blue water Russian navy, which can deter these assets from operating in proximity of ICBM launch sites.

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