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Russian racy spy Chapman strips off for men's magazine

17:17 19/10/2010

Russian spy Anna Chapman has posed in her underwear for a racy photo shoot in a men's magazine after receiving one of Russia's highest medals for espionage.

The redhead appears on the cover of the Maxim magazine November issue that goes on sale on Thursday, sporting nylon and lace and wielding a revolver. It includes Chapman in the list of this year's 100 sexiest women.

A trailer on www.maximonline.ru promises more pictures and Chapman's first interview since she was deported from the United States.

"Anna has done more to excite patriotism in Russians than our football team and the Bulava missile put together," the magazine claimed.

President Dmitry Medvedev gave the country's highest state honors to ten "sleeper agents" involved in this summer's spy scandal on Monday.

Ten Russians were expelled from the United States in late June after pleading guilty to conspiring to act as unregistered foreign agents but were swapped with four men accused by the Kremlin of spying for the West.

MOSCOW, October 19 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiRussian racy spy Chapman strips off for men's magazine

17:17 19/10/2010 Russian spy Anna Chapman has posed in her underwear for a racy photo shoot in a men's magazine after receiving one of Russia's highest medals for espionage.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comAnd that is why Russian spies are so successful
    21:21, 19/10/2010
    Although I do not know the fully story of the spy exchange program between the US and Russia and do not want to even guess at the real underlying story of these events I really do have to hand it to the Russian secret service for sending over such beautiful Russian spies.

    I mean honestly what well connected American political man would not want to tell this beautiful Russian spy all of his secrets. They American men in power were probably falling over each other for the rights to tell their most secret details!

    American women are just not as that pretty or elegant. Throw in a Russian English accent and you might as call her the best safe cracker in America.

    American authorities were right to send this Russian beauty back home. Who knows how many well connected American politicians and business men would have told her their confidential secrets.

    May the Russian secret service continue its successful spying campaign on America with beautiful Russian spies like Anna Chapman.

    Based on what I know about American men, which I think is pretty universal everywhere, beautiful Russian spies like Anna Chapman will always be successful.

    This comment is written with the knowledge that American and Russian relations are at their highest point in years and may these positive relations continue for many years to come. International spying is really just a part of doing international business and politics. Everyone does it.

    The more two countries know about each other the better off both countries are.

    And if that information can be obtained by the seductive advances of beautiful Russian spies like Anna Chapman , why not. No one gets hurt and the other side has valuable information on a new project or process that helps to maintain international peace. Overhead spy satellites perform a similar function but are no where near as good looking as Anna Chapman.

    Arnold Vinette

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