29/7/2014 16:44
RIA Novosti

One Child Killed as Bus Carrying Refugees in East Ukraine Comes Under Fire

Topic:Refugees From Ukraine Seek Shelter in Russia

A 3-year old child and 12 passengers were injured as a bus carrying refugees in eastern Ukraine came under fire, the head of the South-Eastern Front information center said Tuesday.


Japan's New Sanctions Against Russia 'Unfriendly, Short-Sighted' – Moscow

Topic:Sanctions Against Russia

Ukraine’s Naftogaz Proposes Gazprom to Review Gas Transit Contract

Topic:Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict

International Experts Fail to Reach Malaysian Boeing Crash Site for Third Time Running

Topic:Malaysia Airlines Boeing Crashes in Ukraine

Power Plant in Gaza Shut Down After Israeli Attacks

Topic:Israeli-Palestinian conflict: standoff continues

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