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Moscow Recaps Its Missile Defense Posture

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

Moscow Recaps Its Missile Defense Posture
19:03 20/08/2012
HELSINKI, August 20 (RIA Novosti)
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Moscow warned on Monday that the implementation of the European missile defense project could become a throwback to the Cold War era.

The United States says the shield is designed to protect against “rogue states” such as Iran and North Korea.

“Any unilateral and unlimited buildup of the missile capability by one state or a group of states would lead to the preservation of Cold War hangovers, damaging strategic stability in violation of all the OSCE members' obligations not to strengthen their security at the expense of others,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

The project is a test of Western sincerity about its commitment to equal security in Europe, he said, reiterating Russia’s demand for “legally binding guarantees” that the system will not be used against it.

These guarantees should be verifiable, he stressed.
















Negotiations between Russia and NATO member states on the U.S.-led missile defense project have deadlocked over the West's reluctance to give Moscow such guarantees.

The United States scrapped plans in September 2010 for an anti-ballistic-missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland. Moscow welcomed the move, and then-President Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia would drop plans to deploy Iskander-M tactical missiles in its Kaliningrad Region, which borders NATO members, Poland and Lithuania.

Last year, however, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Washington's plans to deploy a missile interceptor site in Poland by 2018.


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RIA NovostiMoscow Recaps Its Missile Defense Posture         Moscow Recaps Its Missile Defense Posture

19:03 20/08/2012 Moscow warned on Monday that the implementation of the European missile defense project could become a throwback to the Cold War era.>>

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  • lorenzoNo stupidity of wars
    22:57, 20/08/2012
    US with its Western allies should learn to spread harmony and peace with respect for all human beings...instead of installing missiles and other war stuff. They call themselves 'Christians' but have no traits of Jesus in them. They are always promoting hatred and wars all over the world...It is about time they become a good human beings and follow Jesus teachings.
  • jgGuarantees worthless
    14:09, 21/08/2012
    I don't understand why the Russian government keeps asking about guarantees. Surely, such guarantees would be worthless if Russian/US or Russian/NATO relations decayed to a point where we considered lobbing missiles at each other? Additionally, the missile shield systems are most likely highly automated and would shoot down ANY incoming missile, regardless of it's origin.

    I would have thought a better strategy for Russia would be to tell the USA that they will alter the approach of their nuclear deterrent and other weaponry, to mitigate the missile shield. I guess this would mean deployments in Kaliningrad and submarine based systems.

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