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Vitaly Milonov: Laying Down God’s Law in Russia

Topic: Making Waves in Putin’s Russia

23:40 30/08/2012
ST. PETERSBURG, August 30 (Marc Bennetts, RIA Novosti)
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“As a person who dares to call himself a Christian politician, I cannot be a hypocrite,” says United Russia deputy Vitaly Milonov, author of a recent controversial law banning “gay propaganda” in his hometown of St. Petersburg. “I cannot be Christian at church, without being one at work, as well.”

Appropriately, there is no portrait of President Vladimir Putin in Milonov’s spacious office in the city’s Legislative Assembly, where he is head of the lawmaking committee. Instead, Milonov, 38, sits under a framed photograph of the leader of the country’s powerful Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill.

And Milonov makes no secret of his approval for the current warm ties between the country’s secular leaders and the patriarch, who riled liberal society by calling Putin’s first two presidential terms a “miracle of God” ahead of March 4 polls that returned the former KGB officer to the Kremlin for a third term.

“The church is the most important government institution, one that shapes the state” says Milonov, who is also an Orthodox activist. “The church must not be in opposition to the state. It must nourish the authorities with its wisdom.”

Unholy War

But opponents of Putin’s 12-year rule have hit out at Patriarch Kirill in recent months over his support for the Kremlin, which they say threatens the constitutional separation of church and state.

Tensions rose to near boiling point over the high-profile trial of three members of the all-female, anti-Putin punk group Pussy Riot, who were jailed for two years each on August 17 on charges related to a protest in Moscow’s biggest cathedral over the patriarch’s “miracle of God” comments.

The aftermath of the verdict, which drew sharp international criticism, saw four wooden crosses chopped down in Russia’s regions last week by a shadowy group who said the act was “revenge” for the ruling. A senior Moscow priest, Dmitry Smirnov, said the act amounted to a “declaration of war” against the Church.

And on Thursday, police in Kazan, the capital of Russia’s republic of Tatarstan, said two women had been found murdered in their apartment, where the words “Free Pussy Riot!” had been written on the wall in what was thought to be blood. Pussy Riot supporters called the act an attempt to discredit the group.

The Pussy Riot row has also sparked a rise in Orthodox militancy, with fringe groups announcing plans to patrol near churches to protect them from “desecration.” In high-profile incidents in Moscow this week, Orthodox activists in Moscow tore a Pussy Riot T-shirt off a member of the public and harassed staff at a downtown museum of erotica. In a further indication of religious strife, also on Thursday, a suspected drug user was found murdered with an Orthodox religious icon placed on his face in St. Petersburg, investigators said.

“It’s obvious that relations between the church and a small but very active section of society have deteriorated sharply,” Milonov says, as the working day comes to an end in the grand 19th century building that is home to the city’s lawmakers.

© RIA Novosti. Marc Bennetts

“The cutting down of the crosses did not provoke the expected harsh reaction among government figures,” a clearly dismayed Milonov continues. “And so leading Church officials have been attempting to say that this is sacrilege and unacceptable – but they should not be the ones doing this.”

“The government often forgets to defend the church from attacks and insults,” Milonov says. “That’s why I am calling for a government ombudsman to protect and defend the rights of all religious organizations – it is not the business of the Church to justify itself.”

“The church is defenseless - like a flower that can be torn or trampled,” he says. “It will not die because of this, but it will not defend itself.”

But Milonov shakes his head slowly when reminded that the Pussy Riot members were punished with jail time for their protest, describing the trial as “awkward” for both the Orthodox Church and the authorities.

“There was no statement by leading political figures explaining our position – that, yes, we defend human rights and freedom, but these values are not exclusively as liberal society sees them,” he says.

“Anyone can write false and slanderous comments about the Church in social networks, but if I were to say the same thing about sexual minorities I would be instantly attacked by human rights defenders and so on,” he complains.

Milonov also rejects concerns that the Orthodox Church is in danger of losing its independence through its cooperation with the Kremlin, noting that it does not receive funding from the authorities.

“The Orthodox Church is not a political party and it will never make an official political statement,” he says, backtracking slightly when reminded of the patriarch’s pre-election support for Putin.

“Of course, Patriarch Kirill’s ‘miracle of God’ comment was a political statement of sorts,” he admits, after a brief pause. “But that was because he saw that the country would suffer if Putin did not remain in charge.”

“All authority is from God,” he goes on. “Any act of God is a miracle for Orthodox believers.”

Liberal = Bolshevik?

While Milonov is quick to recognize the success the country’s opposition forces have had in “shaking things up,” he has nothing but contempt for what he calls the “Bolotnaya Square crowd,” a reference to the traditional central Moscow rallying point for anti-Putin protesters.

“Today’s liberals are exactly the same as the Bolsheviks were a century ago,” he says. “They are extremely aggressive toward those who don’t agree with them. They are ready to hang us all.”

Some 200,000 clergymen were executed during the Soviet period, according to a 1995 presidential committee report on Stalin-era repression. The Moscow Patriarchate says that the Soviet authorities murdered 80,000 people for their faith in 1937 – the peak of Stalin-era terror.

And Milonov takes a sharp intake of breath when asked to comment on reports that opposition figurehead Alexei Navalny is a committed Orthodox believer, albeit one disgruntled by the patriarch’s backing of his arch-nemesis. “If he is a believer, then I’d like to know where he goes to church,” he snaps. “It’s all very suspicious.”

“The goal of our opponents is the destruction of the Church’s undoubted moral authority,” Milonov goes on.

But analysts and opposition figures have questioned the basis of that “authority” since the onset of unprecedented anti-government protests last December, with the issue coming to the fore again in the wake of an opinion survey this month that indicated some 30 percent of self-confessed Orthodox Christians did not actually believe in God. It also found that some 90 percent of believers do not attend church services.

Milonov casts doubt on the accuracy of the Moscow-based independent Levada Center’s poll, but admits that in many respects “to be an Orthodox believer is the same as to be Russian.”

“But even for these people, the Orthodox Church has a certain moral authority,” he insists.

Gay ‘Propaganda’

A former assistant to Kremlin critic and opposition lawmaker Galina Starovoitova, who was assassinated in St. Petersburg in 1998, Milonov joined the ruling United Russia party a decade ago after becoming disillusioned with liberal politics.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Milonov has proposed, this month alone, granting full citizenship to embryos and forcing women who have not given birth by the age of 23 to join the army.

But it is his much-discussed law on so-called gay propaganda in St. Petersburg, frequently referred to as Russia’s “most European city,” that brought him both notoriety and his current high-profile. And he offers no apologies for a bill that has seen him dubbed the “biggest enemy of Russian gays” in liberal circles.

“I don’t want children to get the wrong idea that traditional and non-traditional forms of partnerships are equal – they are not equal,” he says firmly. “Only a man and a woman can be a family – anything else is not a family.”

Russia remains an extremely conservative society and Milonov’s law found massive grassroots support. “It was one of the most popular in recent years,” he says, not without a touch of pride.

A July 2012 poll by the Levada Center found that 75 percent of Russians consider homosexuality to be either the product of "an illness or loose morals."

But critics of Milonov’s law, which has been adopted by four other regions across Russia, say it is too vague in its wording over what constitutes “promotion” of a homosexual lifestyle and is open to abuse.

“Look, the law says nothing about informing children about homosexuality if this is done as part of a school program,” he insists, brushing away criticism. “But a video clip by say, Madonna, in which she is kissing another woman that can be seen by children is gay propaganda. Children like to copy their role models.”

Milonov’s supporters launched a bid this month to sue U.S. pop diva Madonna for $10.5 million over her support for gay rights during a concert in St. Petersburg on August 9.

“If a child’s role model tells them that only homosexuals experience true feelings - this is dangerous. Children are very vulnerable to manipulation,” he adds.

And he likewise rubbishes suggestions that human sexuality is more complex than he presumes and unlikely to be affected by music videos on MTV, citing what he says are higher rates of homosexuality in countries with more liberal attitudes.

“Gay propaganda can influence children,” he insists. “Just look at Germany, where statistics indicate that 12 percent of the population is gay. Statistics also show that 40 percent of men in Berlin have tried homosexual sex. This can not be explained by biology.”

“Of course, there were fewer homosexuals in the Soviet Union,” he says. Homosexuality was a criminal offense in the Soviet Union and was only decriminalized in modern Russia in 1993.

But Milonov says he does not want to see a return to the Soviet practice of jailing suspected homosexuals. “No, it should not be a crime,” he states.

Milonov may not be a fan of Madonna’s music, but he reveals an unexpected passion for the father of Russian punk, the late Yegor Letov, and his anti-establishment, obscenity-ridden music.

“I started listening to Letov when I was about 15,” he nods enthusiastically. “And, yes, I guess it influenced me. I used to swear a lot in my youth. But it was thanks to the Orthodox Church that I stopped."

"But, look," he goes on. "Just because I call myself a Christian, doesn't mean I think I am better than other people. It just means I have more responsibility."


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RIA NovostiVitaly MilonovVitaly Milonov: Laying Down God’s Law in Russia

23:40 30/08/2012 “As a person who dares to call himself a Christian politician, I cannot be a hypocrite,” says United Russia deputy Vitaly Milonov, author of a recent controversial law banning “gay propaganda” in his hometown of St. Petersburg. “I cannot be Christian at church, without being one at work, as well.”>>

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  • Wolfgang9Wow!
    23:24, 30/08/2012
    I admire this person! And I'm sure A. Solzhenitsyn would too if he would be still alive. But the devil has lots of stupid and aggressive jerks on his payroll and such heros like Milonov cannot proceed.
  • metchithinking day is required (Shaleet example is not bad)
    23:24, 30/08/2012
    I did not continue to the end because the langauge is not understood to I... what is the "working day" in the 18th century!?

    any way...Russia is an Islamic country before and after the 18th century with or without that "working day" you mentioned... Islam is the theist of Ibrahim with all of his offspring (Moussay...Muhammad...Eissa...etc) Munia Heglova AbdelHameedovic ...doshka Govota Chemelova Nicolovic
  • Babeoufajust like the USA
    23:28, 30/08/2012
    Well another politician with that peculiar intellectual incompetence which leads to the classification of a ' Holly' Text not as historical accident but as social necessity. This is the second time in a century that the Russian regime has declared war on European values.
    • Wolfgang9I really wonder
      03:14, 31/08/2012
      I really wonder hat you understand under "European values". For the last onethousand years Christian religion has been the foundation of Western European values. Only the last maybe 40 years some homosexuals want to enforce acceptance. But maybe you should have a look at the developments in the US toward extreme conservatism. I guess that's not what you had in mind?
      • PETEPETEPETE(no title)
        18:37, 01/09/2012
        The Chinese don't want "gays" around. Rejection of homosexuality has always been the human standard in all races, cultures, religions and lack of them...your argument is failure. Take your Wall Street trojan-horse (homosexuality) somewhere else.

        PS - "European values"? You mean the "enlightment"? If i'm not mistaken that ended with the "Reign of Terror" and countless wars...
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • free_mind50(no title)
        00:22, 31/08/2012
        The blurring of the line of church and state is a trap., it will be used to dives, and fragment the Russian Federation further.
        The western world spreads its hegemony through christian religious ideals and those same tools are used to divide and conquer
        • PETEPETEPETE(no title)
          18:35, 01/09/2012
          The West is trying to spread religion and blur the line between church and state?!? lol...Secularism is the tool of the West that's what you should say.

          Your mentality is the "western mentality".
        • cynthialaurenThank You, Gentlemen! from a Christian Sister
          15:41, 01/09/2012
          I simply cannot thank you enough for taking such an honorable stand.

          This world NEEDS more men of your ilk, and I am both honored and pleased that you are men of integrity.

          Mr. Milonov and you, Mr. Putin - will be in my prayers as our Father leads.

          With all that I've read of your country in my 54 years of life - I am now as an adult Christian with Armenian heritage, I am truly honored to call you both 'Brother'.

          God BLESS you and your dear families.
          Please continue to stand in Truth and Love and the strength of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

          Your sister in The Christ,

          Cynthia Lauren Thorpe
          Christian American in Australia's Outback
        • cynthialaurenThanks for writing, Pete - And, you are incorrect.
          03:23, 02/09/2012
          Hi. You and I don't know each other, so it is incorrect that you judge me simply because I spoke about what Jesus does for us and the 'fact' that I was born in the USA. I did not decide where I was born, Pete. God did. Not me. So, do you now condemn me and prejudge me simply based on the land of my birth? Please know that as a 54 year old woman of GOD - I have been shaped and formed by the hand of OUR CREATOR - not my country or her politics, my new friend.
          I ask that you dare to open your mind and heart just a small bit to 'see' that it is your frustration that is talking (and that - obviously, is normal but, unwise as well.)

          I write because I've been saved by the Blood of the Risen Savior - Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. And - because He saved me (a woman who was indoctrinated by her country's secularism and disdain for all things GODLY (I'm speaking about our 'leaders' who were blind - and fought against GOD and did not listen to Him nor show His Love and Compassion) I fell victim to 'the system' and believed that 'I' was a 'god' - and could manage my own life. But, my friend - I learned that I was NOT GOD and that I needed a Savior. (I learned this while dangling over the Pit of Hell - so, should we ever meet, I would be happy to share my experience with you - but, it would be inappropriate here in this forum.)

          So, Pete - or, Peter. I ask that you not 'judge' me which is normal and quite human. I only ask that you try to open your heart and mind 'just a little bit' and understand that once a person has been touched and blessed by our CREATOR, Himself - that He changes the heart of Mankind. (Which means 'womankind, as well, yes?) What I see in the two men I am praying for is STRENGTH of CHARACTER and I see RESPECT of a Heavenly Authority in their eyes. That is 'why' I say they are my brothers - regardless of where on this globe we've been born.

          Please know I DO NOT carry within me a 'Western Church Mentality' - no, on the contrary - I carry within me the shed Blood of our Christ and a love for His Truth and compassion for others - yet, intolerance (HIS INTOLERANCE, may I add) of 'evil', which homosexuality most assuredly is. Please know that I will be lifting you up in prayer today as well...and 'No.' again - that is not a 'threat' from a controlling woman - it is the TRUTH and LOVE from a heart that was only changed by GOD.

          How I wish we could dialogue, for then - you would understand that I am genuine - and only a sheep that follows our Shepard - no other 'blind' leaders... Peter. I see Jesus (His Honor) in the eyes of these two men - do you fault me for wanting to pray for them? Why?

          Cynthia Lauren
          Once a prisoner - now, forever free.
          And, NEVER wanting to imprison others , but to set THEM FREE as well. Free in Spirit, dear Pete. Free in Spirit.
        • cynthialaurenYou've given me 'new reason' to want to visit your country, Pete.
          03:55, 02/09/2012
          You know... When I was 'first saved' - God placed a passion for Russia on my heart. That was over 22 years ago, now, Pete. I heard on the radio that Christian missionaries were going to your country and I felt PASSION to go along...but, I had a small child and my first responsibility was to him.
          He's now almost 27, and an adult male - who needs NO mothering (quite like yourself, I imagine) ((and I'm NOT being sarcastic - I'm being truthful and hold you in respect, Sir.))

          So, perhaps - God willing - in this wild world right now, with Him willing - perhaps we will meet.
          A bottle of fine red wine (why - Yes! Pete! I have glasses of wine and do NOT get drunk!) and an open fireplace where we'd be able to hash these issues out - so that we'd be allies - and not antagonists. At least, that would be my prayer.

          C.L. Thorpe
        • AtossaEvil Foundations of Secular Democracy
          05:19, 02/09/2012

          God has taught me is to look at foundations, the underpinning beneath all the blasphemy, evil and perversion that exists today... and that will explain why it exists, how it came to be and how to correct it.

          To correct a blasphemous, evil and perverted world order, one must first correct the blasphemous, evil and perverse foundation. In modern western civilization the two main places to begin are the "Age of Enlightenment" and the "Great Awakening."

          I would encourage you to do a little research on how these two satanic "revolutions" changed not only social and political culture, but also changed the fundamental way men view their relationship with God and changed how men view their relationship with the man God places in power over them [Tsar, king, ruler, etc.]

          I know it is difficult at first to objectively view the foundations of those ideas that we have been taught all our lives and have taken for granted as Truth, when in actuality most of what westerners believe today is only a 'consensus truth', ie, traditions of men.

          • cynthialaurenThank You, Atossa.
            14:04, 02/09/2012
            Atossa - (and, Pete - as well)
            I am in agreement with you on many points. I pray I'll be able to 'get through' to you that I KNOW of what I speak.

            1. For 32 years I lived a life of the secular. (Secular being defined as being totally GODLESS.) I sang in the 80's with guys the likes of Santana, okay? I KNOW about the evil in this world. BIG TIME, okay? So, PLEASE do not take this as an opportunity to strike against your own SISTER rather than immediately supposing that I am still of those 'lost sheep'. For, I assure you that I am not.

            In fact - rather than listing facts to somehow 'convince' you - I will, rather - ask you to 'travel to' my web site tomorrow. It is named: crossbredsheep.com There, I have been led to begin to delineate how the LIVING GOD has been blessing me. (Read, not 'a church' of men who only attempt to control...but, of TRUE followers of Jesus Christ - of which I am most assuredly one.

            I invite you to come there - because after tonight's post (which I committed to yesterday - so, I will follow through with doing it) I will promise to give you 'my testimony' which most probably should've been given before I launched into other topics on the site.

            But, my brother. I will post my testimony - and afterwards, I'd very much appreciate hearing yours. Not as a 'dare' of 'who' knows our LORD and HIS WAYS the best - for, that would be competition and unseemly between a brother and sister. Rather - I invite you to read a REAL TESTIMONY of how The Christ saved this soul of mine.

            I've appreciated each and every word that you've written here and I see that you 'are' brilliant in Christ and well informed. So, please. Be my guest at my site - and perhaps HIS 'cross-bred' sheep from two quite different worlds, as it were - may join together in His Peace and in prayer for His Glory - for, it is ONLY in and with God's Mercy and Strength that we will stand and continue to stand in HIM during these times.

            I'm going to finish this now. I will read the rest of your great posts and then, complete the work on the site I said I'd do. THEN. Tomorrow (it is 7:27pm in Australia on Sunday night) I will post my testimony - for you and Pete. Then, obviously - it's your call.

            BUT. Insofar as the French Revolution being the 'same as' the American? No Way, kiddo. Nope. No way. The French Revolution (which I have studied) was the will of man - extinguishing the Authority of GOD. Plain an' Simple. Where the American Revolution (which, I have also studied) was the will of man SUBMITTED to His HOLY GOD - man understanding of course - that his 'flesh' led to a propensity of evil - where when submitted to GOD - has true freedom. But, we can discuss that later - and I relish conversing with individuals who 'have a clue' about what's going on - and just 'what' the issues are.

            Thank You. I mean that sincerely. And, I AM a woman of HIS (and, therefore - my) WORD. I believe you will ultimately see that.

            God bless you, Atossa. It is a pleasure to 'see'/read thoughts of value.
            Your SISTER - regardless the continent.
            Cynthia Lauren
          • AtossaMan's way or God's Way
            06:43, 02/09/2012

            It is logical that people in secular nations would look for secular answers.

            Most people are really atheists [even most Christians.] Deep down they really don't believe there is a God who interacts and actively controls His universe.

            This secular atheistic attitude is the fruit of the "Age of Enlightenment" that turned the idea of "god" into an unknown abstract that wound up the universe like a clock, then left for whereabouts unknown.

            It is also the result of the "Great Awakening" where wide and varying individual beliefs [not Bible doctrines] are valued, thus splintering the church into a thousand pieces... and finally eliminating the church [and God] entirely to worship at the altar of man.

            Both of these satanic social/political/religious revolutions were the philosophical foundations upon which both the American and French revolutions were based.

            In the Bible, God uses men to fulfill His Will... Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Cyrus. As you can see by these examples, when God has a big job to do, He sends one man [not a committee.]

            This is where God's Anointed Tsar enters the equation... one man God has raised up to liberate God's People from Egypt, from Babylon and deliver them to God's Promised Land.

            When King Josiah was given the forgotten books of God's Law, he was fearful that his kingdom was doomed because the people were disobeying God and living in sin [they even allowed sodomites in the temple.] It was one man, God's king, who first repented and made amends by obeying God and correcting the evil in his kingdom. Then the king advised the people who also agreed to obey God. Notice the progression of authority... God to king to people.

          • AtossaGod's Path to the Kingdom of God on earth
            07:00, 02/09/2012

            The Russian Orthodox Church is defenseless. It is God's Anointed Tsar who defends God's Church and protects the God-bearing people. Until God's Anointed Tsar arises to restore Holy Russia, God's Third Rome, the entire world will continue to be enslaved to a secular perverted antichrist world order.

            • cynthialauren...this is going to be 'very' enlightening (forgive the pun)
              14:13, 02/09/2012
              Atossa. We've got a CONSIDERABLE amount to discuss - and I believe both of us will be blessed by the sharing of ideas... Both of us being submitted to the Authority that ONLY comes from and through our HOLY - MOST HOLY - GOD.

              I'm off to crossbredsheep. I've got to get that next post in...

              Be blessed in His Strength and Wisdom,

              Cynthia Lauren
            • mandelstam13The light?
              16:45, 02/09/2012
              "God created light on the first day, and the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day. Where did the light come from on the first day?" - Dostoyevsky
            • AtossaRoots of Antichrist Revolution
              20:11, 02/09/2012

              From the evil foundation of the "Age of Enlightenment" and the "Great Awakening" and the twin abominations, freemasonry and deism, was spawned the American and French revolutions.

              The American revolution was conceived in freemasonic and deist sin born in rebellion against its king, and continues in rebellion against the King of kings.

              George Washington and Ben Franklin were freemasons. Thomas Jefferson was an antichrist deist who rewrote the Bible purposefully removing all references to the miracles and deity of Jesus Christ. Thomas Paine was an antichrist deist who wrote a book to justify the French revolution. Ben Franklin, the US ambassador to France, hobnobbed with French freemasons who planned and executed the French revolution. Ben Franklin was close friends with Voltaire and was present when Voltaire became a freemason. The French atheist revolution against its king and King of kings was inspired and assisted by it's "Age of Enlightenment" brother, the American revolution.

              Later... America would destroy more monarchies by fostering war and revolution, including the February 1917 "democratic" revolution that destroyed the Russian Christian monarchy and deposed God's Tsar, Nicholas II. Russians know the evil and horrific consequences of that American-inspired abomination. But do they know this... that in 1857 a sermon was given to US congressmen at the capitol in Washington DC that advocated exactly that... that the USA destroy Christian Tsarist Russia via war [WW1] and revolution [Feb/Oct 1917 revolutions.]

              Americans love the "Great Awakening" and they call it a "religious revival" when actually it was a Christianity destroyer.

              The current antichrist world order is the blasphemous, perverted "logical" consequence of both the "Age of Enlightenment" and the "Great Awakening." Both were the primary foundation of American freemasons/revolutionaries, the American revolution and the secular
              US constitution. Both were also the foundation of the American attitude behind that 1857 sermon which advocated the USA destroy all Christian monarchies, church-states, and theocracies... and do it in the name of their enlightened, freemasonic, deist false-god !

            • AtossaAnti-Russia 1857 Sermon at Capitol in Washington DC
              22:04, 02/09/2012

              In Feb 1857 a sermon was given to congressmen at the capitol in Washington DC that
              advocated the USA destroy all monarchies and theocratic states via war and revolution
              and set up global USA-style democracy with the USA being the world's big brother.

              The sermon especially targeted Tsarist Christian Russia. The sermon said the last war
              of the age would be fought between the USA and Russia. This was 60 years before
              the Russian democratic/bolshevik revolutions and WW1, the war President Wilson said
              would 'make the world safe for democracy' [ie, destroy monarchies and theocratic states,
              just as the sermon had advocated.]

              Appropriately, the sermon was called, "Defence of Armageddon", by FE Pitts


              The USA's foreign policy of being a self-appointed nation-destroying/nation-building
              crusader to turn the world into a USA vassal state, may indeed be the catalyst that
              propels the world to Armageddon.

              The 1857 sermon says [page 115] that the nations of the earth will be "under
              the counsel and example of the United States" and the USA will be their
              "elder brother" who will "instruct them in the principles of popular freedom."

              Below are more quotes from the 1857 sermon, the sermon preaches that the
              USA has a "divine" mission to destroy all monarchies/theocracies on the earth
              and advocates their destruction via war and revolution... the foreign policy of the
              USA yesterday and today.


              [USA] "... destined in its great mission to annihilate the last vestige of monarchy from the nations of the earth... "

              "... the mission of this great fifth nationality was the destruction of State and Church union, as well as the
              utter and ultimate extermination of ecclesiastical and political despotism from the face of the earth. "

              " The truth is, the fifth great commonwealth that the God of heaven was to "set up" was so utterly repugnant
              to monarchy, in all its forms and phases, that it should destroy it from the face of the earth. "

              "That this fifth or stone government [ie, USA] would destroy the last vestige of monarchy from the face of the earth."

              "That the destruction of monarchy will be effected by military power."

              "As this conflict puts a final end to all earthly monarchy, and as all political governments are either autocratic or democratic, and as the fifth government is to "Become a great mountain and fill the whole world," the conclusion is forced upon us that one of the grand missions of the providential Republic of America is the final overthrow of monarchy and the extension of the principles of popular freedom over the whole world."

              "At the very time of the overthrow of Monarchy in the field, a revolutionary "fire breaks out in the land of Magog" and in the isles of the sea: the friends of freedom at home in Russia and Great Britain strike for liberty, and the work is done."

              " These two great powers are the United States of America and the monarchy of Russia, both extending the magnitude of their greatness; so that, in the present state of affairs, a perfect coincidence of facts answers a perfect description of prophecy. We look to the future for the finale of these startling wonders, to be fulfilled in a conflict that will enlist all nations, stir the world with commotion, and drench the earth with blood. "


              Don't let this satanic sermon, which wraps itself up in Bible quotes, fool you.
              Satan can also appear as an angel of light and demons can quote scripture.

              Russian Orthodox Christians say that when God's Tsar was deposed [by the
              democrats] and murdered [by the bolshevks] the One who had restrained
              global evil was removed and the spirit of antichrist took over the planet.

              In his WW1 war speech to US Congress [April 1917] US President Wilson
              praised the democratic revolutionaries in Russia who had just deposed
              Russia's Tsar [Feb/March 1917.]

              Wilson said the revolutionaries were people the US could work with [the USA
              had worked with them - and through them to destroy Tsarist Russia - just like
              it does today in nations around the world.]

              From that same speech came the famous phrase concerning the purpose of WW1:
              "Make the world safe for democracy", that is, to make the world safe for antichrist
              secular humanism.

              Here are quotes from Wilson's War Speech:

              " Does not every American feel that assurance has been added to our hope for the future peace of the world
              by the wonderful and heartening things that have been happening within the last few weeks in Russia? "

              " Russian people have been added in all their naive majesty and might to the forces that are fighting for freedom
              in the world, for justice, and for peace. Here is a fit partner for a league of honour. "

              " The world must be made safe for democracy. "

              Wilson's War Message to Congress - World War I Document Archive


              Below is another quote from the 1857 sermon.

              This one is actually quite prophetic.

              Remember this was 1857 and Russia was a monarchy and had been so for almost 900 years.

              But the quote says "reconstructed monarchy" a foreshadowing perhaps of the democratic/bolshevik
              revolutions that deposed Russia's Tsar... and the restoration of Russia's Tsar at the end of this age.

              " We must look to Russia, then, as the colossal giant of reconstructed monarchy,
              embodying the whole of autocracy in the last grand organization...."

            • AtossaWar of 1812
              10:39, 04/09/2012

              The USA buying the "Louisiana purchase" [1804] financed Napoleon's warmongering.

              Very convenient that the USA declared war on Russia's ally, England, [June 18, 1812]
              less than a week before Napoleon invaded Russia [June 24, 1812.]

            • adammurray88@hotmail.comSo sad to see things like this.
              21:30, 29/11/2012
              I think it's very sad that someone like this should hold public office. A man or woman who takes up public office should serve all constituents best interests, even the one's he doesn't like.

              I've always wanted to learn more about Russia and visit such a beautiful country but it sounds like there are a lot of judgemental right wing people inside and outside of religion. I wouldn't feel safe and I'm afraid I'll never be safe enough to go to Russia just because I am a young gay man.

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