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UN Vote on Crimea Proves Russia is Not Isolated - Envoy Churkin

Topic: Crimea’s Fate

21:48 27/03/2014
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UNITED NATIONS, March 27 (RIA Novosti) - The vote by the United Nations on a resolution declaring Crimea's referendum invalid clearly showed that Russia is not alone on the world arena, the country's UN envoy said Thursday.

The 193-nation UN General Assembly passed the non-binding resolution with 100 votes in favor, 11 against, and 58 abstentions.

Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe joined Russia in rejecting the document.

“The result is rather satisfying for us as we have won a moral and a political victory,” Vitaly Churkin said.

“It clearly shows that Russia is not isolated [by the international community],” the diplomat said.

In the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, Crimea sought reunification with Russia, a move backed by over 96 percent of voters in the March 16 referendum.

The region, previously an autonomous republic within Ukraine, became part of Russia last week.


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RIA NovostiCrimean ParliamentUN Vote on Crimea Proves Russia is Not Isolated - Envoy Churkin

21:48 27/03/2014 The vote by the United Nations on a resolution declaring Crimea's referendum invalid clearly showed that Russia is not alone on the world arena, the country's UN envoy said Thursday.>>

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  • bielecOne may wonder...
    22:36, 27/03/2014
    ...why the remaining 124 "nations" voted against the right of the peoples to self-determination - a right enshrined in the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights since 1976. See: http://www.ohchr.org/en/professionalinterest/pages/ccpr.aspx.
    • PR101That's not what
      03:04, 28/03/2014
      they voted against. They voted against redrawing national boundaries based on sub population votes.
      Reply | Comments: 4Expand branch
      • koutstaalscared
        17:01, 28/03/2014
        Quite simply: the leaders of those member states are damned scary for the USA's ability to topple them on one pretext or another. Not to mention the use of terrorist acts for getting to the intended result.
      • bielecExtent of corruption
        22:55, 27/03/2014
        So, meddling, financing, and inciting bloody EuroMaidan activities was not illegal, but a peaceful referendum by the people of Crimea was somehow "illegal"?

        Besides, the UN General Assembly has not issued any resolution condemning the government of Bahrain for cracking down on peaceful demonstrators, or any resolution condemning illegal wars of conquest led by the U.S. under the fabricated pretext of "war on terrorism." It has not condemned the use of terrorists and foreign mercenaries to destabilize sovereign states. It has not condemned the official use of torture, drones, and political assassinations. The list is long.
      • bielecAnd, of course...
        22:59, 27/03/2014
        ...you cannot declare the new authorities of Crimea "illegal" while recognizing the new, unelected, illegal, illegitimate, and unconstitutional government of Ukraine.
        • PR101When was the
          02:57, 28/03/2014
          last time in Europe, one country redrew its national borders based on a sub population vote in another country? If a sub population of a country votes to become apart of another country, can that other country simply redraw its borders to incorporate? This is the pertinent question.
          • bielecTo PR101:
            14:43, 28/03/2014
            Kosovo, February 17, 2008. The declaration of independence in Crimea was an exact replica of the Kosovo declaration of independence. Then, the Crimeans themselves decided to join Russia in a fully legal referendum. Nothing wrong with that.

            Other examples: - all the color revolutions that resulted in a creation of new, independent states. That required redrawing of existing borders, didn't it?
          • PR101No, Russia is not alone,
            01:22, 28/03/2014
            it had 10 other countries vote against the Ukrainian resolution. Now look at those countries. Ask yourself, are these the countries you want to be grouped with:? Even most of the BRICS did not vote with Russia.
            • sasha74can i draw a parallel?
              12:24, 28/03/2014
              would you prefer to marry a poor but honest girl or a hooker from a brothel that earned a heep of cash while working there?
            • PantzerDiplomacydemocracy is when US says so
              01:37, 28/03/2014
              whatever people say does not matter. You "Ruskies" never learn. And good because US if about to fold up ha ha ha
            • moshe.weintraub@yahoo.comNot really a victory this vote!
              04:21, 28/03/2014
              Well, 100 is quite much. Of course, the 100: are EU, Islamic+Arab countries, the US vasalls in South East Asia. Plus, like always, the US embassy tried to cook soft undecided countries!

              But, sorry, countries like Belarus, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, & Zimbabwe are not really a nice neighbourhood to be in!
              Russia's diplomacy has failed to sollicitate larger support for their action about Crimea, which itself is well understandible.
              Evidently, Turkey's annexation of Cyprus and the US' attack upon Irak and Afghanistan are just irrelevant.
              But ! Why has China abstained ? Why have the Chinese not voted against that resolution ?
              What was on their mind ? After all, they invaded Tibet 1959......
              This 100 to 11 is a propagandistic victory for the US their intervenionists women populated in the State by Clitonia!

              so, the 100 states love these fascists Ukrainian regime...nice, nice, nice
              • sasha74you don't know why China abstained?
                12:21, 28/03/2014
                Does Taiwan ring a bell? It's a wonderful, prosperous little island that the US is trying to turn into a US military base for a long time now, marching to the exact same song, "the right of SOME to redraw borders". And since it would be suicidal to openly march their troops in there, they keep funding secession movements. So China pretty much doesn't need now to pump more gas on a already burning fire within their own border...
                • bielecTo Moshe:
                  15:06, 28/03/2014
                  Have you lived in a communist or socialist country? Or, is your knowledge about it entirely based on Western publications and propaganda?

                  I grew up in one of the Soviet satellite countries, in a socialist country. Then I spent the other half of my life in the West. We voted on candidates appointed by the parties, not elected by the people. Same is the case in the West. We could not demonstrate against the government. Here you can but nobody listens, so again, there is no difference. The difference is: - we had free and high quality education, exemplary health care, and absolutely the best social programs in the world. The system has lost with the West because it was investing more in people and less in the economy and the elites, so it grew slower. But this does not mean that it was "bad".

                  Unfortunately, people in the West are conditioned to react to certain words in a negative way. Hence, you believe that countries like Belarus, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, & Zimbabwe are not good. I think they are better than today's neocon and zionist West. Iraq, for example, had much better standard of living and social programs for its people than the U.S., until it was destroyed by imperialists and international criminals who wanted to loot its natural resources.

                  I fully agree with you on your other remarks. You have raised some really good points.
                • sasha74actualy..
                  10:11, 28/03/2014
                  I would call this vote an interesting exercise in mathematics... it's a clear account of how many countries are US vasals, how many are not but don't dare openly oppose it and how many have what they would call "cojones" to openly defy the new world gendarme... still a pretty gray image, however, a few years ago, those who now at least had the decency to abstain from voting wouldn't even dare to do that... still, that would be all... a formal vote to no effect... expecting the Russians to act upon it would be like asking them to pack their suitcases and move beyond the Ural mountains... plain silly...
                • koutstaalWest crumbling?
                  17:44, 28/03/2014
                  58 abstentions on 193 votes, 11 con's: seems that the West's preponderance is melting down. The Crimean secession case is crucial to the success of Barbarossa II (that is how I nickname NATO's offensive through Ukraine into to the oilfields of Southern Russia and the Caspian basin). If in such a sensitive issue of utmost importance to NATO so many UNO-members abstain - that is telling.
                • Bugbear(no title)
                  18:03, 28/03/2014
                  pointless....democrazy of the countries???? LOL countries are nothing except constructs to trap and enslave free people. 1 vote for 1.3 billion in China and 1 vote for 300,000 in Iceland. LOL what BS

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