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93 Percent of Crimeans Vote for Joining Russia - Exit Polls

Topic: Crimea’s Fate

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Referendum in CrimeaReferendum in CrimeaReferendum in Crimea
22:43 16/03/2014
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SIMFEROPOL, March 16 (RIA Novosti) - Exit polls showed that some 93 percent of residents of Ukraine’s autonomous republic of Crimea voted on Sunday for seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia.

Voters were asked just two questions on the ballot – printed in the Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar languages – to secede from Ukraine and request annexation by Russia, or to remain part of Ukraine with expanded autonomy for the region.

Only 7 percent of voters chose to restore the 1992 Crimean Constitution and remain an autonomous republic within Ukraine, said the Crimean institute of political and sociological research, which conducted the exit polls at 150 voting sites in Crimea and 50 sites in Sevastopol, a city with a separate administrative status from the rest of the peninsula.

More than 59,000 voters took part in the exit polls.

According to Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov, 85 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the referendum.

Frants Klintsevich, a member of United Russia party and observer at the Crimean referendum, told RIA Novosti that the Russian parliament will consider Crimea's annexation as soon as possible.

"I think all the legal procedures may be completed by the end of March," Klintsevich said.

Sunday’s referendum, widely expected to pass with an overwhelming margin, is at the center of the most serious geopolitical showdown between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War.

Ukrainian and Western leaders have denounced the referendum as illegitimate and unconstitutional, while Moscow insists the Crimeans – a majority of whom identify as ethnic Russians – should be allowed to determine their own destiny.

Western leaders have threatened targeted economic sanctions and visa bans against Russian officials responsible for violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine if Crimea secedes and is annexed following the referendum.

The political crisis in Ukraine erupted in November following a step back by President Viktor Yanukovych from closer ties with Europe. Months-long protests in the country's capital Kiev that repeatedly turned deadly eventually led to his ouster by a vote of parliament February 22.

Crimea, along with several other regions in Ukraine, has refused to recognize as legitimate the new leadership in the country.

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RIA NovostiReferendum in Crimea93 Percent of Crimeans Vote for Joining Russia - Exit Polls

22:43 16/03/2014 Exit polls showed that some 93 percent of residents of Ukraine’s autonomous republic of Crimea voted on Sunday for seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia.>>

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  • rochefortfrancois(no title)
    23:01, 16/03/2014
    Poeple of Crimea have talked!
  • sorindoncea@gmail.comNew history is written now
    23:03, 16/03/2014
    After sixty years what was to happen had happen... Crimea goes back to it's Motherland Russia. Despite everything EU, US and other countries said and will say Crimea had nothing in common with Ukraine
  • PR101No Doubt
    23:18, 16/03/2014
    a majority will vote this way. Remember, the Tarters boycot this, and realize, Kim got 100% in N. Korea.
    • bielecIy's 93% of valid votes, not 93% of registered voters
      01:07, 17/03/2014
      Like everywhere else, the elections and referendums are based on valid votes, not on the total number of registered voters.

      In case of abstention and spoilt votes, invalid votes, equally to non posted votes, have no effect on the result of the poll.

      Therefore, if the Tatars boycotted the referendum, their votes are not in the poll.
    • costas1(no title)
      23:41, 16/03/2014
      The people of Crimea have shown the entire world what true democracy is. Free and Fair referendums must take place in all regions of Ukraine so that people can peacefully decide for their own future. Well Done Crimea, Well Done
    • bielecCongratulations!
      01:08, 17/03/2014
      Expect that the U.S. and EU will not recognize the results of this referendum, citing the “Constitution” and “international law”. Never mind that the way the current government in Kiev came to power was unconstitutional. Never mind that that referendums are consistent with international law, the right of ‘all peoples’ to self-determination, and are the highest expression of real democracy – ( see: http://www.ohchr.org/en/professionalinterest/pages/ccpr.aspx ). Never mind that the secession of Kosovo from Serbia was instigated and supported by “our partners” or that separation referendums were repeatedly held in Canadian province of Quebec and were deemed perfectly legal.

      Let’s face it – there will be trouble ahead and it will be pursued for reasons other than international law and Ukrainian Constitution. The traitors have already agreed to pass the pipelines to the vultures who are already counting their profits. This is why they invested so much money in the Maidan.

      It’s time to disregard the hypocritical demagogy of “our partners” and it’s time to face the truth. The West is in it to target Russia and to dominate the world. America is in it to control the oil and natural gas, to run pipelines, and to preserve the petrodollar as the global reserve currency. Europe is in it to expand their markets, to loot, steel, and exploit. They are not in it to help the Ukrainians or to defend democracy.

      “Our partners” did not call for a special session of the UN Security Council, did not present a draft resolution, and did not apply sanctions, when the truly peaceful protesters in Bahrain were being attacked by the Saudi military invited by the Bahraini government. Obama, Kerry, Nuland, and McCain do not protest or issue threats, when Israel violates the rights of the Palestinians and bombs Palestinian or Lebanese civilians. America did not call for normalization, when their mercenaries and sponsored terrorists destabilized Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Venezuela, and Ukraine. In recent years, America and NATO violated international law and committed crimes against peace and war crimes by invading several sovereign states based on a pack of lies, with a single goal of a regime change.

      Everything they say about the situation in Ukraine is exactly the opposite of the truth. They incited, financed, and supported the conflict, they created the problem and now, they are blaming Russia for stepping in and preventing further destabilization. They installed an illegal government in an unconstitutional way and now, they accuse the Crimean government of being unconstitutional.
      They agitated aggressive and violent events and now they are accusing Russia of aggression. What aggression? Where are the casualties? Where are the victims? Where is the blood that flew so freely around the EuroMaidan?

      We have to stop thinking who is right and who is wrong and start seeing the obvious. The evidence is out there. All we have to do is stop listening to propaganda and start using our own, independent, critical thinking skills.
    • Mikhail1228Frankenstein's monster unleashed!
      16:11, 17/03/2014
      The Western news media is all lies, misinformation, half truths and fabrications. The West says the Crimean referendum is illegal because of the constitution. There is no constitution as when armed neo nazi thugs took over the government by force this act was unconstitutional! Victoria Nuland was overheard on a taped phone call orchestrating regime change. Furthermore 5 billion US dollars was spent paying for this regime change. The UK's MP George Galloway said that the coup plotters in the US and EU gave protesters $50 dollars a day to promulgate violence against police, government officials and government buildings in Kiev. If anything is illegal its the meddling and interference of the US and EU in a sovereign countries internal affairs! As MP George Galloway said, the EU has unleashed Frankenstein's monster in Kiev by going to bed with the neo nazi's to overthrow a legitimately elected President and government!
      • Mikhail1228UK’s George Galloway- West has unleashed Frankenstein’s monster
        18:53, 17/03/2014
        UK’s George Galloway- West has unleashed Frankenstein’s monster


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