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Crimea Referendum Website Hit by Cyber Attack

Topic: Crimea’s Fate

15:47 16/03/2014
Tags: Crimea, Ukraine

KIEV, March 16 (RIA Novosti) – Hackers have attacked the official website of the secession referendum in Ukraine’s autonomous republic of Crimea just hours before polls opened, local officials said Sunday.

“Today at 1 a.m. our website was hit by a massive wave of modern denial of service attacks,” officials said in a statement.

According to the statement posted on the website referendum2014.ru, experts were able to calculate the source of the attacks as originating from the US-based University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Such attacks often originate from so-called botnets, networks of compromised computers owned by unsuspecting users that usually have no knowledge their computers are being used for illicit purposes.

Botnets can be controlled remotely by hackers to swamp a web server with rapid fire requests of its web pages, a digital assault known as a distributed denial of service attack.

On Friday, denial of service attacks temporarily interrupted services on several Russian government websites, including those of the Kremlin and Central Bank of Russia.

Hacker attacks have been at the center of previous rows between former Soviet republics and Russia. Government and private websites in Estonia were brought down by hackers during a 2007 dispute over the relocation of a Soviet war memorial in the Baltic country’s capital, Tallinn.


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RIA NovostiCrimean FlagCrimea Referendum Website Hit by Cyber Attack

15:47 16/03/2014 Hackers have attacked the official website of the secession referendum in Ukraine’s autonomous republic of Crimea just hours before polls opened, local officials said Sunday.>>

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  • agnesmariaPredictable...
    20:02, 16/03/2014
    ...and now traced to the USA. How exposing. Tainted territory on which their citizens live - it must be reclaimed for the righteous and altruistic.

    Who's got it figured out? Play straight.
  • Mikhail1228The EU and US have unleashed Frankenstein's monster!
    16:09, 17/03/2014
    The Western news media is all lies, misinformation, half truths and fabrications. The West says the Crimean referendum is illegal because of the constitution. There is no constitution as when armed neo nazi thugs took over the government by force this act was unconstitutional! Victoria Nuland was overheard on a taped phone call orchestrating regime change. Furthermore 5 billion US dollars was spent paying for this regime change. The UK's MP George Galloway said that the coup plotters in the US and EU gave protesters $50 dollars a day to promulgate violence against police, government officials and government buildings in Kiev. If anything is illegal its the meddling and interference of the US and EU in a sovereign countries internal affairs! As MP George Galloway said, the EU has unleashed Frankenstein's monster in Kiev by going to bed with the neo nazi's to overthrow a legitimately elected President and government!

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