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Russia Slams Violation of Media Freedoms in Ukraine

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

Russia Slams Violation of Media Freedoms in Ukraine
21:42 11/03/2014
Tags: NTV Mir, RTR Planeta, Channel One, Russia 24, Ukraine, Russia

MOSCOW, March 11 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday expressed concern over violation of media freedoms and discrimination against journalists covering the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine.

The ministry listed a number of instances in which it said Russian reporters had been blocked from entering Ukraine, deported from the country or faced pressure and even death threats.

According to the ministry, some Russian media websites have been targeted by hackers supporting the recent revolution in Ukraine, while several Russian television channels have been blocked by Ukrainian cable TV providers.

On Tuesday, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine ordered Ukrainian providers to stop broadcasting Russian TV channels Vesti, Russia 24, Channel One, RTR Planeta and NTV Mir, citing measures to ensure the national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The parliament of Ukraine’s heavily ethnic-Russian populated Crimea has declared its intention to secede from Kiev and join Russia following the recent revolution in Ukraine. Russia has said it will welcome the Crimea, while international leaders have condemned the move for secession as illegal and accused Russia of attempting to annex the region.

Russian TV, which is almost exclusively state-controlled, tends to reflect Moscow’s official position, and has come under fire for portraying a biased view of events in Ukraine.

Amnesty International has said journalists face harassment and intimidation in Crimea from pro-Russian activists.

The Foreign Ministry sharply criticized what it said was a double standards policy and selective approach “in the assessment of the freedom of the press in Ukraine by international organizations, non-governmental organizations and human rights groups, which are turning a blind eye to such a blatant show of censure.”

“We expect the OSCE representative for media freedom to give a prompt and unbiased assessment of these instances of violations of journalists' rights and to ensure that those currently in power in Kiev comply with the relevant OSCE obligations," the ministry said.

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RIA NovostiRussia Slams Violation of Media Freedoms in UkraineRussia Slams Violation of Media Freedoms in Ukraine

21:42 11/03/2014 The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday expressed concern over violation of media freedoms and discrimination against journalists covering the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine.>>

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  • eusper@zipmail.com.brPutin for president of USA
    22:30, 11/03/2014
    USA seeks to join Russian Federation
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    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    A "Putin for President" search gets 115 million results
    A “Putin for President” search gets 115 million results
    Fed up with their nation’s corrupt, mendacious, ineffectual leadership, a group of Americans is seeking to join the Russian Federation.
    “We are collecting signatures for a national referendum on whether to remain a failed state – an economic basket case run by criminal oligarchs – or to join the Russian Federation under a President with a proven track record of bringing oligarchs to heel,” said Bill Blatsky, head of the Join Russia – Putin for President committee.
    Referendum proponents point out that the US has deep historic ties with Russia. “Nearly 20% of the United States consists of Alaska, which was historically Russian territory,” Blatsky explains. “Even today, Sarah Palin can look out her window across the Bering Strait, see the glittering lights of Vladivostok, and sigh longingly, wishing she were over there in a civilized country, where an ignorant hick like her wouldn’t stand a chance of getting elected dogcatcher. Why would Americans wish to remain in a nation that would even contemplate putting such a person within a heartbeat of its presidency? By joining the Russian Federation, we would become part of a country with at least a semblance of an educational system.”
    The Putin for President movement points out that America’s West Coast from San Francisco northward – the coolest part of the USA – is also arguably a historic part of Russia. “It isn’t just Alaska,” Blatsky explained. “There is a reason that the world’s leading marijuana producer, Humboldt County, California, is named after the Russian explorer and marijuana connoisseur Alexander Von Humboldt, who planted the Russian flag on these shores but forgot about it due to short-term memory dysfunction. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what that reason is. And let’s not forget that Bohemian Grove, where America’s criminal oligarchs meet annually to plot their plunder, is on the Russian River. Wouldn’t it be great if Putin sent a battleship up that river and arrested all those guys?”
    Opponents argue that a join-Russia referendum would be unconstitutional. Supporters respond that everything the US government has done since 9/11, and most of what it was doing before that, is also unconstitutional, but nobody seems to care.
    If the Join-Russia Referendum fails to make the national ballot, supporters have a fall-back option: Running Vladimir Putin as a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America. Blatsky likes Putin’s chances: “If Putin ran against the six most recent major party candidates for President – Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore, and George W. Bush – he would win more votes than all the other candidates combined.”
    Supporters of the Russian and would-be American president are already printing millions of bumperstickers reading: “Putin for President: At Least He’s Competent.”
    When asked about a possible Putin candidacy, an Obama Administration official argued that the Russian president is ineligible for the US presidency because he is not a natural-born US citizen.
    Loretta Fuddy, the state official who is said to have produced a photoshopped document proving that Putin was born in Hawaii, could not be reached for comment.

    • agnesmariaTake Canada too!
      00:52, 12/03/2014
      Ha. Oh yes, this made my day. Let's first merge the Canadians who are for this with the Americans, and then campaign for it.
      • bielecHa ha ha ha ha....
        03:09, 12/03/2014
        Kevin, I love it! Moreover, I think that Soviet strategists were planning this stunt since the 1960s. Not only is Putin competent but he also has integrity - something that Western politicians completely lack.

        Talking about Canada - the current, run-away, neocon, pro-zionist, redneck government of this great country is out of touch with reality. Even the Canadian TV channel CBC (The National), that used to be perceived as objective, is now presenting a completely one-sided view of the situation in Ukraine, shamelessly spreading pure imperial propaganda, losing all credibility they once had. Sad to have such presstitutes in a country that was once known as neutral and peaceful.

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