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EU Condemns Russian 'Aggression' in Crimea

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

EU Condemns Russia "Aggression" in Crimea
23:50 03/03/2014
Tags: G8, European Union, Russian Federation Council, Crimea, Ukraine, Russia

BRUSSELS, March 3 (RIA Novosti) – The European Union accused Russia of “acts of aggression” and a “clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty” in a strongly worded statement Monday that condemned the movement of troops into Crimea.

EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels demanded an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops to the areas of their bases in Crimea under international agreements reached with Ukraine.

They also urged Moscow to agree to Kiev’s request for talks under a bilateral friendship treaty signed in 1997.

The EU declaration also strongly condemned the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, for authorizing President Vladimir Putin to deploy troops in Ukraine.

It said Russia’s actions were in breach of the United Nations Charter, the OSCE Helsinki Final Act, and Moscow’s own commitments to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.

While the statement was couched in strong language, it was light on specific actions that the EU intends to take in response to the crisis with Russia over Ukraine.

The statement confirmed that the EU and member states represented in the G8 were suspending participation in activities leading up to the G8 summit in Sochi in June, which Russia is due to host as president of the grouping.

It also warned that “in the absence of de-escalating steps by Russia, the EU shall decide about consequences for bilateral relations between the EU and Russia.” This could include suspension of talks on reform of visa regulations and “further targeted measures”.

The EU also praised Ukraine’s new government for its “measured response” to the crisis and stressed the “utmost importance” of taking steps to ensure “full protection of national minorities.”

It reaffirmed the EU’s offer of an association agreement with Ukraine and said that this “does not constitute the final goal in EU-Ukraine cooperation,” a hint that future membership of the union could be open to Kiev.

The EU also pledged to give “full support” to an international assistance package to help Ukraine deal with its crippling economic problems. 


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RIA NovostiEU Condemns Russia "Aggression" in CrimeaEU Condemns Russian 'Aggression' in Crimea

23:50 03/03/2014 The European Union accused Russia of “acts of aggression” and a “clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty” in a strongly worded statement Monday that condemned the movement of troops into Crimea.>>

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  • sophismosThe EU can't do anything
    00:09, 04/03/2014
    The EU can't do anything, because Russia has the might to shutdown the Gas-Pipeline. Everyone knows, that this would mean for the populaton the alternative of sitting in the cold appartment or protest on the cold street.
    I don't think, the officials of the EU would make that silly mistake. They simple keep very phony - that's all.
    Situation only will turn, if that operation would turn into a bloody operation.
    • twoandtwodonotmakesixCutting off Gas is quite a threat
      09:31, 04/03/2014
      Especially since Russia would have to be willing to cut off one of its few strong revenue sources in the middle of a rush on its market.

      This is all foolishness. I hope that soon enough cooler heads will prevail and someone will dump a bucket of ice water on Putin's head.
      Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
    • roderickmollison@comcast.netDid someone just wake up?
      00:40, 04/03/2014
      So where was the EU and all its rants about sanctions when America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan?
      So how come they still have nothing to say about the rights and protection of minorities in Iraq and Afghanistan?
      • dommer(no title)
        01:23, 04/03/2014
        The comparison to the invasion of Afghanistan is so apropos. After all, the government of Ukraine was harboring the terrorist organization which recently killed 3000 Russian civilians. Oh wait, no they didn't. Instead your gangster leader is telling you lies about having to protect Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine despite there being no evidence whatsoever of there being any danger to them. You lost the cold war. Move on and join the rest of the civilized world, or be left behind. And stop comparing your failed kleptocracy to the United States.
        Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
      • Mikhail1228Right Sector Nazi's
        01:27, 04/03/2014
        Why is there deafening silence in the US media about the neo-Nazi "Right Sector"? In Kiev these thugs have spray painted Nazi wolfangel symbols and swastikas everywhere and salute each other as Nazi's. Why the silence? I guess the US spent $5 billion on fomenting regime change only to get a bunch of neo-nazi thugs in power!
        • dommer(no title)
          01:35, 04/03/2014
          The "deafening silence" is largely due to the fact that the existence of such was trumped up by your state-controlled media in order to have a false pretense to invade a sovereign country. Please point out all of the violence you're seeing against native Russians in Ukraine. Good luck with that.
          Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
        • ruypenalvaEU and USA are supporting
          07:39, 04/03/2014
          EU and USA are supporting ultra-nationalist and fascist from Ukraine.

        • GarryBVery funny result
          10:05, 04/03/2014
          The EU and the west has a lot to learn about the carrot and stick method... all these years of just using the stick with no carrots in sight let alone on offer... it seems Russia has realised when it does nothing its allies like Libya and Syria and Ukraine get p!ssed all over by the west, so this time they have stepped in and ensured the protection of what interests them.

          The Ukraine can join the EU and NATO but they probably have the numbers on the ground in the Crimea to get a referendum vote of independence... especially considering the current economic situation in the Ukraine and Russia and their likely near futures. Austerity in Ukraine or Russia growing and developing... I know which way I would vote.

          Of course the EU has a long history of repeating referendums till the vote go their way... so what do they care about what the people want.
          • sohelsaheenThe ultimate Result
            12:39, 04/03/2014
            Recently Romania , Bulgaria have joined with the EU but MISERY is growing up there.Once again Portugal has joined with EU in its earliest time but it is the MOST MISERABLE Country in Europe. So nothing can come with the EU for the Ukrainian people except to pay the bills and facing the reality .
          • mythoslightAnd Russia should go on...
            10:25, 04/03/2014
            ...condemning the EUrofascists of conjuring up it´s WW2 Nazi allies in Ukraine.

            The US couldn´t care less about history, the only 200 years as a settler state they got is nothing to be proud of: The biggest genocide in the history of mankind, Slavery and colonial wars of aggression and killing spree´s on a global scale ever since it was established on the bones of 50 million slaughtered natives. The EU on the other hand should be well advised to take another look at how "well" their previous drang nach osten´s developed and how things work out when they cooperate with Russia. Now under the guidance of their US patron, short of starting WW3, their prospect of getting a manageable but largely unpopular fascist regime Ukraine, threatening and weaken Russia from the western flank is zero. They are bound to keep shooting themselves in the foot and get severely hurt for as long as they agree to be the US doormat.
          • Panthera Pardusthe foreign ministers of the soon to be disbanded EU?
            12:11, 04/03/2014
            Just wait next election for the euro parliament, truly nationalistic movements are gaining large popular support because truth is that the European union is a giant prison for debtors, only difference from Dicksen's time is that it is a "open sky" jail where the subjects can riam freely the rubbish container to scavenge a life after having paid every cent for the debts of the "too big to fail" banks. The ukrainian must have been totally fooled by propaganda to believe that eu is worth joining. Just wait next election to count how many people from italy to holland, from spain to greece want to escape from the slavery of the eu. P.S. I am living in EU
          • Mikhail1228US backing Neo Nazi's
            19:43, 04/03/2014
            Read this!


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