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Embattled President Reportedly Blocked from Fleeing Ukraine

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

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Embattled President Reportedly Blocked from Fleeing UkraineEmbattled President Reportedly Blocked from Fleeing Ukraine
17:11 23/02/2014
Originally published at 12:52, updated throughout the day
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MOSCOW, February 23 (RIA Novosti) – Ukraine's embattled president was blocked from taking a plane to Russia, hours after Ukrainian MPs voted to remove him from office, new parliamentary speaker said Sunday.

President Viktor Yanukovych abandoned his lavish estate Saturday and tried to board a charter plane in Ukraine's eastern region of Donetsk, but was prevented from doing so by Ukraine’s customs officers, Oleksandr Turchynov said.

“He [Yanukovych] is now hiding in the Donetsk region,” Russian media reports quoted Turchynov as saying. He gave no details on Yanukovych’s destination, as the flight did not undergo the registration procedure.

Yanukovych insisted Saturday that he would neither resign nor sign any agreement with what he called “bandits terrorizing the country.” He described the events in Kiev as a "coup".

A report by Donetskie Vesti claimed Yanukovych could be now outside the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv at a dacha, belonging to an unnamed official. The presidential plane reportedly landed at the airport of the United Arab Emirates Saturday to distract attention.

Presidential spokeswoman Anna German said Saturday Yanukovych had left Kiev for Kharkiv to meet with his supporters.

Yanukovych fled his luxury mansion in Mezhyhirya, outside Kiev, Saturday, which was previously closed to visitors. Thousands of Ukrainians were given unprecedented access to the 343 acre estate that features a huge man-made lake, a private zoo, car park and spa.

Ukraine’s new interior minister, Arsen Avakov, confirmed the report saying Yanukovych tried to flee the country late on Saturday, but his attempt was stopped by Ukraine's border control service.

“After Yanukovych failed to fly out of the country, he left the plane, got into a car and headed in unknown direction,” Avakov told the Unian news agency.

Ukraine’s ex-prosecutor general, Viktor Pshonka, and Oleksandr Klymenko, the former minister of revenue and duties, also failed to leave the airport in Donetsk Saturday. “There was a shooting, during which Pshonka and Klymenko left the airport,” Avakov said.

In a bid to dissociate themselves from the embattled president, the Party of Regions issued a statement, condemning the president’s attempt to flee and blaming him for dozens of deaths of civilian protesters and police.

“Ukraine was deceived and robbed, but it is nothing compared to the grief of dozens of Ukrainian families, who lost their loved ones fighting on both sides of barricades. Ukraine was betrayed and people were forced to confront each other. Yanukovych and his allies bear full responsibility for this,” the statement reads.

The party assured that it would continue its work “to serve Ukraine and its people.”

Updates with Party of Regions’ statement

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RIA NovostiEmbattled President Reportedly Blocked from Fleeing UkraineEmbattled President Reportedly Blocked from Fleeing Ukraine

17:11 23/02/2014 Ukraine's embattled president was blocked from taking a plane to Russia, hours after Ukrainian MPs voted to remove him from office, new parliamentary speaker said Sunday.>>

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  • bielecIt was predictable
    13:18, 23/02/2014
    The MPs want to keep their cushy jobs, so they sacrificed the President. And the President has a good reason to fear the mob, as he started the tradition of jailing former leaders by keeping Soros's and EU's agent Tymoshenko in jail.

    Now, the real hooligans and Neo-Nazis seized power, and the rightful, democratically elected president, who attempted to restore law and order in the country, is going to be persecuted. What a farse!

    And even a bigger farse - the United Nations is going to do nothing about it.
    • bielecWhat comes next?
      13:51, 23/02/2014
      Russia should now consider mobilizing Eastern Ukraine, which could lead to a political division of the country. Alternatively, send the Ukrainian mob more Kalashnikovs and more Molotov cocktails - and wait for them to attack Russia or to start killing Russian citizens in Ukrainian territory. Then, "force Ukraine to peace", like you did in the 5-day war against Georgia in 2008 :)
    • stpetersburgPartition of Ukrane
      15:27, 23/02/2014
      If Berlin, and Brussels wish to gain the partition of Ukraine they went the right way about it after recent events

      But no one should be under any illusions that the Russian people in Eastern Ukraine will be supported by Russia to form their own Government probably in Kharikov and hopelly it will be done peacefully and division along the Dnieper River
      • cheruskUS-EU-NATO want partition
        18:23, 23/02/2014
        What will happen with (Russian) Odesa ?
        Anyhow, all borders will become movable producing an infinite number of casus belli in our Europe.
        • bielecYes, but...
          08:46, 24/02/2014
          ...all the strategic points are located in Western and Southern Ukraine. Russia has to take care of its access to ports and military facilities on the Black Sea, needs to block the way for competing pipelines, and needs to address the security of its territory in light of NATO miliraty bases creeping closer and closer to its borders.

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