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Police Claims Kiev Blast Suggests Opposition Terror Plot

Topic: Pro-EU Protests Erupt in Ukraine

Police Claims Kiev Blast Suggests Opposition Terror Plot
13:24 07/02/2014
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MOSCOW, February 7 (RIA Novosti) – Police in Ukraine said Friday that a blast at the headquarters of anti-government demonstrators in the capital may have been caused by the accidental detonation of a bomb being primed for a terrorist attack.

Ukrainian authorities have in recent weeks sought to discredit a months-long wave of protests that has plunged the former Soviet nation into a full-blown political crisis by arguing that government opponents are seeking to sow violent unrest and foment instability.

“Right-wing radical groups are planning to shatter the world again and they are willing to use terrorism,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The blast that rocked the Trade Union House in Kiev on Thursday injured at least two people, including a man who had his hand blown off and a 15-year-old boy who suffered third-degree burns to his eyes.

According to police, officers attempted to enter the building, but opposition lawmaker Vladimir Arev told demonstrators not to allow law enforcement officers into the building.

Street protests have paralyzed the country’s government since President Viktor Yanukovych backed away from closer economic and political ties with the EU in November in favor of a closer relationship with Russia.

©Nataliia Bido, vodeox max
Violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Kiev

One wave of violence in Kiev in early December was precipitated by the aggressive clearance of a protest camp by police.

The city saw worse clashes between rioters and police for several days last month following the hasty passage of draconian laws strictly curbing the right to protest. Those laws were later repealed.


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RIA NovostiPolice Claims Kiev Blast Suggests Opposition Terror PlotPolice Claims Kiev Blast Suggests Opposition Terror Plot

13:24 07/02/2014 Police in Ukraine said Friday that a blast at the headquarters of anti-government demonstrators in the capital may have been caused by the accidental detonation of a bomb being primed for a terrorist attack.>>

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  • bielecThe EuroMaidan – a foreign agent
    19:11, 07/02/2014
    According to a source in Security Service of Ukraine (Служба Безпеки України), Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have been infiltrating and investigating "The Right Sector", a right-wing umbrella organization established as a result of a conflict between the Social-National Assembly (which included the paramilitary group "Ukrainian Patriot") and the right-wing, national Stepan Bandera organization "Tryzub". In the aftermath of this conflict, the Social-National Assembly has changed its name to "Svoboda". “Svoboda” represents the less radical faction of the opposition that supports negotiations with the current government and full membership in the EU. However, some of its members, including many members of the "Patriot", have now joined the ultra-national coalition "Right Sector" associated with "Tryzub". "Tryzub" is opposed to any negotiations and promotes the idea of a violent revolution and removal of the current government by force. Most of these organizations or their predecessors, such as the Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian People's Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO), had been established in the early 1990s, around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    The investigation has discovered that these organizations were financed by several Western "pro-Ukrainian" organizations initiated by Western secret services in late 1980s. From the very beginning of the recent unrest in Ukraine, these organizations have formed a coordinating body that directs and supports policies and actions of the EuroMaidan.

    The investigation has also established that, since the first day of the EuroMaidan, each leader of a radical group actively fighting against the government forces is receiving financial compensation for his services:

    For each active fighter - $200 per day; additional $500, if the group has more than 10 fighters. The leaders and coordinators receive $2000 for each day of active skirmishes with government forces. The funds, in the amount of about 20 million dollars per week, were arriving at the US Embassy in Kiev via diplomatic channels and were then transferred to the head offices of organizations "Svoboda" and "Batkivshchyna" - (All Ukrainian Union "Fatherland"). These funds were used to buy food and other supplies for the EuroMaidan, to bribe city and police officials, to pay for media coverage and propaganda campaigns, and to provide daily pay for active fighters. The opposition leaders were receiving transfers to their personal bank accounts.

    Evidence to support these facts, together with detailed information on organizational structures, mobilization patterns, persons involved, and the money trail, was secured during the search conducted by the police at the headquarters of "Batkivshchyna".

    Discovery of this embarrassing evidence explains the recent "resignation" of the US Ambassador to Russia who supervised the entire operation.

    At the beginning of December 2013, Robert Choma, a Mayor of Polish town Przemysl, spoke to the protesters in Ukrainian city of Lviv. He repeatedly encouraged the Ukrainians to fight against their democratically elected government. This meddling in internal matters of a foreign and sovereign state was both illegal and immoral. It constituted a violation of international law, hate propaganda, and a direct call for violence. The evidence is presented in a video – (the fourth link, below).





  • LocoIvanBe advised.
    01:31, 08/02/2014
    I personally disagree with the commentary work product above. It provides an unprovable politically biased accusatory narrative to the objective reporting of the unfortunate occurrences in the RIANovosti article.

    If you have been redirected here from a news service link, Caveat emptor. The SELLER of this rhetoric is a self-admitted hatemongering Ruso propagandist entity. Of which, actively seeks out and exploits this anonymous medium to promote its biased autocratic interpretations of global events.

    All interested readers of this propaganda should view it at arms-length with an extremely high level of discretionary skepticism.

    Furthermore, utilizing the source links below could possibly lead you to a blind link, enter at your own risk.

    This entities sole objective is to gather/compile/present any miniscule sliver of conspiratorial Western involvement in the Ukraine protestation of a corruption mired Russian influenced Ukrainian government.
    • bielecLoco Ivan...
      20:50, 08/02/2014
      ...otherwise known as "Crazy Ivan" was a manoeuvre often used by the Soviet submarines in order to confront "head on" following enemy submarines and force them to rapidly back off, change course, and reveal their position.

      This is exactly what LocoIvan is doing. He confronts and bullies readers whose comments are exposing both Western and Israeli hypocrisy, lies, and crimes. In the world in which every person with at least one healthy brain cell knows what is going on, he tries to confuse the picture and reverse obvious facts by attacking the messenger, not the message.

      He never engages in a debate on the topic of the article. Instead, he attempts to ridicule other readers and their comments.

      Such desperate activity cannot possibly interest or benefit any normal individual, and it proves that LocoIvan does not have any arguments to question my opinions. His strategy follows the FoxNews textbook and the primitive O'Railly technique of discrediting his targets.

      The only explanation of this behaviour is that LocoIvan simply does his job. Internet is full of agents and fanatics who work to minimize the damage and silence the critics of their employers or their gods, be it the CIA or Mossad, or AIPAC, or any other similar entity. Possibilities are many but the method is always the same.

      These people try to silence those who are dangerously close to the truth. The fact that LocoIvan is picking on me actually increases the credibility of my comments.

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