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Gorbachev Calls on Putin and Obama to Intercede in Ukraine

Topic: Pro-EU Protests Erupt in Ukraine

18:02 23/01/2014
Tags: Barack Obama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, Ukraine, Russia


MOSCOW, January 23 (RIA Novosti) – Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Thursday called for the leaders of the United States and Russia to prevent further escalation of a dangerous standoff between demonstrators and police in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

“I ask you to find a way to take a resolute step in helping Ukraine return to a peaceful path of development,” Gorbachev said in the letter, addressed to Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin and posted on his website, Gorby.ru.

At least three demonstrators have died during rallies that began on Sunday in protest of hastily passed legislation curtailing the freedom of assembly in Ukraine.

Police have been accused of using excessive force, while rioters have been seen throwing flaming Molotov cocktails at police lines.

Gorbachev wrote that “now is not the time to investigate” the allegations of the factions because doing so would “only complicate the situation.”

He said the conflict in Ukraine is particularly hard on Russians, noting that many families have relatives from both countries. Both his late wife and mother were Ukrainian.

He told the presidents that “we must not allow Ukrainians to fight Ukrainians.”


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RIA NovostiMikhail GorbachevGorbachev Calls on Putin and Obama to Intercede in Ukraine

18:02 23/01/2014 Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Thursday called for the leaders of the United States and Russia to prevent further escalation of a dangerous standoff between demonstrators and police in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.>>

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  • bielecThis old Thatcher's boy never stops dreaming...
    21:24, 23/01/2014
    Gorby knows very well what it is all about and who is pulling the strings. He should tell the EU countries and their various NGOs to stop meddling in Ukraine.

    It appears, though, that a large number of Ukrainians bought into supporting their "European status", most of them for strictly economic aspirations. And most unaware of the mechanisms that bring a temporary "European prosperity" to newly neo-colonized countries. Like in Poland, they will have Western banks on every street. People will get the money (at hight interest rates) to buy European junk cars, but the profits will flow to Western banks. Their country will be sold, both economically and politically.

    EU needs Ukraine to protect their future pipelines from Baku to Europe and to block the Russian South Stream project. Also, to exploit Ukrainian agricultural industry and to set up military bases around Russia's borders. This is not good for the future of Ukraine. Unfortunatelly, the likes of Ukrainian radio Free Europe will not disclose the truth and will continue to build misguided expectations among the unsuspecting Ukrainian population.

    Inviting the U.S. to solve this problem is like inviting a wolf into a chickencoop. Gorby knows this very well.
    • arsanlupinMore bilious vomit spewing from an apoplectic liar …
      20:45, 24/01/2014
      The dead giveaway that this entire post is nothing but fetid manure can be found by the use of such hackneyed words as “neo-colonized” and “exploitation”.

      The European Union is NOT NATO – there is no military aspect to it, so the concept of building military bases in Ukraine is arrant nonsense. Arrant nonsense is also referring to European cars as “junk” when everyone with more than 3 functioning brain cells knows that European auto manufacturers make most of the finest cars in the world. Protecting pipelines is equally absurd; all the Ukrainian gas pipelines are fed from Russia or Belarus. If Russia wanted to cut off gas to Ukraine the can just close off the valves on the Russian side. Ukraine’s agriculture industry will profit from the higher prices the EU will pay, as opposed to the crumbs Russia pays for Ukrainian produce. And the EU has the lowest interest rates in the world, with a prime rate of 0.25%, as opposed to 8.45% in Russia.

      The only country that is meddling in Ukrainian politics is Russia, and it’s quite blatant about it. Ignoring this shows the ultimate in stupidity and hypocrisy. Inviting the USA makes perfect sense for the grossly obvious reason that, unlike the EU and Russia, the USA is a disinterested 3rd party who has nothing to gain or lose in the situation.

      Lastly, Mikhail Gorbachev isn’t anybody’s “boy” but his own; he’s well known for being outspoken on a wide range of issues because he’s one of the most experienced statesman in the world. The fact that YOU don’t like him merely raises his legitimacy in the world. And in case you haven’t crawled out of your cave lately, Margaret Thatcher died last April.
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    • Wolfgang9NATO and Gorbatschow
      01:02, 25/01/2014
      Naturally, the EU is almost the same as NATO. I think it's only the US and Turkey which are NATO members and not in the EU.

      Japan, USA, and the EU countries have debt they cannot repay, between 40,000 and 90,000 Euro per head of their populations. In comparison, Russia has less than 1000:-) So, the EU and NATO is frantically trying to do as much damage as possible to China and Russia since their time is coming when they are just bankrupt. The time is against EU and NATO countries and it wont take very long that we will see how they will rip off their people of their savings.
      The only way out for EU and NATO is that they can get cheap access to Russia's resources and they will do anything to put pressure on Russia and China for their own survival.

      And IMO, Gorbatschow was always a paid CIA whore. For many years he was running from his homeland and staying in Atlanta, Georgia, fearing the people of his own country for his treason.
    • LocoIvanTruth must hurt.
      02:18, 25/01/2014
      'Why not give us your opinion without the character assassinations?'

      Just calling a spade a spade.

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