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Russia Spots 'Ballistic Attack' in Mediterranean – Defense Ministry

13:52 03/09/2013
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MOSCOW, September 3 (RIA Novosti) – The launch of two "ballistic targets" has been detected in the Mediterranean, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday citing its ballistic missile early warning system.

The launch was detected at 10:16 Moscow time (06:16 GMT) by a radar in the southern Russian city of Armavir, a Defense Ministry spokesman said. The targets’ trajectories ran from the central to the eastern Mediterranean, the spokesman said.

A diplomatic source in the Syrian capital, Damascus, told RIA Novosti that the targets fell into the sea.

The Russian Embassy in Damascus said it did not have any information about the launch, and the streets and residents of the Syrian capital appeared calm, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported the launch to President Vladimir Putin, the spokesman told Russian journalists.

The Defense Ministry's press service was not immediately available for further comment.



Updates with information from Damascus

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RIA NovostiRussia Spots 'Ballistic Attack' in Mediterranean – Defense Ministry. (Аrchive)Russia Spots 'Ballistic Attack' in Mediterranean – Defense Ministry

13:52 03/09/2013 The launch of two "ballistic targets" has been detected in the Mediterranean, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday citing its ballistic missile early warning system.>>

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  • bielecUnusual...
    14:10, 03/09/2013
    Did the targets fall into the see by themselves, or somebody helped them?
    Or, were the war criminals testing Syria's / Russian defences?
    • LocoIvanI suppose one of your creative...
      15:27, 03/09/2013
      Apophenic fictionalizations is on the horizon, no?

      Please, carry on!
      Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
    • LocoIvanIs that the best fabrication you can think of...
      01:20, 04/09/2013
      'Pentagon is lying, again.'

      It's a missile test, what is there to comment on?

      Only your inherent hormonal heightened level of hysteria is looking for something suspicious, LOL.

      Carry on, please.
    • mishkaWho knows what happened in fact?
      14:27, 04/09/2013
      American authorities did say "we did not have any launch of a missile." They say "It had not launched any missile from our SHIPS OR PLANES." So it means it was a submarine. And perhaps the missile was not fell in the sea but it hit something. An underwater target..... Israeli defence ministry says the test was successfuly. But their air defence system could not catch the target missile and destroy it. What kind of success they are talkin about?

      I can nor believe everything happened in last 60 years. How cruel, unfair and unjusty acts of USrael have become legal and normal? How has it been allowed those criminals against the humanity could have create international standarts and rules.

      It was the last day of a decent and innocent world when the Soviet Union collapsed. The earth has remained to wild beasts since then.

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