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No Russian S-300 Systems for Syria Until 2014 – Paper

Topic: Protests in Syria

16:20 09/08/2013
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MOSCOW, August 9 (RIA Novosti) – Russia has postponed the delivery of a batch of S-300 missile defense systems to Syria, despite having received advance payment, a prominent Russian newspaper reported Friday.

The delivery, originally scheduled for spring 2013, has been pushed back to June 2014, Vedomosti business daily said, citing an annual report by the Moscow-based company Avangard, which manufactures rockets for S-300 systems.

The Avangard report – unavailable on the company’s website at the time of this article’s publication – covered only the second of two Syria-bound S-300 shipments on the cards with Russia’s state-run arms exports monopoly, Rosoboronexport.

Vedomosti cited unnamed defense industry sources as saying the first batch of S-300 missile defense systems for Syria had been produced, but not delivered, while work on the second batch had been postponed, even though Russia has received “hundreds of millions of dollars” in advance payments from Damascus.

An Avangard spokesman could not be reached for comment Monday.

Syria reportedly contracted Russia in 2011 to produce four S-300 systems for a price tag of $1 billion. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed in June a deal had been signed, but said Russia had not shipped the weapons out of fear of disrupting “the power balance in the region.”

The S-300 is a state-of-the-art missile defense system capable of intercepting aircraft and ballistic missiles. It is largely useless for the civil war that the Syrian government has been waging since 2011 because the Syrian rebels have no air force, but could be used in the event that Western powers opposed to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad try to instill a no-fly zone over the country like they did during the civil war in Libya in 2011.

The Syrian regime has not complained about the delayed shipments and is unlikely to do so because it fears antagonizing Moscow, its main international ally, a source at Rosoboronexport was cited by Vedomosti as saying.


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RIA NovostiS-300No Russian S-300 Systems for Syria Until 2014 – Paper

16:20 09/08/2013 Russia has postponed the delivery of a batch of S-300 missile defense systems to Syria, despite having received advance payment, a prominent Russian newspaper reported Friday.>>

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  • Veselko3Russia never deliver S-300 where it could be used.
    17:09, 09/08/2013
    S-300 is only available and could be deliver at once for the Vatican, for Luxembourg and so on.
    May be it's not deliver to Iran and Syria because Russia knows the real "efficacity" of their system.
    The US does'nt hesitate to provide Israël with the best weapons they have. Unfortunately Putin too is afraid of Israël and of the Israël's poodles in the americain congres
  • moistUnverified rumors...
    17:26, 09/08/2013
    ..again. Deny & confirm, Deny & confirm, standard Russian politics to keep the enemy busy.

    Meanwhile Syria sure knows that it already has (some of) them since way before the war and the Zionist aggressors as well, hence the "no fly zone" off the agenda since the Turkish jet on a mission for NATO, testing Syrias capacities, was shot down with just one perfect shot....
  • cheruskNever never trust the West
    18:20, 09/08/2013
    Flattery to avoid Sochi's boykott.
  • rochefortfrancois(no title)
    22:14, 09/08/2013
    I hope Mr. Putin knows that more than half of the world population want Russia to deliver the S-300 missile system to Syria no matter how loud Israel is barking. World will loose confidence in Putin and Russia if the system does not make its way in Syria very soon.

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