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US Senator McCain Likens Iran Leader to ‘Monkey’

US Senator McCain Likens Iran Leader to ‘Monkey’
23:12 04/02/2013
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WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 (RIA Novosti) US Sen. John McCain drew a cascade of criticism Monday over an incendiary Tweet in which he compared Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a monkey.

“So Ahmadinejad wants to be first Iranian in space – wasn’t he just there last week?” McCain, a relentlessly vocal critic of the Iranian leader, wrote on his Twitter feed Monday morning.

In the Tweet, McCain provided a link to a Reuters article headlined “Iran Launches Monkey Into Space, Showing Missile Progress.”

A deluge of angry and critical responses in the Twittersphere ensued, with users accusing the Republican senator from Arizona of racism and behavior unbecoming of an elected official.

“Nothing like casual racism to start the week,” Twitter user Gavin Matthews wrote.

McCain followed up with another Tweet accusing critics of being overly serious.

“Re: Iran space tweet - lighten up folks, can't everyone take a joke?” he wrote.

McCain has been a fervent supporter of hardline policies aimed at weakening Ahmadinejad’s power and targeting Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

During his 2008 presidential campaign, in which he ultimately captured the Republican nomination, McCain was asked at an event when the United States would send an “air-mail message to Tehran.”\

McCain responded with a joke referencing the Beach Boys hit song “Barbara Ann.”

“That old Beach Boys’ song, ‘Bomb Iran?’ Bomb, bomb, bomb,” he joked.

Iranian media and officials said last week that it successfully sent a monkey into space and secured the simian’s safe return to earth. The short flight was portrayed by Tehran as an important step in its plan to eventually send an Iranian into space.


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RIA NovostiUS Senator McCain Likens Iran Leader to ‘Monkey’US Senator McCain Likens Iran Leader to ‘Monkey’

23:12 04/02/2013 US Sen. John McCain drew a cascade of criticism Monday over an incendiary Tweet in which he compared Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a monkey.>>

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  • bielecMcCain acts like a monkey
    00:01, 05/02/2013
    This was a completely brainless comment. Really embarrassing for somebody who wanted to be the President of the U.S. This monkey is way out of mental and intellectual balance.
    • jpeditorSmartest comment ever from McPain
      09:24, 05/02/2013
      Bielec, you should change your name to koranuslick.

      Aachmanutjob needs to be shot into deep space permanently, before he hands over some of his nukes to the CHECHENS, which Putin would richly deserve for being so stupid and greedy to sell these Iranian hemorrhoids the technology.
      • bielecTo jpeditor:
        11:46, 05/02/2013
        What does the "jp" stand for, Jerusalem Post? Stop pushing this zionist mantra here, it is not working anymore. The only aggressive and criminal state in this region is Israel. And, unlike Iran, it does have nukes. Nut-an-yahu is a dangerous terrorist. Israelis, who are supposed to be smart and know what they are doing, have recently re-elected him, so they, too, are a threat to the peace.

        BTW, Jerusalem is not part of Israel - check the UNGA Resolution 181 and see what the status of Jerusalem legally is. Israel is occupting parts of ot but this does not give Israel the right to annex it.
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      • pushkinlovPutin was right about McCain
        10:43, 05/02/2013
        The US Senator is nuts. Spending too long in the pits of Vietnam had an effect on McCain, and it seems that he has some followers here... McCain state of mind may be contagious, stupidity is in the air....
      • moistBeyond stupid, even for a "Christian" Zionist...
        12:56, 05/02/2013
        ...Americans should be embarrassed and some genuinely are but being fed with cr*p food,war-porn,racism and Hollywood Zionist excrement can turn anyone into an..American. (no offence to real and native Americans).

        What about Bush? No politician used that kind of language on that joke... Obomber is yet another president grovelling in the dirt before AIPAC,Nutty Yahoo & Tel aviv. His resemblance is obvious to some but not even the dumbest non-anglo-american politician would dream about saying it. Maybe Shaz party members. Better to call him what Harry Belafonte did, Uncle Tom...
      • arsanlupin"Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain."
        20:38, 05/02/2013
        It never ceases to amaze me that anything critical said about the governments of either Russia or Iran MUST by definition come from some extremist elements of Israel. I guess it’s impossible to grasp the possibility that some may disagree with something that one or the other said or did simply because they think it was a bad idea. But then the boring habit of labeling as ‘imperialist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘Zionist’ or whatever word that sounds derogatory already shows the maturity of kindergartners taunting each other on the playground. The statements made on this page alone show that all of the anti-US rhetoric is from people who never visited the West, most certainly never visited the USA (probably refused visas because they’re on the terrorist watch list), and probably never even had a conversation with an American. This is all obvious because there’s more involvement of Israel in their comments here than there is in the entire United States of America. But then we’re talking about conspiracy theorists – and a person’s intelligence is inversely proportional to the belief they have in conspiracy theories.

        I know many Russians who don’t agree with everything their government does. For that matter I know many Americans who disagree with some of what their government does. The number of Iranians who disagree with some of what their government does is legion, from the hundreds of thousands who turned out protesting the 2010 election rigging to the half million who quit Iran completely and immigrated to the United States. I guess using God as an excuse to abuse the populace is a turn-off for some … but I digress.

        I honestly believe McCain’s comparison of the Iranian president to a monkey isn’t racially or ethnically motivated; such aspects are irrelevant to the topic, as is anything involving Israel. It’s a long-standing opinion of almost everyone outside of Iran (and most inside Iran) that the office of president in Iran is a joke – as is the entire rest of the so-called government. The “Supreme leader” is in fact absolute dictator of Iran, and the president doesn’t fart without permission. I believe he was comparing Iran’s president to the monkey that usually accompanied a street organ grinder throughout the cities of Europe and North America during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s the ayatollah who’s running the entire show, and all the president does is jump and squeak for the audience, occasionally demanding tribute to his master by waving the little tin cup around.

        McCain is a lot of things (not all good) but ‘stupid’ is most definitely NOT one of them. He knows that Ahmadinejad couldn’t possibly become the 1st Iranian in space. Why? Because the 1st Iranian astronaut left Earth over six years ago. Anousheh Ansari left earth on Monday September 18, 2006 to spend eight days aboard the International Space Station. It was even broadcast on Iranian state television both before and after the flight on the astronomy show “Night’s Sky” – apparently too high-brow a show for the Iranian president or his minions.

        As for the gibbering fools who see Zionist provocateurs under their bed every night, I say to you: “Monkey see, monkey do!”
        • pushkinlovThe Repulsive MaCain
          00:17, 06/02/2013
          Finally we have an erudite in western civilization whose arrogant believes are twisted and limited. The English language provides for conciseness without having to resolve to an essay to convey a simple idea. McCain is not only stupid but also a disingenuous US Senator, perhaps a true reflection of his constituents. Putin was kind enough and smart enough not to go down to the repulsive level of McCain when the latter suggested the faith of Putin as the same of Qaddafi. Putin's simple assessment on McCain mental condition was sufficient to put a horseshoe in McCain's mouth. Why go down to McCain's repulsive level when his actions are self-defeating in the arena of statesmanship?
        • moistWe know we are on to something..
          22:29, 05/02/2013
          ...when hysterical zionazi gate-keepers goes ape. Arse-Lupin and Jerusalem Post just proved he point...
          • arsanlupinFunny - NOT!
            23:57, 05/02/2013
            The only apes here are the ones jumping up and down whilst screeching "Zionists! Zionists! Zionists!" Your paranoid delusions of Zionists everywhere you look tells normal people you are eating too many camel-dung Magic Mushrooms. Your 'moisture' is getting moldy, and the mold is spreading into that vast empty space between your ears. You should instead pay closer attention to what's really happening inside Iran - such as the phony posturing with fake space monkeys and amateurish mock-ups of fighters.

            Face it: it isn't just Israel who thinks Iran is an irrational threat to world peace - it's most of the planet! Iran's friends can be counted on your fingers, almost all fellow international pariahs. Even Russia is getting sick and tired of Iran's irrational behavior, just as China is getting tired of North Korea's psychotic ranting. Both countries crave attention, and pout and throw tantrums when they don’t get the attention their delusions of grandeur tell them they deserve. You don't really fear Zionism - you fear being pushed into the obscurity you so richly deserve ... ignored and forgotten by the civilized part of the world.
            • bielecarsanlupin, stop this BS zionist mantra, it does not work
              00:12, 06/02/2013
              Israel, not Iran is a criminal, aggressive state that violates international law and human rights on regular basis. Israel, not Iran, is an apartheid state. Israel, not Iran, has military nuclear program and nukles outside of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the IAEA oversight. Israel, not Iran illegally occupies Palestine and illegally attempts to annex the occupied territories. Israel, not Iran, plots wars and sabotages peace efforts in the region. Israel, not Iran, commits war crimes and crimes against peace. Israel violates more UN Resolutions (pertaining to the occupation of Arab lands) than all the other countries of the world.
              Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
            • bielecarsanlupin to the rescue, as always...
              23:59, 05/02/2013
              Someone who writes 'fascist' with a lower case f and 'Zionist' with a capital Z, certainly is more Israeli than American - at least in terms of loyalty.

              I must disappoint you - I have been living in the West for the last 30 years, which is about half of my lifetime. The other half, I spent living and working in a communist country and in Africa. So, I think that I have the comparison necessary to understand that all the anti-communist, pro-Israeli, and anti-Muslim rhetoric, all the islamophobia, and all the media interventions by people like you are just as true as the Hannity Show on Fox TV or the Wolf Blitzer "News" on CNN.

              McCain is an *diot and would never be elected, if elections in the US were not fixed and controlled by - yes - the Zionists, their political networks, their lobbies, their money, and their media.

              Of course, you did not capture the essence of Ahmadinejad's space trip and the meaning of his proud involvement in this project. Yes, there was an Iranian astronaut in 2006 but it was not an Iranian flight or Iranian technology. That's the point that you are trying to dismiss.
              • arsanlupinFair enough -
                01:05, 06/02/2013
                Bielec, that’s the closest you’ve come to a reasoned post, so I’ll respond to it as calmly.

                I have zero love for or loyalty to Israel. While I think they deserve to live in peace, I think they have made one stupid blunder after another since Day 1, and their current troubles are mostly of their own making. The ultra-Orthodox Right in Israel is just plain nuts, and their irrational positions will be the ultimate reason if and when Israel falls. America should yank their chain – HARD – to get them out of the West Bank, abandon the settlements, and start showing the Palestinian people the respect they deserve.

                Why ‘fascist’ and ‘Zionist’? My spell-checker, that’s why.

                As for the definition of fascism, I prefer to stick to the definition as found in every dictionary: “radical authoritarian nationalism”. This most definitely doesn’t describe any country in NATO – especially the United States. You didn’t say where in The West you live but I seriously doubt it is the United States. The presence of (at various times) anti-communist, pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and Islam phobia (my spell checker again!) is unfortunately true, if exaggerated on your part. I’ve never watched The Hannity Show or the Wolf Blitzer News, and while I might occasionally check out CNN I wouldn’t be caught dead watching Faux News! The Ultra Right is as much a blight in the US as it is in Israel, Russia, Iran, and everywhere else people’s politics come from their emotions and not their intellects.

                That being said, American elections are scrupulously fair and honest – the network of volunteer election workers assures that. The elections in both Russia and Iran are sick travesties of elections, as is seen by the massive protest demonstrations in both countries. The thousands of images and videos of ballot stuffing in Russia is a shameful show of blatant disregard for the will of the people of Russia. John McCain was elected by the people of Arizona because they think he’s the best person to represent their views to Congress. He’s impulsive and a smartass, and he sometimes lets his mouth run away from him, but he is NOT stupid! I stand by my previous statements: Zionism isn’t the political puppet master you are portraying it to be – not in the USA, not in Europe, not anywhere. It’s all a conspiracy theory, and I really truly honestly believe it to be nonsense. The media is as diverse and as independent as the people themselves, with representatives of the entire political spectrum, as well as a healthy number who avoid any political preference and try to just stick to the facts.

                As for the Iranian space flight, I’m reserving judgment until all the questions regarding the facts come out. Right now there are too many doubts as to whether Iran really recovered anything from that launch. That coupled with the photos of a purported Iranian stealth aircraft that outside aerospace experts are calling a fake, has me seriously doubting the mission really happened. We will see. As for the act of expanding ballistic launcher capabilities, while simultaneously enriching fissile materials far beyond power generation needs, refusing IAEA inspectors, and making so many threats to just about everyone around them would have any sane person questioning Iran’s real goals and motives.
                Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
              • sohelsaheenMcCain
                00:45, 06/02/2013
                McCain ,DL i.e. days are limited.
              • oznogEnvious
                05:02, 06/02/2013
                The United States and the NATO pack of bandits are envious because Iran has succeeded in sending a monkey to space and retreived it safely. They hate Iran because unlike themselves, it is not a Zionist Zombie.

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