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Iran Denies Blocking Strait of Hormuz

Iranien naval drills in tne Strait of Hormuz (archive)
20:38 29/12/2012
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MOSCOW, December 29 (RIA Novosti) - Iran has rejected Western media reports it is planning to close the Strait of Hormuz during six-day naval drills.

The Iranian Navy launched the exercise on Friday in the Strait of Hormuz rehearsing border protection and piracy control operations. The drills, dubbed Velayat 91, will be carried out in the Strait of Hormuz, the Sea of Oman, the northern portion of the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden and the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, Navy commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said.

Navy spokesman Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari denied media reports that the Navy has issued any warning to foreign vessels.

“The Navy has issued no warnings [about the closure]. Under international regulations, notification is to be sent to ships passing by during any military drill in order to prevent potential damage,” Press TV quoted him as saying.

The aim of the drill is to “convey a message of peace and friendship to neighboring states,” Navy commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said. Velayat 91 also sends a message to Iran's enemies that the country takes defending its vital interests very seriously, he added.

During the drills, Iran’s 23rd Fleet, comprised of the Bushehr warship and the Jamaran destroyer, will escort Iran’s merchant vessels and oil tankers as part of the navy’s anti-piracy mission.


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RIA NovostiIranien naval drills in tne Strait of Hormuz (archive)Iran Denies Blocking Strait of Hormuz

20:38 29/12/2012 Iran has rejected Western media reports it is planning to close the Strait of Hormuz during six-day naval drills.>>

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  • Doctor NukeLong Live Iran!
    06:29, 30/12/2012
    Iran is a true fighter, a resister, a prominent member of the Axis of Resistance against Western hegemonic plots, Israeli Zionist extremism, Gulf Cooperation Council Wahhabism, as well as Turkish expansionism!

    They, alongside Russia, China, Belarus, Syria, India, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Algeria, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, North Korea, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Grenada, Serbia, Armenia, Iraq, Yemen, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, as well as Japan (eventually I hope), form what I call the Axis of Resistance!
    • arsanlupinmore vacuous drivel ...
      22:15, 31/12/2012
      Blah blah blah resistance blah blah blah Western hegemonic plots blah blah blah Zionist extremism blah blah blah Turkish expansionism …. Yet another example of a totally off-topic post to promote his personal brand of conspiracy theories and bigotry.

      The list of countries is apparently the result of eating too many magic mushrooms. The vast bulk of the countries on that so-called list have friendly relations with the West in general and the USA in particular; some are close economic and military allies. Most of the rest are an embarrassment to the entire world AND their own citizens – Iran included.

      Speaking of embarrassments, I find it hilarious that they put together a corvette and a light replenishment ship … and call it a “fleet”!!! But I guess it looks like one compared to the collection of toy boats that make up the bulk of their navy.

      Fortunately it’s all growing moot: Saudi Arabia and UAE have announced new pipelines that bypass the Straits of Hormuz, completing the job of rendering Iran irrelevant.

      As for JG’s report I concur: there’s nothing in the news – Western or otherwise – that’s mentioned anything about Iran’s threat to try to block the strait since last July. The 'Western media reports' mentioned are sources from the same magic mushrooms taken by the author of the Axle of Ridiculousness.
    • jg(no title)
      22:46, 30/12/2012
      "Iran has rejected Western media reports it is planning to close the Strait of Hormuz during six-day naval drills."

      What Western media reports? The Western media haven't really given this story much attention. The only place I have seen a report suggesting that Iran plans to close the Straits in this exercise is Voice of Russia. If VoR is part of Western media, I guess we should welcome Russia to the West. :-)

      “...convey a message of peace and friendship to neighboring states”

      These Iranians have a good sense of humour. Nothing conveys a message of peace and friendship to neighbours quite like waving a load of weaponry at them, in an exercise called "Supremacy 91". Especially when several of the neighbours have just complained to the UN about Iranian military speedboats routinely entering their waters.
    • Iranian ExpatHello Morons
      02:26, 01/01/2013
      I want to welcome our ignorant morons whom posted above.

      Your posts show your age, so, before your mommies discover you were misbehaving while they were entertaining paying customers in the bedroom stop acting grownup and get back to your video games.

      As for our friend Doctor Nuke's post, your sentiments are correct. However some of the countries you mentioned may be in fact members of Non Aligned Movement, but firmly stooges of the US and Israel.

      To make it simpler here is a list of the countries that are truly independent, which is rather short, ( Syria, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, Armenia, Iraq, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and a few smaller others like Gambia, Eritrea ) I may have missed a few.

      India, Japan and Mexico are so far up American and Israel's arses that it is hard to distinguish them, and Russia and China generally blow with the wind and back stab anyone for their short-term interest.

      Iran is taking the brunt of the Western demonization campaign because Iran is the leader of the independent nations in the world, with the rest to follow.
      • arsanlupinHappy New Year to Our Iranian Expat!
        04:47, 02/01/2013
        So – our Iranian expat makes an appearance again! Nice to hear your tired, stereotypical rants again! Happy New Year to you! Your latest post seems much less shrill and hateful than most; perhaps you’re beginning to mellow? Keep up the good work – it well becomes you!

        Reading this post of yours, I find parts of it genuinely interesting. I actually agree with your assessment of Russia and China – to a point. Both are so xenophobic that they will each need centuries of psychoanalysis to get them past their fear and paranoia of the outside world. Considering their history, some is justified … but not THIS much! Mexico is too busy trying to fight its own internal civil war to care about foreign affairs of any kind – and what little they do have is NOT very sympathetic to the USA. For the most part they are fully justified in this feeling – because the USA has inadvertently messed up Mexico’s entire culture very badly. Your statement about India is arrant nonsense; they are as non-aligned as a country can be – trading with all and beholden to none. While they are Russia’s largest arms buyer, they also buy from the EU, China, and the USA – just to let everyone know they have no favorites. While not quite as fickle as Russia and China, they are deliberately being coy with everyone – remaining loyal only to themselves. Considering the complexities of the many languages, religions, and ethnic groups in India, this is complex enough!

        I strongly disagree with your bigoted aspersion that “staunch ally” = “so far up USA’s arse” – a lot of countries have honest and genuine reasons to be happy with having the USA as a friend and ally – but then again your hatred of The West and USA has poisoned your mind so badly you cannot recognize anything positive they do or say. That is very sad, because while all countries definitely have a lot of flaws – some of them serious flaws (including the USA!) – you also cannot honestly point to any country and say they are as pure as Shakespeare’s driven snow – including your own Iran. The reason why you are so difficult to have a calm conversation with is because you have such extreme assumptions about The West and the USA that almost all of the rest of the world disagrees with you. Is it possible that the reality about The West and America isn’t quite as horrible as your virulent attitude says it is? Maybe?

        OH – regarding your snide remark about age – I was adult, married with a son, when Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī was deposed, over 30 years ago. After studying his history I can well understand why he was reviled. And I feel the fact that the USA supported him was one of the many serious flaws in American history.

        Pray tell – without the political rhetoric if possible: why do you feel such incredible hatred for anything, everything, and everyone who DOESN’T have such an all-consuming hatred of The West and the USA that they have no life outside of that hatred? Why do you feel that a country isn’t “independent” unless they are expending most of their capital and effort in annoying the West and the USA, instead of improving the lives of their own people? I mean, really: why is it SOOOO important to hate the USA? Why is that hatred more important than a country’s domestic well-being?

        Just asking …

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