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US Blasts Russian Stance on Syria as ‘Morally Bankrupt’

01:43 13/10/2012
WASHINGTON, October 13 (RIA Novosti)
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The US State Department on Friday accused Russia of a “morally bankrupt” policy in Syria, two days after Turkey intercepted a Syrian passenger jet headed from Moscow to Damascus over suspicions it had military equipment on board.

"No responsible country ought to be aiding and abetting the war machine of the Assad regime and particularly those with responsibilities for global peace and security as UN Security Council members have," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.

On Wednesday, Turkish fighter jets forced the jet to land on its soil and seized what it said was ammunition and military gear bound for Syria.

Nuland said the US had “grave concern” that Russia is continuing to supply Syrian government forces with material that could be used against rebels struggling to topple President Bashar Assad’s regime.

"We have no doubt that this was serious military equipment," Nuland said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that the plane was legally carrying Russian radar parts for Syria.

"We have no secrets," Lavrov told journalists in Moscow. "There were, of course, no weapons on board and there could not have been."

Lavrov also stressed the delivery was "entirely legal" and that Russia would demand both the return of the equipment and an explanation from Turkey. He insisted the shipment contained “electronic equipment for radars” that complied with international law, adding that it was of “dual purpose” that could have civilian and military applications.

Nuland said the shipment was “legally correct,” but she added “the policy is still morally bankrupt.”

"There are no Security Council sanctions on Syria because Security Council members Russia and China continue to block them," she said. "Everybody else on the Security Council is doing what it can unilaterally to ensure that the Assad regime is not getting support from the outside."

Moscow has repeatedly blocked UN Security Council sanctions against Syria’s embattled regime over what it says is a pro-rebel bias.


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RIA NovostiUS Blasts Russian Stance on Syria as ‘Morally Bankrupt’

01:43 13/10/2012 The US State Department on Friday accused Russia of a “morally bankrupt” policy in Syria, two days after Turkey intercepted a Syrian passenger jet headed from Moscow to Damascus over suspicions it had military equipment on board.>>

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  • moistof course not
    02:32, 13/10/2012
    There are no Security Council sanctions on Syria (Zionist wars) because this time, responsible and free powers of the earth are doing something to prevent Zionist "humanitarian" blood bath on non-jews of arabic origin. Something UN should have done 60 years ago...
  • bielecWho is "morally bancrupt"?
    07:18, 13/10/2012
    There is no state on Earth that is more morally bankrupt than the United States of America. It was established on genocide of the American native population. It was accellerated by the use of slavery.

    U.S.A. is the only state that has deliberately used nuclear weapons on civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died in a split of a second.

    U.S.A. has supported brutal regimes in South America and in other parts of the world.

    More recently, millions of people have died as a result of American imperial wars of conquest initiated on a pack of lies and false flag operations.

    The U.S. government and its allies sponsor and use terrorists to justify illegal wars or to destabilize sovereign states.

    For decades, the U.S. has shamelessly supported Israeli illegal occupation of Arab lands, Israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing of Palestine, illegal settlements, and war crimes committed by the IDF in Lebanon and in Gaza. Ignoring this, the U.S. continues to arm Israel.

    Nuland seems to specialize in Machiavellism - political cunning and duplicity surface in all of her public announcements. Her statements should not be taken seriously.

    In recent years, Russia's foreign policy and diplomacy have reached higher moral ground than Nuland can even imagine. Integrity is not one of her virtues.
  • lmStay strong Russia because your turn is next if you let Syria fall.
    08:58, 13/10/2012
    Wanting Russia to cave in to Western pressure.
    Never trust the West even if they were sitting next to God and say Russia my dear we love you.

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