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Syria Dismisses Obama Invasion Threat as Election Ploy

18:59 21/08/2012
MOSCOW, August 21 (RIA Novosti)
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U.S. President Barack Obama’s threat to intervene in Syria is an element of his election campaign, Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Kadri Jamil said on Tuesday.

“As far as Obama’s statements are concerned, these are information and propaganda threats that are linked to the upcoming elections,” Jamil said at a news conference hosted by RIA Novosti.

“There are all sorts of games that are being played in connection with U.S. presidential elections.”

The U.S. presidential election is set for November 6, 2012.

“After the Russian-Chinese veto [at the UN Security Council] the West is looking for an opportunity for military intervention in Syria, but we must say that such intervention is impossible,” Jamil said.

“Those who are contemplating that evidently want to see the crisis expand and spill over beyond Syria.”

He also said the issue of President Bashar al-Assad’s resignation could only be discussed after an all-Syria dialogue begins.

“Setting [Assad’s] resignation as a condition before dialogue means that there will be no dialogue,” Jamil said, adding that such an approach was an attempt to impose decisions on the Syrian people.

“I believe, first, the entire Syrian people should be asked [about that]. If this issue is being imposed on us from abroad it is a very dangerous precedent in international relations,” he said.

Since March 2011, the Syrian conflict has claimed up to 20,000 lives, according to estimates by various Syrian opposition groups. The West is pushing for President Bashar al-Assad’s ouster, while Russia and China are trying to prevent outside interference in Syria saying the Assad regime and the opposition are both to blame for the bloodshed.


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RIA NovostiKadri JamilSyria Dismisses Obama Invasion Threat as Election Ploy

18:59 21/08/2012 U.S. President Barack Obama’s threat to intervene in Syria is an element of his election campaign, Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Kadri Jamil said on Tuesday.>>

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  • PlutardesBoundaries of Russia, China and Iran are intact
    19:31, 21/08/2012
    The United States got involved in wars in some countries of the Mideast, but never expanded the conflicts beyond into the territory of the Russian Federation, nor China or Iranian boundaries, to say. While Russia wants and makes friends in the Middle-East as a whole, America makes wars at random, without a policy, skipping the United Nations like the case of the Iraqi War.
  • PlutardesDisenfranchised rebels in Syria
    00:22, 22/08/2012
    Some people linked to power in Syria went to Moscow for discussions. America gives arms to the free rebels' opposition, but the latter cannot go to Washington to discuss their mercenary objectives, they do not have any ECONOMIC plan in case that they win the civil war in Syria, for instance, the rebels also lack leadership. The rebel opposition is clearly disenfranchised by the United States of America itself. The Pentagon is not the same after its 9/11 partial destruction.

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