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UN Passes Controversial Resolution on Syria

22:00 03/08/2012
UNITED NATIONS, August 3 (RIA Novosti)
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The UN General Assembly on Friday passed a Saudi-drafted resolution on Syria, which Russia called ‘unbalanced’ and voted against.

The non-binding resolution denounces both President Bashar al-Assad’s regime for unleashing tanks, artillery, helicopters and warplanes on the people of Aleppo and the Security Council for its "failure" to counter the crisis.

The resolution notes "human rights abuses by armed opposition groups" and condemns "all violence, irrespective of where it comes from, including terrorist acts."

The resolution was supported by 133 UN member states, 12 voted against and 31 abstained.


The resolution “will aggravate the confrontational approach to resolution of the Syrian crisis and will in no way facilitate movement of the sides toward a platform of dialogue and a search for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in the interests of the Syrian people,” Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said after the vote.

Russia and China have previously vetoed three Security Council resolutions on Syria.

The vote comes a day after Kofi Annan announced his resignation as the UN and Arab League special envoy to Syria. Annan championed a six-point peace plan that has failed to take hold.
"The conflict in Syria is a test of everything this organization stands for," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said to the assembly ahead of the vote. "I do not want today's United Nations to fail that test."

"As we meet here, Aleppo, one of the most ancient and storied cities in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the epicenter of a vicious battle between the Syrian government and those who wish to replace it," Ban said.

"The acts of brutality that are being reported may constitute crimes against humanity or war crimes. Such acts must be investigated and the perpetrators held to account."

Aleppo, a city of 2.5 million people, has remained the hotspot of Syria’s civil conflict since last week, when pro-government forces launched a massive assault on the city in a colossal push to regain control of key territories across the country. The Al-Watan newspaper proclaimed the fight for Aleppo "the mother of all battles."

Some observers view the battle for Aleppo as a major watershed in the Syrian conflict which could decide the future of the armed uprising against Assad.

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RIA NovostiUN Passes Controversial Resolution on Syria

22:00 03/08/2012 The UN General Assembly on Friday passed a Saudi-drafted resolution on Syria, which Russia called ‘unbalanced’ and voted against.>>

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  • bielecWhat goes around comes around
    23:12, 03/08/2012
    Quote: - "The conflict in Syria is a test of everything this organization stands for," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said to the assembly ahead of the vote. "I do not want today's United Nations to fail that test."

    Somehow, Ban Ki-moon has never been so concerned and never called for Security Council action with respect to international law and human rights violations perpetrated by the state of Israel against the Palestinians.

    For the last 40+ years, Israel has been ignoring and violating over 60 UNGA resolutions pertaining to the occupation of Arab lands, to the illegal settlements, to the status of Jerusalem, to the slaughter of civilians and damage of civilian infrastructure, to the rights of refugees, to the illegal blockade, to the use of restricted weapons,and the list goes on.

    The U.S. blocked and vetoed several UNSC resolutions calling for action in these matters. Today, is the payback time. The U.S. and their allies should not complain. They deserve it, they had asked for it. What goes around comes around.

    Unfortunately, the UN is not politically neutral and is in a process of losing all its credibility. Ban Ki-moon is just another paid agent of aggressive imperialism. His statements are selective. He supports the war against Syria and ignores his role to prevent peace. He supports criminal efforts of NATO. He should be immediately dismissed from all his functions. He is a disgrace to the United Nations.
    • PETEPETEPETE(no title)
      01:26, 04/08/2012
      The UN is a tool from day 1. Institutions like the UN or the World Court are essential requirements for a "One World" government. The nation that did the most to establish the UN was the USA, that alone tells you everything.

      The job of the Free World is to transform this tools of slavery into tools of freedom.
      • mishkaI might sign your post.
        02:00, 04/08/2012
        These are the days of shame for humankind.
      • PETEPETEPETE133 tools
        00:39, 04/08/2012
        133 nations are occupied nations.
        • arsanlupinAmazing!
          16:03, 04/08/2012
          Do you people honestly believe that the vast bulk of the population of this planet are slaves or tools or lackeys or lapdogs or whatever your pet Marxist cliché of the day is? Did it ever occur to you that if most of the planet feels one way and you think another, maybe - perhaps - possibly - it's YOU who are wrong?

          Just wondering, because you all seem to take every possible chance to trash talk people and countries you apparently know nothing about. Have any of you ever been to the UN, or to the USA?

          Did it ever occur to you that just because somebody doesn't agree with your world view, that doesn't make them imperialist lackeys or Zionist puppets or Soros' slaves or any of your other Marxist clichés? It makes them different – nothing more. They disagree with you – plain and simple. And based on all the vitriol I see in these forums, it makes them a lot less hateful.

          The USA isn’t the imperialist demon any more than Marxism-Leninism is the savior of the proletariat. They’re both something in between. They’re just different.

          I really feel sorry for you all – sorry that Marxism-Leninism has become the dismal failure that it is. I’m sorry that tens of millions died horrible deaths for its cause, and hundreds of millions more suffered hardship and despair. I’m sorry that so many of my friends grew up in that pitiful existence, and that they are still haunted by the memories. I’m sorry you’re disappointed that in this one vote the vast majority of the planet said that you are wrong. I’m sorry you think Assad is justified in slaughtering his own people by the thousands. Most of all I’m sorry for all of you – for all you have left to live for is your anger and your hatred.

          I pity you all.
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