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Syrian Defense Minister Killed In Damascus Bomb Attack

20:31 18/07/2012
MOSCOW, July 18 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: bomb attacks, Free Syria Army, Russian Foreign Ministry, UN Security Council, Hisham Bekhtyar, Hafez Makhlouf, Mohammed al-Shaar, Assef Shawkat, Daoud Rajha, Alexander Lukashevich, Bashar al-Assad, Damascus, Syria

The Syrian defense minister was killed on Wednesday in a suicide bombing in Damascus, just hours before a crucial UN vote on the violence-plagued Middle Eastern country, state television said.

The blast occurred during a meeting of ministers and security officials at national security headquarters, state television said. The bomber was employed at President Bashar al-Assad’s personal bodyguard unit.

Defense Minister Daoud Rajha and President Bashar al-Assad’s brother-in-law, Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat were fatally injured in the attack, Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV said.

Media reported that Syrian Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar succumbed to his injuries in hospital, but the Interior Ministry later denied the reports. A statement on the national TV says al-Shaar is in "normal and stable condition."

The blast also claimed the life of Hafez Makhlouf, al-Assad's cousin and head of the investigations at the Syrian Intelligence Agency.

Al-Arabiya said the Syrian intelligence chief, Hisham Bekhtyar, who was also injured in the blast, is currently being operated on.

The attack came as heavy fighting raged in the capital. The rebel Free Syria Army said earlier this week it had launched the final battle for Damascus, which had so far seen little of the violence that has claimed thousands of lives across Syria.

Russia said it hoped the masterminds behind the bomb attacks will be found and punished.

“Moscow strongly condemns terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations. We hope that the organizers of the Damascus terrorist act will be found and punished,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said.

The 15-strong UN Security Council was scheduled to vote on Wednesday on a new Western-backed resolution on Syria which could lead to tough new sanctions against al-Assad’s regime.

However, the voting was postponed until Thursday morning at the request of UN special envoy Kofi Annan, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said after a meeting of the envoys of the council's five permanent members.

Russia has said it will block the resolution and has called for all sides in the conflict to implement UN special envoy Kofi Annan's floundering peace plan.

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RIA NovostiSyrian Defense Minister Killed In Damascus Bomb Attack

20:31 18/07/2012 The Syrian defense minister was killed on Wednesday in a suicide bombing in Damascus, just hours before a crucial UN vote on the violence-plagued Middle Eastern country, state television said.>>

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  • Nico(no title)
    15:11, 18/07/2012
    And so it begins. If suicide bombers are capable of infiltrating the National Security Headquarters in Damascus, there is no limits to the atrocities that they can commit.

    It seems likely to spell the beginning of the end of the Syrian Government, the emergence of a chaotic, Islamic fundamentalist state, and the green light for Israel to attack Iran and US hegemony in the Middle East.

    Given the suffering that NATO forces have been subjected to at the hands of similar acts of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, it will be interesting to hear the reaction to this latest incident from Western Governments. I imagine it will be in stark contrast to the condemnation afforded attacks targeting their own forces.

    I can already picture the grin on Hilary Clinton's face.

    I hope, although doubt, a Russian stand at the UNSC will delay the disintegration of Syrian society at the hands of the Western bandits.
    • sohelsaheenHave to wait about Syriaa
      18:07, 18/07/2012
      Yes , it seems the terrorist have entered very deep inside the Syrian regeime.But still have to wait to see the end result as it may one or two of the terrorist who have entered there but surely Syrian authority has the qualities to stop these terrorist.We have to remember that once Hillary Clinton told that the syrian rebels are getting stronger day by day and after that all these kind of atrocities are happening. So the Syrian authority can realize what to do.
    • lmStand firm Russia stand firm!
      15:25, 18/07/2012
      What i said before so true..
      Showing Russia and China Assad is losing control but he is not...
    • mishkaIt just ratifies.
      18:02, 18/07/2012
      This TERROR attack confirms Assad's theory that his administration is under systemic terrorist efforts from hostile countries. His country is under an attack from foe countries which have imperialist dreams like Turkey, S.Arabia and Quatar. But the boss is of course USrael. Including domestic rented killers in Syria, (FSA) those countries are used by USrael in fact. Be sure that toy army of Syrian opposition can never conduct such an attack. There have been soem media reports about elite CIA and MI6 elements have entered Syria and now we see they started to work. I hope this attack will be helpful to provide them to understand the real circumstance for those have been recent legal administration in Syria. Whoever supports those killer Syrian opposition army is also responsible from this tragedy. As a Moslim, I feel shame for their lies and cruel acts of those people and countries with a claim to represent Islam. They never do all those terrible acts on behalf of my religion. They just work for USrael with capitalist dreams and targets to dominate the middle east.
    • moistProtect Russian citizens....
      21:43, 18/07/2012
      ...And Syrians as well: Bring in the tanks & troops in a Leonid Ivashov-Pristina-airport-fashion and wipe the western fascist mercenaries out in a decisive blow. The Syrian army, Hezbollah and the Iranians can take care of the rest and chase the survivors back to Turkey.
    • mobealeThwarted Coup
      22:10, 18/07/2012
      Since there are no windows blown out at the alleged scene and there were 3 higher ups killed, perhaps Assad had them shot as possible defecters/coup planners?
      • Nico(no title)
        12:55, 19/07/2012
        This is a conspiracy being pushed by those determined to present the opposition as peaceful and with high morale principles, whilst further smearing Assad's name.

        Such a conspiracy would involve Assad ordering his Sister's husband to be assassinated and to authorise a hugely demoralising incident that might lead to Government supporters running for the hills.

        The opposition fighters are saturated with jihadists. Nothing more and nothing less.
      • living069WWIII has started
        11:09, 19/07/2012
        it is now officially open hunting season on all saudi's, qatari's and all those comitting terrorism.
        • mishkaIt will be also a kind of terrorism.
          13:03, 19/07/2012
          No no please. It s extremly wrong. Let us be different from them. And also it s the matter of those goverments this aggressive and dangerous policy. There may be millions of people in those countries feel and think different from the goverment. For example I am a Turkish but my goverment never represents me. If you kill me you cretainly will be killed a friend, not enemy. It s the time to support to promotion of the truths. To inform world's publics as much as possible. To inform all humankind against imperialist lies.
          Reply | Comments: 3Expand branch
          • lmPutting pressure on Russia..
            13:27, 19/07/2012
            So the big question is what will Russia do?
            Sit and play behind the scene on the Syrian people? Russia has to get involve and with the help of the Syrian army seal the Lebanon, Turkish and Jordanian border. Cut the supply route to the rebels over land and air.
            Russian will become a nation of talkers but cannot deliver any actions to save there own interest and people.
            If the West decided to bomb Syria what will Russia do just sit and say we could not offer any help?
            Russia needs to get more deeply involve much more.
            Reply | Comments: 12Expand branch
          • SirkoHe Who Wishes to Rule the World, Deserves It (Russian Proverb)
            00:03, 20/07/2012
            There are some great points here. The entire world knows what is going on in the Mid East and who is behind all this mayhem and murder. Indeed the American Zionist tentacles of empire stretch all over the world. Our Turkish friend is correct when he says that Russia is not the Soviet Union. It is just coming out of twenty years of doldrums caused by infiltration and treason which engendered the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia did not lift a finger to help brother Slavs in Yugoslavia who have as all the Balkan Slavs been historically very pro Russian. It was destroyed by the same tactics as we see today in Syria and elsewhere.

            The real problem here boils down to who is carrying the Bully boy's coat. That carrier is as a French Legionnaire told me and I use the statement quite tirelessly is "NATO an American WART upon the face of humanity." With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and hence the Warsaw Pact, the western imperialists immediately went on the offensive to place quislings in all the former Warsaw Pact countries and many of the former Soviet Republics. This was a complete lie and reversal of the agreement they had with the Soviets. However, that was not enough for the western imperialists lost a very convenient propaganda platform which was of course the ruse of the Big, Evil, Red Herring. They have subsequently, reinvented new platforms such as 'freedom, democracy, human rights' while at the same time butchering and killing innocents everywhere.

            However, with due respect to our Turkish friend the Hitlerites where also thinking along the same line as the Turkish press, so did Napoleon and many others through Russian history, including Inver Pasha and we all know what happened to all of them. Russia has proven over and over again that although it may lack the imperialistic zeal duplicity of the western fascists you do not want to piss her off. A people with the resilience and resources of the largest country on the planet will always be a force to recon with and only a fool thinks otherwise.

            In a nutshell as to the real evil in the beast and that of course is NATO an Cold War dinosaur converted into a agent supporting American arrogance, aggression and exploitation, when the Israelis killed eleven Turkish citizens in and act of piracy and murder on the high seas Erdogan the stooge did nothing. Why? With the size of the Turkish navy how can any Turk countenance and endure that shame. But of course Erdogan has an American Zionist leash around his neck and it is far more precious to him than the lives of eleven Turkish citizens bringing humanitarian aid to a brutalized people. How did the Turkish media sweep that atrocity under the carpet? Because it was not just eleven Turks who died there but the conscience and decency of the human community.

            So long as countries such as Turkey are willing to lick the boot of the American imperialists this mayhem will continue till it brings humanity to the precipice. That by the way includes my country kissing American 'booty' with Harper their patsy whom they have aided in stealing the last election. Of course, if anything like that happens in a western country nothing is heard on the international press but the very hint of some impropriety in an election in Russia, the Mid East, South America and the American propaganda cyclone of lies goes into full tilt.
            • Nico(no title)
              13:16, 20/07/2012

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